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1802 Jul. 21

Hassett, Father Thomas
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

to Man(ue)l de Salcedo
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

In a letter of July 1, Hassett asked Salcedo to dismiss from service Corporal Fran(cis)co Urrieta, sending documents to prove that he was a religious of the Order of Our Lady of Mercy, his name, Fr(ater?) Jose Garcia. On July 5 Salcedo replied sending a letter of the Commandant Fran(cis)co Collell concerning this person's standing with the military cashier's office. Since his enlistment is null it seems he should not continue in his apostasy but since everyone should pay his debts, Hassett offers to write to his Provincial about payment.

A. Copy S. (Spanish)

Folded with this:

1802 Jul. 5

Salcedo, Manuel de
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Father Thomas Hassett
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

In a letter of July 3 the Acting Commandant Francisco Collell wrote as follows: "In answer to Salcedo's letter of yesterday and those enclosed from Hassett and Father Isidro Antonio Escalera, Provincial of the Order of Our Lady of Mercy in Mexico, relative to Garcia, a fugitive from that order, serving in Collell's regiment under the name of Urrieta, Collell states that Urrieta enlisted July 16, 1801, at the Castle of St. John in Ulna and took a provisional enlistment since the adjutant Juan Sargran had not sent the original. This was received on October 6. He is known as the son of Josef and Mariana Garcia of Monterey, his trade a barber, single, 5 feet, 32 years old, black hair, his conduct of the best. If Salcedo thinks the documents are sufficient to dismiss him, Collell is ready to do so. At the end of December 1801 he owed 300 reales." Salcedo tells Hassett of the debt so that Hassett may tell him what he thinks. Salcedo is ready to give him permission.

L.S. (Spanish)

With this is folded:

1802 Jul. 1

Hassett, Father Thomas
New Orleans, Louisiana

to Manuel de Salcedo
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Some months ago a corporal of the regiment came to Hassett and said he was a religious of the Order of Our Lady of Mercy of Mexico, Fr(ater?) Garcia, going under the name of Urrieta since he enlisted. He asked Hassett to seek the proper authorities so that he could return to his monastery which he had fled about three years ago. Hassett sent a letter to the provincial of his order on February 10. The provincial's reply of April28 is proof that the corporal is a religious. Hassett asks Salcedo to dismiss him from the regiment and order him to come down from Baton Rouge to appear before Hassett's tribunal.

A. Copy S. (Spanish)

V-3-j L.S., A. Copy S. (Spanish) 13pp. 8vo.

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