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(1803) (Aug. 7)

(Maguire, Father Juan
Iberville, Louisiana)

Inventory of the goods of the parish of St. Gabriel of Iberville since Father Felix de Quintanar, O.M. Cap. took over on August 17, 1799. (68 items are listed).

D. (Spanish)

1801 Mar. 15

Saint Pierre, Father (Paul) de
Iberville, (Louisiana)

De Saint Pierre, pastor of St. Gabriel, certifies that the goods listed above were given over to him by Father Felix on leaving the parish. De Saint Pierre and Simon Allain, the church warden, both sign. (P.S.) Since, in payment of the organ belonging to the church, a silver ciborium has been received. The balance of the payment for the organ is to be obtained from the majordomo of the Cathedral at New Orleans, in conformance with the letter of Father Felix, curate at that church, in the keeping of Simon Allain, present majordomo. In the rectory, there is also a table with a drawer in which are locked the registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials with other papers. Also the mask of St. Bernard, former patron of this parish and a buffet for the use of the pastor.

A.D.S. (French)

1802 Feb. 20

Saint (Pierre, Father Paul) de
(Iberville, Louisiana)

De Saint (Pierre), ad interim pastor, has inspected the goods listed above and found them in good condition except for a copper kettle and a small ritual which were burned in the fire at Michel Gareuil's cottage where the sacristan lived, lacking public lodgings which the people are obliged to furnish him. De Saint (Pierre) made the inspection so that the sacristan can turn the goods over to the new pastor who will probably arrive in De Saint (Pierre's) absence. Also signed by Francois Delbrac (? the ms. is torn here), as sacristan.

A.D.S. (French)

1803 Aug. 7

Maguire, father Juan
Iberville, (Louisiana)

Maguire, just appointed as pastor of St. Gabriel, certifies that he has received from Simon Allen, the majordomo, the goods listed in the above inventory.

A.L.S. (Spanish)

(This document is folded inside printed sheets of a calendar for 1798).

V-4-a D., A.D.S. (Spanish and French) 5pp. folio

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