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Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas 1803/08/20






1803 Aug. 20

Salcedo, Manuel de
New Orleans, (Louisiana)

to Father Thomas Hassett
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Salcedo has no objection to Father Joachin Solana, present pastor of Galveztown, going to the parish of St. Bernard, (New Galvez) as Hassett proposes in his letter of the 17th.

L.S. (Spanish)

1803 Aug. 17

Hassett, Father Thomas
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

to Manuel de Salcedo
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

In the memorandum given to Hassett by Father Domingo Joaquin Solana dated the 24th of last month, he asked to be transferred from his present parish of Galveztown to St. Bernard's at the Turn because of the greater need there and in order to recover his health. It is well known that this priest suffers frequently and thought of retiring to the capital. Moreover, the Turn is asking for a priest and Galveztown can be served from St. Gabriel's at Iberville, so Hassett asks Salcedo's consent for the transfer.

A. Draft (Spanish)

V-4-a L.S., Draft (Spanish) 4pp. 8vo.

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