paciscor : to make a bargain or agreement, covenant, deal.

paciscor : to make an agreement, covenant, pact.

pactum : agreement, contract, covenant, pact.

pactum : treaty, pact, contract.

pactus : agreed-upon, stipulated, betrothed.

paecipio : to warn, admonish / teach, instruct

paene, pene : nearly, almost.

paganus : countryman, peasant, pagan

pagatim : in vilages, in a village manner, in a rusticway

pala : spade, peel for putting bread in the oven

palam : openly, publicly, (+abl.) in the presence of

palea : chaff

palestra : gymnasium, wrestling school

paliurus : a plant, Christ's thorn

pallens : pale, wan, pale yellow, pale green / weak, drooping

palleo : be pale, be yellow

pallesco : (+ acc.) grow pale at

pallidus : pale, wan; causing paleness

pallium : coverlet, mantle, cloak.

pallor : paleness, fading

palma : palm

palmarium : excellent, splendid, outstanding

palmula : blade of an oar

palor : (dep.) to wander, stray, err

palpito : throb, tremble, shake

palpo : carress, stroke / coax, cajole, flatter

paludosus : swampy, marshy, boggy

palus : pale, stake / swamp, bog, marsh

paluster : marshy, swampy, boggy

pando : to stretch out, spread out, extend

pandus : curved, crooked, arched, bowed

pango : to fix, hammer in, drive in, fasten

panis : (-is) bread

pannus : rag, patch, piece of cloth

panthera : leopard, panther

papas : tutor

papaver : poppy

papilla : teat, breast, nipple

pappo : -are; to eat

papula : a pimple

par : equal, like

paratus : preparation, fitting out, equipment.

paratus : prepared, ready, equipped; (of persons) skilled

parce : moderately, economically

parco : (+inf.: to forebear to), avoid, spare, keep oneself from.

parco : (with dative) to spare, refrain from injuring

parcus : sparing, thrifty, economical, moderate

pardus : panther, leopard

parens : parentis : parent.

pareo : (+ dat.) to be obedient to, obey.

paries parietis : wall (of a house)

parilis : similar, like, equal

pario, to bear, bring forth, produce/ create, make, get.

pariter : equally, in like manner, as well.

pariter : alike, at the same time, together

paro : to prepare, get ready/ set, put/ furnish, supply/ buy.

pars partis : part, share / direction.

partim : partly / some.

parum minus minime : (adv.) little, too little, not enough.

parum : too little, too few, not enough

parumper : for a short time, for a little while, for a bit

parvulus : child, infant, young, little / very small, tiny

parvus minor minimus : small, little

pasco : to graze, forage, browse.

passer : sparrow.

passim : adv. far and wide, everywhere, scattered about / indiscriminately.

patefacio : to disclose, expose, open, make open

patella : dish, platter, plate

pateo : to be revealed, to stand open, to be clear, plain.

pateo : to be open, be exposed

pater patris : father.

paterna : of a father, paternal, native

paternus : of a father, paternal, native

patesco : to be laid open, bare, exposed, to be revealed

patibilis : endurable, bearable, sufferable

patiens : patient /(+ gen.) capable of enduring.

patientia : patience, suffering, endurance

patina : a dish

patior : to suffer, endure, permit.

patria : fatherland, one's native country, homeland

patricius : a nobleman

patrocinor : to protect, defend, support, patronize.

patronus : patron, protector.

patruus : paternal uncle.

pauci : few, a few, some.

paulatim : gradually, litle by little.

paulisper : for a little while, for a short time.

paululum : very small, very little

pauper : beggar, person without means.

pauper : poor, with few means, poverty-stricken.

paupertas : beggardry, poverty, humble circumstances.

pax pacis : peace, truce, treaty

pax pacis : peace

peccamen : sin, fault, error

peccatus : sin.

pecco : to do wrong, err, sin, go astray.

pecto : to comb, card, thrash (to card wool).

pectus : pectoris : heart, breast

peculium : a bit of money, a small property

pecunia : money.

pecuniosus : rich, wealthy \profitable, lucrative

pecus : a single head of cattle, especially a sheep/ a herd

pedes : going on foot, walking / foot-soldier, infantryman

peior : worse (see malus).

pello pepuli pulsum : to hit, beat / exile, drive away, banish

peloris : a clam

pelvis : font

pendeo : to hang, depend, be suspended / be uncertain, undecided.

pendo : to weigh, value, consider, judge, esteem

penetrabilis : capable of being penetrated / penetrating, piercing

penetralis : passing through, penetrating / internal, inner /

penetralis : (noun) interior, inner rooms

penetranter : deeply, penetratingly, searchingly

penetro : to put into, pass through, penetrate

penicullus : a painter's brush, pencil, stylus

peniculus : a sponge, brush

penis : tail

penitens : (penitentis) a penitent

penitentia : penance

penintentiarius : confessor, penintentiary

penitio : to do penance

penitus : (adverb) accurately, thoroughly, wholly, entirely

penitus : (adv.) inside, widely, through and through, completely

penitus : inward, inner, internal, interior

penna : feather, wing

pennatus : winged, with feathers

penniger : winged, with feathers

pennipes : wing-footed, swift, fleet

pennipotens : capable of flight

pennipotenti : birds

pensilis : hanging

pensio : a weighing out / paying, payment, rent / day of payment

pensito : to weigh carefully, weigh out / pay / ponder, consider, think over

penso : (-are) to weigh out / estimate, ponder, consider / pay, purchase

penuria : penurium :lack, want, penury

penuriosus : penurious, poor, poverty-stricken.

penus, us : provisions, supplies, victuals

peplum : robe of state

pepulo : ? Herimann, cap. 3.

per : (+ acc.) (means/ instrument) through, with, by, by means of.

per : (+ acc.) (cause) because of, on account of.

per : (+ acc.) (of space) through, along, over / in the presence of.

per : (+ acc.) (of time) throughout, during, in the course of.

per : (prefix to an adjective) very, excessively, quite

pera : wallet, purse, bag

peractio : completion, finishing, end

peracto : to carry through, complete, accomplish

peraeque : quite equally

peragito : (-are) to harass, push around

perago : (-ere) to harass, disturb / mention / complete, accomplish

perago : (legal) to prosecute to the end

peragro : to wander through, travel through.

per antea : before, formerly.

percipio percepi perceptum : to gain, learn, perceive, understand.

percontor percunctor : inquire, interrogate, investigate.

perculsus : a shock.

percutio (percussum) : to strike hard, pierce, transfix / shock.

perdignus : very worthy.

perditio : loss, destruction

perdo : to destroy, ruin, waste, scatter, squander.

perdo : to lose, destroy

perduco : to lead through, conduct, carry through.

perduco: perduxi : perductum : bring through, spread over

peregrinus : wanderer, foreigner, stranger / pilgrim, crusader.

pereo : to pass away, be destroyed, perish.

perfectus : complete, finished, done / perfect, without flaw.

perfero : to bear, suffer, endure.

perfero: pertulit : to endure, undergo

perficio : perfeci : perfectum: to do thoroughly, accomplish, bring about.

perfidia : treachery, faithlessness.

perfidiosus : treacherous, faithless

perfringo : to break through, penetrate / shatter.

perfruor : to execute completely, enjoy to the full.

perfusus : steeped, soaked, drenched.

pergo : to continue, proceed, go on with.

periclitatus : put in peril, endangered.

periclitor : to test make a trial, put in peril, endanger.

periculosus : hazardous, dangerous.

periculum : danger, risk.

perimo peremi peremptum : to destroy

peritus : skilled, expert.

periurium : perjury, oath-breaking, foreswearing an oath.

perlustro : to pass through, survey, look, examine.

permaximum : the very greatest.

permeo : to pass through.

permitto permissi permissum : to allow, permit, let.

permoveo : to excite, agitate, stir up, move.

perniciosus : pernicious, destructive.

perperam : wrongly, falsely.

perpetro : to complete, accomplish, perform.

perpetuus : perpetual, lasting, continuous, uninterrupted.

perscitus : very clever, exceedingly sharp.

per sic quod : on condition that, with the understanding that.

perscribo : to write out, write down, place on record.

perseco : to cut through, dissect, cut away.

persequor : to persecute, hunt down, track, trail.

persequor persequi persecutus : to follow, pursue, take revenge.

perseverantia : perseverence, persistence.

persevero : to persist, persevere, continue.

persisto : to persist, persevere.

persolvo : to unloose, explain, expound / pay off a debt, pay.

personam gero : to act a part.

persona : actor's mask, part, role / character, personality.

persona : [medieval] one holding an honor, official, magnate.

perspicuus : transparent, bright, clear, evident.

persto : to persist, remain firm.

persuadeo persuasi persuasum : (+ dat.) to persuade.

perterreo : to terrify.

pertimesco : to become very much afraid.

pertinacia : firmness, obstinacy, stubborness.

pertinaciter : stubbornly, obstinately.

pertinax : persistent, firm, mean, stubborn, obstinate

pertineo : to pertain to, relate to, concern.

pertingo : to stretch out, extend.

pertorqueo : to twist, distort.

pertraho : to drag, forcibly conduct, entice, allure.

perturbo : to disturb, trouble, perturb, disrupt.

perturpis : very disgraceful.

peruro perussi perustum : to burn up, consume / inflame, gall, chafe.

pervalidus : very strong.

pervenio : (+ acc.) to reach, attain, reach, be passed to.

perverto perverti perversum : to turn upside down, overturn, overthrow.

pervideo pervidi pervisum : to look over, survey, inspect, discern.

pes pedis : foot.

pessimus : worst (see malus)

pessum : to the ground, to the bottom, downward.

pessum dare : to destroy, ruin, wreck

pessum ire : to sink, be ruined, destroyed, be put to an end.

pestifer : pestilential, injurious, damaging, plaguey,

pestifere : destructively, injurously.

pestilencia : pestilence, plague

pestis pestis : plague, epidemic, pestilence / destruction, curse.

petitus : inclining toward

peto : to ask for, beg, request, demand / to sue for.

peto : to make for, go to, seek, strive after.

Pevela : Pevele, near Cisoing.

pharetra : a quiver.

phasma phasmatis : ghost, spirit, specter.

philologus : scholar, learned man / adj. learned, literary.

phitonicum : Herimann p. 275.

phthisis : consumption, tuberculosus.

physiologus : a natural science.

pia pium : honest, godly, holy, pious, dutiful, patriotic.

piaculum : a victim, sacrifice, atonement, punishment / a sin, crime.

pica : jay, magpie.

picea : the spruce tree

pictor : painter

picturatus : painted / of cloth, embroidered.

picus : woodpecker.

pie : adv, piously, religiously

pietas : dutifulness, dutiful comduct, piety, devotion, kindness.

piger pigra pigrum : lazy, slow, dull.

pignus : pawn, pledge, token, (in pl.) persons in pledges of

pilo : to shave, sut the hair.

pilosus : hairy, covered with hair

pilum : heavy javelin

pilus : a single hair / a trifle.

pinetum : pine wood.

pingo : pixi : pcitum : to paint, embroider, draw / stain, dye / decorate.

pinguesco : to grow fat, sleek.

pinguis : fat, oily, rich, sleek, / fertile.

pinguitudo : fatness, rotundity.

piper, piperis : pepper.

pipio : to chirp, tweet, pipe.

pirum : pear.

pirus : pear tree.

piscator : fisherman.

piscis piscis : fish.

pius: dutiful, godly, holy, upright, kind, honest, affectionate.

placeo : (+ dat.) to please, be agreeble to

placet : it is agreed, it is resolved, it seems good.

placide : quitely, gently.

placidus : quiet, still, gentle.

placitum : judgment, case/ plea, litigation / defense.

placitum : accord, agreement, pact / assembly for judgment.

placo : to placate, appease.

plaga : plague (Vulgate), affliction, scourge

plaga : a blow, stroke, wound, buffet,

plaga : district, zone, region

plagiarius : kidnapper, plagiarist

plane : plainly, clearly.

plango planxi planctum : to strike, beat / bewail, mourn.

platea : street, courtyard.

plaustrum : wagon, cart, Charles' Wain, the Big Dipper.

plebs plebis : the common people, the masses, the crowd.

plecto : to punish.

plector : to be punished.

plene : (adv.) completely, wholly, fully.

plenus : full, complete, full, satisfied, rich, mature, plump.

plerumque : for the most part, generally, commonly, mostly.

plerusque : very many, a great number, a large part, the greater part.

plico : to fold.

plorabilis : deplorable.

ploratio : lamentation, mourning, weeping.

plorator : a lamenter.

ploratus : weeping, lamenting.

ploro : to lamen, weep, weep over.

pluit : pluvit : it is raining, a shower is falling.

pluma : feather / featherbed / pen.

plumbeus : leaden, made of lead / dull, stupid, heavy, opressive, bad.

plumbum album : tin.

plumbum : lead, a bullet, lead pipe.

pluo : to rain, shower, sprinkle.

plura : more numerous, several, many.

plures : more numerous, several, many.

pluries : often, frequently

plurimi : at the highest price, of the highest worth.

plurimus : most, very many.

pluris : (gen.) at a higher price, of a great value

plus : more.

plusculus : somewhat more, rather more.

pluvia : rain, shower.

pluvialis : pertaining to rain, of rain.

pocius potius : rather, preferrably.

pocius : = potius

poema poematis : poem, verse, rhyme.

poena : pain, punishment, penalty / poena dare : to pay the penalty.

poeta : (masc.) poet.

polenta : pearl barley, barley groats.

pollen : fine flour, fine meal. (also pollis )

polleo : to be strong, powerful, able.

pollex : thumb, big toe.

polliceor : to promise, offer.

pollicitus : promised, a promise.

pomum : fruit, apple.

pondera : balance, equilibrium.

pondero : to weigh, consider, reflect.

pondus : a pound's weight / weight, mass, load / heavy body.

pono posui positum : to lay, place, put, set /(milit.) post, station.

pons pontis : bridge.

poposco : see posco; Herimann, cap. 28, 69.

populatio : devastation, wasting / population

populus : people, the people, nation, crowd, multitude, host.

porro : forward, further, next, in turn, (of time) long ago.

porta : gate, entrance.

posco : to call upon, ask ernestly, request.

positus : position, place, arrangment.

possessio : possession, property.

possum posse potum : to be able, avail, have influence.

post : (+ acc.) after, behind.

post modum : afterwards, presently, shortly

postea : afterwards.

posteri : posterity.

posterus, postremo : subsequent, following, next, future.

posthabeo : to put after, consider of less account, [posthabito].

postpono : to put after, consider secondary.

postquam : (conj.) after.

postulatio : a demand, request, desire / complaint.

postulator : plaintiff, complainant.

postulo : to ask, demand, require / summon, prosecute, impeach, try

postulo : to complain / contain, measure / need, require.

potens : able, mighty, powerful, strong.

potentia : f, might, power, authority

potestas : power, ability, authority / opportunity.

potior : (+ gen. or dat.) to possess, hold, get possession of.

potissimum : (adv.) chiefly, most of all.

potissimus : best of all, chief, principal.

potius : comp. adj, in order that, rather

potius : rather, preferably

prae dulcis : pre dulcis : exceedingly sweet.

prae pre : (adv.) before, in front.

prae quam : pre quam : in comparison with.

prae : pre : (prep. with abl.) before, in front of.

prae se ferre / pre se ferre : to show, exhibit, on account of.

praebeo : prebeo : to offer, hold out, supply, provide, allow.

praebeo : prebeo : (+ refl.) to show oneself, present oneself.

praecedo : precedo : to precede, go before / surpass, excell.

praecedo : praecessi :praecessum : to go, result

praecelsus : precelsus : exceedingly high.

praecepio : precepio : precept, preconception.

praeceptum : preceptum : precept.

praecido : to cut short, lop, mutilate.

praeparo : preparo : to prepare, ready, make ready, arrange.

praecipio : precipio : to instruct, advise, warn, anticipate.

praecipue : adv, especially

praecipue : especially, chiefly

praeclarus : preclarus : excellent, famous, beautiful, striking.

praeconor : preconor : to be a public crier, to herald, proclaim.

praecox : precox : ripe beforehand, premature.

praeda : preda : plunder, booty, spoils of war, loot, gain, prey.

praedicare : to preach

praedicatio : preaching (s), foretelling (s), condemning

praedico : predico : to warn, admonish, instruct, foretell.

praeeo : preeo : to go before, precede / to say in advance / to order.

praefatus-i : m, before mentioned

praefero : prefero : anticipate, carry by, ride by.

praefero : prefero : to carry in front, display, prefer.

praeficio : preficio / prefeci prefectum : to put in charge of

praefinio : prefinio : to appoint ahead of time

praefoco : prefoco : to choke, suffocate.

praegravo : pregravo : to press heavily upon, weigh down, oppress.

praeire : to go before

praemitto : to send forward, dispatch, send in advance.

praemium : premium : reward, prize.

praemo : premo : to press down, strike down.

praenuntio : prenuntio : to foretell, announce before hand.

praenuntius : prenuncius : foretelling, harbinger, omen, token.

praepono : prepono : to set over, prefer.

praepositus prepositus : (monastic) prior.

praeproperus, preproperus: over-hasty, precipitate.

praesentia presentia : presence, presence of mind, effect, power.

praesidium presidium : guard, garrison, detachment / protection.

praesieo-sedi-ere : to sit before, preside, command

praestans prestans : excellent, distingished, imminent.

praestantia prestantia: superiority, excellence.

praesto presto : to do, perform, display, fulfill, offer, present.

praesto : to stand before, be outstanding, excell, surpass, show.

praesto presto : to answer for, be responsible for.

praestolatio prestolatio : the waiting for, expectation.

praesul presul : dancer / presider, protector, director.

praesum presum : to be at the head of, be in charge of.

praesum : v, to be before

praesumo presumo : to anticipate, take for granted.

praeter : adv, beyond, after

praeter : adj., except; prep. + acc., besides, beyond, more than.

praeterea : preterea : besides, further, hereafter.

praeterea : adv, besides, moreover, as indeed it is

praetereo : pretereo : to pass over, pass by, omit.

praeteritus : preteritus : past.

praetermissio : pretermissio : neglect, passing over, omission.

praetorgredior : pretergredior : to pass betond, go beyond.

praevenio : get the start of.

praevenio, prevenio : to come before, anticipate.

praevius : previous, former.

pravitas : crookedness, depravity, deformity, perversity.

pravus : depraved, wicked, evil, perverse

precipio : to anticipate, instruct, advise, warn.

precipue : chiefly, especially, particularly.

precipuus : excellent, distinguished, special, extraordinary.

precipue : especially, particularly, chiefly.

precor : to pray, beg, entreat, invoke.

prehendo : to seize, snatch, grasp, detain, arrest.

premo pressi pressum : to squeeze, press down, strike down.

premo : squeeze, press down, strike down.

prenda : booty, loot, stolen goods.

prepositus : reeve, steward, provost, prior, abbot

presertim praesertim : especially, chiefly

pretereo : to go by, pass by, escape.

pretium : price, vaue, reward.

prevenire : to come to, go before hand, attend.

prex precis : request, entreaty, prayer.

primitus : first, for the first time.

primo : first, at first, at the beginning, at the start.

primordia : atoms

primordium : first beginning, origin

primoris : first, foremost / most distinguished, first.

primoris : first, foremost, at the top, uppermost

primum : quam primum : as soon as possible.

primum : at first, for the first time, in the first place.

princeps : chief, prince.

principatus : rule, dominion, pre-eminence, first place.

principium : beginning.

prior : prius : former, prior.

priores : um : forefathers, ancestors.

priscus : ancient, antique, former, old days, venerable.

pristinus : former, venerable, ancient.

prius : before, formerely.

priusquam : (conj.) before.

privatus : private, unofficial, a private person.

privigna : step-daughter.

privo : to deprive

privus : (with gen.) deprived of.

pro : (+ abl.) in return for, instead of / for, as.

pro eo : because of the fact, because, for this reason..

pro : (+ abl.) in front of, before / on behalf of, for.

probatur : from probo-are, to judge, test, examine

probitas : probity, uprightness, honesty.

probo : to show, prove, demonstrate, approve, find good, judge.

procedo : to go out, come out / result, prosper / turn out well.

procedo : to go ahead, proceed, advance, continue.

procella : storm, tempest, gale; (milit) charge, onset, wave.

procer : chief noble, prince.

procinctu : prepared or ready for battle.

procul : far, at, to, from a distance.

procuratio : management, administration, diretion, supervision.

procurator : manager, bailiff, agent.

procuro : to take care of, manage

prodeo : advance, go forward, appear, go forth, sally forth.

prodico : to put off, delay.

prodigentia : profusion, prodigiality.

prodigialiter : amazingly, wonderfully.

prodigiosus : unnatural, wonderful, miraculous, amazing.

prodigium : prodigy, portent / monster, unnatural thing.

prodigo : drive forth, waste, spend, expend.

prodigus : rich, extravagant, abound in, profuse.

proditio : treason, betrayal.

proditio : betrayal, treason

proditor : traitor, betrayer.

prodo : publish, bring forth, appoint / abandon, betray.

prodo : deliver, transmit, hand over.

prodoceo : teach, inculcate, indoctrinate.

prodromus : forerunner

producto produxi productum : produce, bring forward, bring out.

producto produxi productum : promote, divulge, bring to light.

proeliator : warrior.

proeliator preliator : fighter, warrior, combatant

proelium : battle.

profano : profane, desecrate.

profanus : not sacred, uninitiated, ordinary, common, impious.

profectio : departure, source, origin.

profecto : truly, really, indeed.

profero : to carry out, bring forth/ advance, impell/ cite, mention.

profero : to enlarge, extend/ delay, postpone

professio : declaration, profession/ trade, art, craft, profession.

professor : authority, expert.

professorius : authoritative.

proficio : to make progress, advance.

proficio : advance, assist, help, aid, be of use.

proficiscor : to depart, set out, to start forward, to arise.

proficuus : proficiscor : to start forward, set out, depart, arise.

profiteor: to acknowledge, confess / offer, promise.

profiteor: to make a public statement / to declare oneself.

profor profari profatus : to speak out.

profugus : fleeing, fugitive, banished, migratory.

profundo frofui profusum : to pour forth, gush, stream.

profundum : a depth, abyss, chasm / the sea.

profundus : deep, profound, high, thick, dense, boundless.

progener : husband of a grand-daughter.

progenero : to produce, engender.

progenies : descent, lineage, progeny, offspring, descendants.

progenitor : founder of a family, ancestor.

progigno progenui progenitum : to engender, briing forth.

prognatus : born, sprung from / son.

progredior : to go forth, advance, proceed, go out.

progressio : advance, progress, increase.

progressus : advance, going forward, increase, a royal circuit.

prohibeo : to prevent, hinder, restrain, prohibit, forbid.

prohibitio : prohibition, restrain, forbidding.

proicio : to throw forth, fling, abandon.

proinde ut: proinde quam: just as.

proinde : consequently, therefore, as a result.

proinde quasi : proinde ac si : just as if.

prolabor : to slide forward, slip forward, fall forward, fall down.

prolapsio : a slipping or sliding.

prolatio : a bringing forward, mentioning / extension / deferring.

prolato : to enlarge, lengthen, extend / put off, defer.

prolecto : to entice, allure.

proles : offspring, descendants, posterity, (plants : fruit).

proletarius : a citizen of the lowest rank.

prolicio prolixi : to lure forth, entice.

prolix : long, stretching.

prolixus : wide, broad, long / willing, obliging, favorable.

proloquor : to speak out, declare openly.

proluo prolu prolutum : to wash away, wash clean.

prolusio : preliminary exercise, prelude.

proluvier : innundation / scouring / discharge.

promereo : promereor : to deserve, merit

promeritum : desserts, merit, credit.promissio : a promise.

prominens : jutting out, standing out / a projection.

promineo : to stand out, jut, extend.

promisce : promiscue : indiscrimately.

promiscus promiscuus : mixed, indiscriminate / commonplace, usual.

promissio : a promise

promissor : a promiser, suretor, guarantor.

promitto : to let go, send forth, undertake, promise.

promitto : to let go forward, send forth, promise, undertake.

promo prompsi promptum : to produce, disclose, bring forth.

promontorium : peak, mountain crest, ridge, promontory.

promoveo promovi promotum : push forward, move ahead, advance.

prompte : promptly, resolutely, readily.

promptu : in promptu ponere : to make clear, reveal, disclose.

promptu : in promptu habere : to have read, display, have on show.

promptu : in promptu esse : to be ready, to be easy, to be clear.

promptus : (persons) prepared, resolute, prompt.

promptus : ready at hand, visible, apparent.

promulgatio : publication, promulgation (of a law).

promus : steward, butler.

promutuus : (cash) advanced, prepaid, arragned beforehand.

pronepos proneptos : great-grandson

pronuntio : to proclaim, announce, declaim.

propago-are : to spread, propagate

prope : near, near to, not far, not long from now.

prope : near, nearly, not far from, just now, closely.

propello : to drive before one, drive away.

propero : to hasten / accelerate, speed up.

propero : to hasten, speed, move rapidly, come quickly.

propinquo : (intrans) to come near, draw near, approach.

propinquus : near, close, similar, nearly related.

propitius : favorable, gracious.

propono : display, publish, relate, tell, propose, promise.

propositum : a design, purpose, scheme, theme of discourse.

proprie : exclusively, particularly, peculiarly. properly.

proprius : characteristic, particular.

proprius : one's own, permanent, special, peculiar.

propter : (+ acc.) near, close, on account of, because of.

propugnaculum : fortification, rampart, defense.

prorsus : forward, straight ahead, to sum up, utterly, wholly.

prosequor (prosecutus) : to attack, go with, pursue, attend.

prosper : favorable, fortunate, lucky, prosperous.

prosperitas : propserity, good fortune.

prospicio : to look into the distance, contemplate.

prosterno : to knock down, cast down / destroy, ruin.

prosum (profuturus) : to be useful, of benefit, do good.

prosum : (with dat.) to be useful, do good, benefit.

protestor, protesto : to declare in public, affirm, bear witness.

prothonotario : protonotary

protinus : forward, further on, continuously, immediately.

protraho (protractus): to draw out, rpotact, defer, make known.

prout : as, just as, according to.

provectus : advanced, advanced in age.

provectus : aged, old, advanced in years

proveho : to carry on, carry forward, advance, promote,

proventus : a growing up, increase, crop, yield, or issue.

provideo : to foresee, provide, make provision for.

provisor : one who provides for, or against.

provolvere se : to throw oneself down, abase oneself.

proximus : nearest, closest, next.

prudens : prudent, wise.

prudenter : wisely, discreetly.

prudentia : foresight, wisdom, discretion.

Pruma : Prums.

publicus : of the people, public, open to all.

puchre : beautifully, finely, handsomely.

pudendus : shameful, disgraceful.

pudeo : to be ashamed,

pudicus : modest. chaste.

pudor : modesty, bashfulness.

puella : girl.

puer : boy.

puerilis : childish, boyish, folish, foolish.

pueriliter : boyishly, childishly, foolishly.

puga pyga : buttocks.

pugna : fight, battle, conflict, set-to.

pugnacitas : the desire to fight, pugnacity.

pugnaculum : fortress.

pugnax : fond of fighting, combative, stubborn, contntious.

pugno : to fight.

pugnus : the fist.

pulchellus : pretty.

pulcher pulchra pulchrum : beautiful, handsome, fine.

pulchritudo pulchritudinis : beauty, fineness.

pulex : the flea.

pullulo : shoot up, sprout, burgeon.

pullus : dark-clorored, blackish / sad, gloomy / a dark garment.

pullus : young animal / chicken, chick.

pulmentum : anything eaten with bread, sauce or relish.

pulmo : the lung.

pulpa : flesh.

pulpitum : platform, stage.

pulso : to strike (the hours)

pulsus : beating, blow, push, impulse, influence.

pulvis : dust, powder / arena, scene of action.

pumilius pumilio : a dwarf.

punctum : a prick, little hole, puncture / a point, spot, place.

pungo pupugi punctum : to prick, puncture, stab / touch, move.

pungo pupugi punctum : to penetrate / sting, annoy, harrass.

puniceus : purple, red.

punio : to punish, avenge, gave vengeance.

punitor : punisher, avenger.

pupa : doll / little girl.

pupillus pupilla : orphan, ward.

puppis : stern of a ship, the poop.

pupula : pupil of the eye.

purgamentum : rubbish, trash, filth, sweepings.

purgatio: cleaning out, cleansing / excsuing, justification.

purgo : to clean, cleanse, purify/ clear away, wash off/ justify.

purpura : purple dye, purple cloth / high rank, emperorship.

purus : pure, free from, spotless, without stain.

pusillus : tiny, puny / petty, mean.

putator : pruner.

puteo : to stink, be redolent, smell bad.

puter : rotten, decayed, putrid / loose, crumbling / flabby.

putesco : to putrefy, day, rot.

puteus : well, pit.

puto : to clear, settle up, consider, think, believe, suppose, judge.

putus : pure, unmixed, unadulterated.

pyropus : bronze.

pyus pyxidis : a little box, casket.