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Preparing for an Office Move

If you have ever been part of an office move, you know there is a lot to think about - securing transitional space, preparing the new space, physically moving from Point A to Point B, and ensuring the work of your office is disrupted as little as possible. As you consider issues of lighting, decor, furniture, computers, and equipment, be sure to also include records in your plans for a smooth office transition.

1. Think about all of your office's records - physical and digital.

Start with some basic questions to evaluate your records.

  • Where are records currently stored and where will they be stored after the move?
  • How much records storage space is available at your new location? Is that space appropriately secured, monitored, and suitable for records storage?
  • How will records be physically relocated? Think about packing and unpacking boxes, disconnecting and reconnecting computer systems or electronic storage devices, and other logistics of transporting records in various media.
  • How will records be secured during the move and made accessible to appropriate parties as quickly as possible after the move?

2. Conduct a records clean-out.

Conduct a records clean-out well before the move starts. By using records retention schedules to identify what records should be destroyed and what records should be transferred to the Archives, you might dramatically reduce the volume of records that will be moved to your new location.

If you encounter multiple copies of particular records, like printed publications, this clean-out could be an opportunity to transfer 2 copies to the Archives, keep 2 copies for your office, and destroy the remaining copies. If staff members have been storing personal records at the office, you might ask that they take such records home.

3. Prepare records for the move.

To pack records to be moved to your new office, it is typically best to use boxes that measure 10"H x 12"W x 15"D. Such boxes are designed for legal-sized or letter-sized folders and usually weigh less than 35 pounds when full. Copy paper boxes, while often available, are narrow and short for transporting and folders do not fit in them well.

When packing, label your boxes carefully so that you know what is in them and where they belong in your new location.

Track the locations of your records throughout the moving process and make sure that access is limited to authorized persons.

Please feel free to contact the Archives for records-related assistance while preparing for an office move.




This page was last updated January 15, 2013