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Online Exhibits > Father Edward Sorin and the Founding of Notre Dame


Some of the people who attended Sorin's Funeral

Notre Dame Scholastic, November 11, 1893

Most Rev. Archbishop Elder, Cincinnati; Rt. Rev. Bishop Rademacher, Fort Wayne; Rt. Rev. Bishop-elect Dunne, Dallas, Texas; Mgr. Beessonies, Indianapolis, Ind.; Very Rev. J. Brammer, V. G., Fort Wayne; Very Rev. A. B. Oechtering, Mishawaka, Ind.; Very Rev. Dean P. Condon, Watertown, Wis.; Rev. F. B. Kilroy, D. D., Stratford, Ont.; Very Rev. Dean McGinnity, Janesville, Wis.; Rev. B. Baldi, Vicar-General, O. S., Chicago; Rev. L Baroux, Cadillac, Mich.; Rev. J. H. Guendling, Lafayette, Ind.; Rev. J. E. Hogan, Harvard, Ill.; Rev. A. M. Ellering, Columbia City, Ind.; Rev. J. O'Keeffe, C. S. C., Watertown, Wis.; Rev. Thomas Moreschini, O. S., Chicago; Rev. Edward Hannin, Toledo, Ohio; Rev. G. M. Kelly, Logansport, Ind.; Rev. J. M. Scherer, C. S. C.; Rev. P. Paradis, Kankakee, Ill.; Rev. J. Leduc, Notre Dame Church, Chicago; Rev. S. Venn, Goshen, Ind.; Rev. L. J. P. McManus, Port Huron, Mich.; Rev. Patrick J. Bohamid, Minneapolis, Minn.; Rev. F. Reid, Valleyfield, Canada; Rev. A. R. Dooling, Niles, Mich.; Rev. J. Rathz, Chicago; Rev T. Sullivan, Chicago; Rev. Thiele, Arcola, Ind.; Rev. J. McGlaughlin, Niles, Mich.; Rev. J. F. Nugent, Des Moines, Iowa; Very Rev. J. J. Brown, Mobile; Rev. J. W. Clarke, C. S. C., South Bend, Ind.; Rev. L. Geoffrion, C. S. C., Superior, Notre Dame, Côtes des Neiges, Canada; Rev. L. Moench, Plymouth, Ind.; Rev. J. Wrobel, Michigan City; Rev. J. Bleckmann, Michigan City; Rev. J. B. Crawley, Laporte, Ind.; Very Rev, J. Frieden, S. J., St. Louis; Revs. J. Toohey, Academy, Ind. ; M. Robinson, Cincinnati; P. Hurth, Austin, Texas; and M. Lauth, C. S. C., Milwaukee, Wis.; Rev. D. A. Clarke, Columbus O.; Rev. F. M. Cullinane, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Rev. F. A. O'Brien, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Rev. M. J. P. Dempsey, Detroit, Mich.; Rev. James F. Clancy, Woodstock, Ill.; Rev. John R. Dinnen, Crawfordsville, Ind.; Rev. Hugh O'Gara McShane, Chicago; Rev. John W. Malaney, Jackson, Mich.; Rev. H. Meissner, Peru, Ind.; Rev. N. J. Mooney, Cathedral, Chicago; Rev. D. J. Riordan, St. Ehizabeth's, Chicago; Rev. D. A. Tighe, Holy Angels', Chicago; Mr. Wm. S McLaughlin, New York; Miss Eliza Allen Starr, Chicago; Miss M. Dana, Boston, were among those who attended the funeral of our departed Father Founder.

Among former students we noticed: Hon. Mr. W. J. Onahan, LL. D., Lucius Tong, Orville T. Chamberlain, John P. Lauth, Mark Foote, George Houck, Joseph Wile, P. J. Barry, and J. Guthrie.