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Online Exhibits > Father Edward Sorin and the Founding of Notre Dame


Resolutions of the Faculty in Memory of the Very Rev. Father General Sorin

Notre Dame Scholastic, November 11, 1893

Whereas, it has pleased Almighty God to take for Himself the Very Rev. Edward Sorin, full of years and blessed by the fruition of much labor, the lay members of the Faculty of the University of Notre Dame, in meeting assembled,

Resolved, That no praise in their power to give was great enough for this man and priest who was foremost in his championship of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception and in reverence for the Mother of God in an age when such championship is much needed.

Resolved, That the Founder of the University of Notre Dame, the Very Rev. Edward Sorin, gave a practical example of devotion to Christian education which in no century and no land has been surpassed.

Resolved, That as the University is the best monument of Father Sorin's intentions and sacrifices, the lay members of the Faculty thereof desire to testify to the deep interest they feel in the continuance of his work, and their profound respect and gratitude to one of the greatest men of an epoch which he helped to make.

    MAURICE F. EGAN -- Committee.