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Online Exhibits > Father Edward Sorin and the Founding of Notre Dame


Notre Dame Scholastic, November 11, 1893

With the Saints

"The saints are in heaven." -- ST. LIGOURI.

WITH the saints! --
In their pain;
In the weight of their chain;
In the anguish of fire --
But not of God's ire:
Of His love;
For, the charm of His Name
Gives the peace of the Dove
In the midst of the flame!

With the saints in their bliss! --
In the rapture of this
Harp and viol are stilled;
Faith and Hope are fulfilled;
But the Love, both transcending,
Tunes, to measures unending,
The high songs of Immortals,
Who have passed the bright portals,
To the Trinity, holy;
Unto Mary, most lowly
In her odour of sweetness,
In her beauty of meekness,



OCTOBER 31 -- NOVEMBER 3, 1893.