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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1878/1879 Academic Year

Play: The Hidden Gem

Author: Cardinal Weisman
Date: Oct. 12, 1878, 7:00 P.M.
Director: Professor J.A. Lyons
Producing Organization: St. Cecilia Philomathean Association
Event: St. Edward's Day
Venue: Wshington Hall

Music: University Band
Music: University Orchestra
French Address: J. Castenado
Greek Address: L. Evers
Latin Address: A. Hertzog
Music: University Orchestra
German Address: E. Piekenbrock
Address from the Senior Department: J. J. Quinn
Song and Chorus: blank
Address from the Minim Department: J. Coughlin
Music: University Orchestra
Prologue: Gustave Schnull
Music: University Band

Cast List

Euphemianus: Albert J. Zahm
Alexius: Frank W. Boom
Carnius: Kickham L. Scanlan
Proculus: George H.Donnelly
Eusebius: M. J. Burns
Bibulus: Frank T. McGrath
Davus: Edward Ewell
Ursulus: J. Frank Mug
Verna: John A. Gibbons
Gannio: William J. McCarthy
Imperial Chamberlain: John G. Brady
Officer: Alexander Reitz
1st Attendant: Frank Pleins
2d Attendant: George Orr
3d Attendant: Frank Clarke
4th Attendant: Edmund Walter
5th Attendant: John Nelson
1st Robber: Frank W. Weisert
2d Robber: Roger Williams
Other Attendants: Alexander Caren, William Reitz, Frank Greiver, Jas Murphy

Between the Acts the University Band will play. During the play the Senior Orchestra will furnish the music.

Prologue: George H. Donnelly
Closing Remarks: Rev Thomas Hayes '52
Music: University Band

Note: "The dress-room in Washington Hall has been neatly arranged by Bro. Wilfrid."

Source: Scholastic 12:4, September 28, 1878, 54, 62; Scholastic 12:6, October 12, 1878, 94-95;
Scholastic 12:7, October 19, 1878, 109.

Play: The Enchanted Hostelry, or the Seven Travelers, A Mellow Drama, in Three Acts

Author: Prof. A. J. Stace
Date Performed: Dec. 31, 1878
Director: Unknown
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The New Year's Club
Event: dramatic Entertainment

Cast List

Lord Aubrey: J.J. Quinn
Aloysius, his page: J. Thompson
Peter, the Poor Scholar: J. P. Quinn
Bill, the Blacksmith: T. Simms
Tom, the Drover: J. P. Kinney
Jack, the Butcher: A. Keenan
Joe, the Gardner: J. Hickerson
Jim, the Forester: Wm. Cox
Teddy, the Tinker: R. E. Keenan
Landlord of the Hostelry: J. M. Brynes
Melancardios, the Enchanter: J. B Bertelling
Mysticus, Spirit of Unreality and Hallucination: A. J. Burger
Evil Spirits and Ghosts

Notes: Written at the request of Mr. Francis X. Derrick in fall 1869, his play was done on two other occasions, by the Thespians (Oct. 12, 1869) and the Columbians (Dec: 22,1873), with different casts. The play appears in Scholastic 12:4 (September 28, 1878), 54-56, and 12:6 (October 12, 1878) 87-89.

SourcesThe Notre Dame Scholastic, Dec. 28, 1878 p 271

Play: Handy Andy

Author: Unknown
Date Performed: Dec. 31, 1878
Director: Unknown
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The New Year's Club
Event: dramatic Entertainment

Cast List

Handy Andy: P. J. Hagan
Squire Egan: S. Spalding
Squire O'Grady: P. J. Dougherty
Mad Nick: F. W. Cavanaugh
Ned O'Connor: J. B. McGrath
Mr. Furlong: J. J. Coleman
Mr. Murphy: W. J. Murphy
Dick Dawson: J. J. Shurgrue
O' Grady's Man: G.P. Cassidy

Notes: This play was arranged for the occasion, and along with the previous play, was part of the evening: entertainment.

SourcesThe Notre Dame Scholastic, Dec. 28, 1878 p 271

Play: Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Dramatized for the Occasion.

Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Date: Feb 21, 1879; 6:30 P.M.
Director: Unknown
Producing Organization: The Thespians
Event: Entertainment
Venue: Washington Hall

Music: N.D.U. Cornet Band
Address: L. J. Evers
Oration: A. Herzog
Music: Orchestra

Cast List

Mr. St. Clare: A. J. Hertzog
Marks: J. J. Quinn
Haley: P.J. Hagan
Cassar: L. J. Evers
Uncle Tom: J. B. Bertelling
Phineas: J. P. Quinn
George Harris: A. J. Burger
Dr. Wilson: W. Arnold
Gumption Cute: F. Devoto
Mann: J. Kinney
Mr. Shelby: A. Cognar
Jonathan St. Clare: R. Russell
Edgar St. Clare: J. Courtney
Topsey: F. McGrath
Sambo: J. Byrnes
William Henry Harrison: J. Smith
Quimbo: A. Congar
George Washington: T. Simms
General Jackson: J. Schaufert
Julius Caesar Bonaparte: J. Spalding
Hannibal Lee: J. Scheiber
Pompey: J. Mc Grath
William Penn: W. Kreig

Notes: There was no name listed for the Marks character. "Between the acts, music will be furnished by the University Orchestra and Cornet Band."

Source: Scholastic 12:24, February 15, 1879, 383.

Play: The Prodigal Law-Student

Author: Rev. Augustus Lemonnier, CSC
Date: March 15, 1879, 7:00 P.M. (in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day)
Director: Prof. J. F. Edwards
Producing Organization: The Columbians
Event: St. Patrick's Day

Cast List

Frederick, a Law-Student: Geo. Sugg
Mr. Martin, his Father: T.W. Simms
Alfred, his Friend: M. Burns
Angelo, his Brother: R. Mayer
Nicodemus Geizhals, a Polish Jew: A. Keenan
Mr. Richards, Friend to Mr. Martin: B. Claggett
Phineas Stout, a Yankee: R. Keenan
Prof. Algood, Angelo's Teacher: M. McEniry
Capt. Henderson, U.S.N.: D. Donohue
Admiral Ross, U.S.N.: J. English
Capt. Stonington, U.S.A.: J. Baker
Gen. Watson, U.S.A.: R. O'Brien
Harry Johnson, an English Fop: J. Delaney
George Winthrop: G. Cochrane
Foster Livingston: J. Brice
Doctor Fuzby: W. Connolly
Jake: R. Stewart
Bob: F. Wall
Spencer: J. English
Sammes: T. J. Byrne
Mr. Ross: R. Stewart
Teddy: D. Coddington
Mr. Sinclair: C. Cones
Henry Porter: E. Calkins
Corporal Jones: J. Arentz
Henry Newmark: P. Vogel
1st Sailor: J. Baker
2nd Sailor: F. Wall
3rd Sailor: T. J. Byrne

Soldiers, Sailors, etc.
After Act 2nd, "Irish Melodies": N.D.U.C. Band
After Act 3d, Overture, "Le Macon"--Auber--: N.D.U. Quartette
Closing Remarks: Very Rev. President Corby
Retiring March: N.D.U.C. Band

Notes: Also performed May/June 1869, December 1872, May 1883, and March 1891

Source: Scholastic 12:29, March 22, 1879, 463-464.

The programme reads as follows:
Music: N.D.U. Quartette
Recitation--"The Lover of Power": J. P. Quinn
Debate--Question: "is the Study of the Pagan Classics Prejudicial to Morality?"
Affirmative: J. J. Quin, L. J. Evers
Negative: A. Hertzog, F. Devoto
Personation--"The Slave Driver": J. B. McGrath
Music: N.D.U. Quartette

Should time permit, the comedy of

Play: The Two Off'uns

Adapted for the occasion, and now for the first time prsented on the American stage, will be given

Author: Plautus
Date Performed: April 1, 1879, 7:00 P.M.
Director: Rev. Father Walsh
Producing Organization: Members of the Classical Course
Event: Classical Entertainment

Cast List

Don Heigho (an elderly gentleman of benevolent disposition, in quest of a long-lost son): A. Hertzog
Monsieur Jul. Gasser(a gentleman of much leisure, principally in quest of a long-sought dinner): F. Devoto
Dan Rusty (one of the Two Off'uns, who play a variety of tricks, but are usually found out): J. J Quinn
Phil Coaster(the other Off'un): J .P. Quinn
Sir Raoul(a gentleman who deals principally in chains, whips, etc., to whose tender mercies the Off'uns are consigned): J. B. McGrath
Titaro Shnops (a gentleman whose mania for telling the truth in season and out of season gets his friends into endless trouble): L. J. Evers
Rupe (a very versatile young gentleman, equally at home in camp and kitchen): R. Russell
Closing Remarks: Very Rev. Father General

Note: "The orations at the Entertainment, last Saturday evening, were the subject of unlimited favorable comment."

Source: Scholastic 12:31, April 5, 1879, 493.

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