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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1884-1885 Academic Year

Exhibition: Founder's Day at Notre Dame [St. Edward's Day, October 13]



Music--"night and Morning":  F. R. Webb; N[otre]. D[ame]. U[niversity]. C[ornet]. B[and].
Address from the Minims: W. McPhee, L. Scherrer, Elmo Barry
Song and Chorus:  Orpheonics
Address from the Juniors:  F Hagenbarth
Address from the Seniors:  Neal H. Ewing
Overture--"Lustspiel":  Keller Bela; N.D.U. Orchestra


Introductory Address:  D. C. Saviers

Play:  Une Cause Célèbre, a melodrama in six acts, founded on an incident of "The Battle of Fontenoy" [May 11, 1745, major engagement and French victory in the War of the Austrian Succession]

Dates:  October 12, 1884 [Eve of St. Edward's Day], 7:00 P.M.

Venue:  Music Hall [likely Washington Hall]

Director: Unknown

Sponsor/Producer:  Euglossian Association

Cast List to follow

Interval between second and third act: Master Oxnard's piano solo Mendelssohn's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"


Closing Remarks: omitted due "to the lateness of the hour."
Grand march for Retiring:  N. D. U. C. B.

Source:  Scholastic 18:6, Oct. 11, 1884, 94; 18:7, Oct. 18, 1884, 104-5.

Exhibition: St. Cecilia's Day

Dates: Saturday, Nov. 22, 1884, 7:30 P.M.

Venue:  Academy of Music [Washington Hall]


Music--"Golden Leaf":  F. Keller; N. D. U. C. Band

Address--"St. Cecilia Society":  F. Hagenbarth

Selections "From the Minims' Musical Repertoire":  F. Crotty, W. McPhee, E. Berry, L. Scherrer, J. Piero, F. Cobbs, T. Mahon, F. Peck

Dialogue--"The Pledge":  W. Mulkern, G. Tarrant

Declamation--"The Toast":  A. Hoye

"The Agitation Bull" (O'Connell):  J. Ancheta

"The Spread Eagle":  P. Mullane

Music--"Overture to the Siege of Paris" (W. S. Ripley):  N. D. U. Orchestra

"The Soldier's Pardon":  T. Callaghan

"Erin's Flag" (Father Ryan):  J. Monschein

"The Captive":  H. A. Steis

"The Ship of Fate":  C. Mason

Duo--"What are the Wild Waves Saying?" (Glover):  W. E. Ramsay and R. Stephens

"The Gladiator":  J. J. Conway

"Wolsey's Farewell":  J. Kleiber

"How to Attend Conflagrations":  A. Willard

Selection from Henry IV:  F. W. Dexter

Musical Selection (piano and violin) Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream:  Prof. Paul (violin), R. Oxnard (musical prodigy on the piano)

"McLaur's Child": C. Harris

"The Mariner":  J. J. Garrity

"Phenological Examination":  T. Mathers

Selection from Mrs. Heman's works":  W. E. Ramsay

La Foi--Trio (Rossini): W. E. Ramsay, R. Stephens, G. O'Kane, A. Marion, E. Crawford, A. Smith

Serenade (Keller):  N. D. U. C. Band

Note.--Should time permit, and the entertainment take place in the Exhibition Hall, Act V, Scene 1 of "Hamlet" will be given by Masters Monschein and Mason as 1st and 2d Grave-Diggers, B. Wiley as "Hamlet," and R. Stephens as "Horatio" [omitted]

Closing Remarks:  President Walsh

Director: Joseph A. Lyons, assisted by Prof. Paul and Bro. Anselm "for the musical part"

Sponsors: St. Cecilia Philoathean and Euglossian Societies

Play: Scene from Hamlet omitted due to time, but many events.

Source:  Scholastic 18:12, Nov. 22, 1884, 190; 18:13, Nov. 29, 1884 , 201-2

Exhibition: Annual Winter Exercises  [aka 27th Annual Christmas Exercises]

(a bit early because of students being "dispersed for the holidays" by the Reverend Father Walsh's patronal festival, St. Thomas the apostle, Dec. 21)

Dates: Wednesday, December 17, 1884, 6:30 P.M.

Sponsor: St. Cecilian Philomathean Association

Venue: Washington Hall

Part I:

Grand St. Cecilia March:  N. D. U. C. B.
Address--Minim Department:  G. Berry, L. Scherrer, C. Mooney
Address--Senior Department:  J. W. Guthrie
Duet:  W. E. Ramsay, R. Stephens
Address--St. Cecilia Society:  F. J. Hagenbarth
Overture:  Orchestra "The Siege of Paris"
Prologue:  T. J. Cleary

Part II.

The Recognition [published in Lyons's The American Elocutionist], a drama of the 15th century in four acts

Author: Father Lemonnier

Director:  J. A. Lyons

Dramatis Personae.

Duke of Spoleto:  F. J. Hagenbarth
. . . . [more here]
Almeno 2d citizen:  C. Reynolds
Soldiers, citizens, guards, and attendants.


Epilogue:  Joseph Garrity
Music:  N. D. U. C. B.

Closing remarks by Rev. Pres. Walsh

Note:  special thanks to Rev. Mr. Regan, Bros. Lawrence and Anselm, Profs. Edwards, Hoynes, McCormack, Paul, and Ackerman.

Exhibition: Close of Holiday Season Exhibition

Dates: Wednesday last before January 10, 1885 (check dates)

Sponsor: Euglossian Association

Venue: Washington Hall

Play: "an impromptu affair"

credit to Messrs. Ramsay and Otis

probably the same as:

Sponsor: Home Dramatic Club

Dates: last Wednesday (before January January 10, 1885)

Play: Disturbed Repose

Cast List to follow

Play:  The Quarrel Scene of the Fourth Act from "Mike Beth's Julius Sneezer", Remodelled for the Occasion

Cast List to follow

Source: Scholastic 18:18, Jan. 10, 1885, 290.

Exhibition: Washington's Birthday, 41st annual celebration

Dates:  Saturday, Feb. 21, 1885, 6:30 P.M.

Venue:  Washington Hall "the large auditorium of the Music Hall"

Play: Falsely Accused, or Waiting for the Verdict, a domestic drama in three Acts.  Remodelled for the Thespian Association.

Director:  J. A. Lyons

Cast list to follow

Sponsor: Thespian Association

Source: Scholastic 18:24, Feb. 21, 1885, 386.

Exhibition: St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1885

Play: Robert Emmet

Sponsor: Columbians

Source: Scholastic 18:28, March 21, 1885, 449-50

Exhibition: Shakespeare at Notre Dame, aka, Shakespeare Entertainment

Date: April 29, 1885

Sponsor: Euglossian Association

Plays: The Merchant of Venice, Act 4
Julius Caesar, Acts 1, 3, and 4.
Richard III, Act I
Hamlet, 3.1
Macbeth, 1.1, 1.2

Source: Scholastic 18:34, May 2, 1885, 545-46.

Exhibition: Thirteenth Annual Entertainment of the St. Stanislaus' Philopatrian Society, comlimentary to Very Rev. A. Granger, C.S.C.

Play: The Triumph of Justice; [omitted: Generosity; Excitement on the St. Joe Valley R. R.]

Date: May 27, 1885

Source: Scholastic 18:38, May 30, 1885, 610.

Exhibition: Summer Entertainment, 27th annual

Sponsor:  St. Cecilia Philomathean Society

Dates: Saturday evening last before June 13, 1885

Play:  Major André, modified and arranged by Prof. Lyons

Source: Scholastic 18:40, June 13, 1885, 641-42.

Exhibition: Commencement, 41st annual

Dates: June 22-24, 1885

Play: Scenes from Julius Caesar

Venue:  Washington Hall

Source: Scholastic 18:42, June 24, 1885, 675-76.