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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1896/1897 School Year

Play Title: Penmark Abbey

Dates Performed: Monday, November 30
Stage Manager:
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: St. Cecilians of Carroll Hall

Cast List

Jacques Perquin: Robert Funk
Monkton: W.F. Shea
Caleb: Francis Cornell
Edmund: P.M. Kuntz
Griffild: Charles Foley
Meriadac: John Morrissey
Squirrel: Roy Murray
Belgrip: Theodore Watterson, Jr.
Tom: John Walsh
Squivadan: James Taylor
Peasants: William Scherrer, Eugene Gimbel, Charles Wells, Jr., Ralph Wilson
Fishermen: Frederick Kasper, T.J. Murray, J.J. Murray, J.F. Fennessey, W.F. Dinnen
Guards: Adam Kasper, J.J. Kuntz, C.H. Pulford


Source(s): Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 30, November 28, 1896, pages 192, 204-205.

Play Title: The Corsican Brothers

Dates Performed: Monday, February 22, 1897
Director: Father Maloney
Stage Manager: Not Found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The University Stock Company
Event: Washington's Birthday

Cast List

J. Francis Corr: Chateau Renaud Joseph A. Marmon
Alfred de Meynard: Elmer J. Murphy
Le Baron de Montgiron: William A. Fagan
Griffo: John H. Shillington
Baron Martelli: Mr. Brennan
Signora Savilia: Roy A. Crawford
Emilie: Peter M. Kuntz
Marie: George P. McCarrick
Surgeon: W. Burnett Weaver
Mr. Bryan: Mr. Lowery
Mr. Gerardi: Mr. O'Hara


Source(s): Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 30, February 27, 1896, pages 343-344.

Play Title: The Ticket of Leave Man

Dates Performed: March 17, 1897
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Columbians of Brownson Hall
Director: Rev.
Venue: Washington Hall
Event: St. Patrick's Day

Cast List

Bob Brierly: Thomas A. Lowery
Detective Hawkshaw: Robert E. Brown
James Dalton, "The Tiger": Louis H. Gerardi
Melter Moss: John H. Shillington
Mr. Gibson: Louis C. M. Reed
Sam Willoughby: William W. O'Brien
Willoughby's Grandfather: John T. Daly
Maltby: Eugene Campbell
Harry Edwards: Joseph J. Tuohy
Green Jones: Edward B. Falvey
Pat Carmody: Thomas J. Dooley
Sharpe: G. J. Hanhauser
Burton: V. B. Welker
Jackson: E. C. Brown
Detectives: James H. McGinnis, William P. Monahan
Citizens: W. T. Morris, F. J. McNichols, G. Stulfauth, James Bennett, A. V. Long, R. E. Barry, Henry C. Stearns
Ushers: George P. McCarrick, Joseph J. Rowan, Charles M. Niezer, Stephen J. Brucker, Peter E. Follen, John D. Landers


Source(s) The Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 30, March 20, 1897, pp. 395.

Play Title: Her First Appearance

Author: Richard Harding Davis
Dates Performed:
Director: Father Maloney
Stage Manager
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: University Stock Company
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List

Notes: This play was a part of the Athletic Association Benefit Performance.

Source(s): Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 30,

Play Title: One Way to Make a Fortune

Author: Joseph A. Marmon, founder of the Company
Dates Performed
Director: Father Maloney
Stage Manager:
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: University Stock Company

Cast List

Miss Mollie Elliot Seawell Joseph A. Marmon


Source(s) Notre Dame Scholastic, Volume 30,