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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1907/1908 School Year

Play Title: The Rivals

Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Dates Performed: Jan. 13, 1908
Director: not found
Stage Manager: S. W. Donalds
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: not found

Cast List


Source(s): Play Program, PNDP 76-Mi-01 AB1.1 (ND Archives)

Play Title: Sandy, The Half-Back

Author: not found
Dates Performed: President's Day
December 10, 1908
Director: not found
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: not found

Cast List

Sandy Smith: William Ryan
Josiah Krop: Frank A. Zink
Philip Krop: Raymond A. McNally
Bill Short: Howard W. McAleenan
Kenneth Sumner: John B. Kanaly
Percy Gordon: Leslie J. McPatlin
Dick Hart: Lester M. Livingston
Babe Van Twiller: William Dolan
Joe Fleetwood: Claude A. Sorg
J. Booth McReady: George Sprenger
Professor Dryden: Fank A. Zink
Mabel Sumner: Thomas K. Dunbar
Sam: H. W. Hilton


Source(s) 1908 Dome

Play Title: Hamnet William Shakespeare:

Author: Professor John Lane O'Connor
Dates Performed: St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1908
Director: Brother Cyprian
Stage Manager: Not found.
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Philopatrian Association

Cast List

Hamnet W. Shakespeare: F. N. Burt
William Shakespeare: W. R. Tipton
Aaron Hathaway: W. F. Nugent
Dick Hodgson: W. P. Downing
Bob Bunch: R. H. Bowles
Ned Burton: B. F. McLain
Wat Brewster: L. M. Livingstone
Diavolo: M. D. Fanning
Roberio: C. J Tyler
Jeppo: J. L. Parkes
Bozzo: C. P. Schinkler
Adrino: F. J. Donohue
Karpo: H. W. Prendergast
Pedro: H. A. Duffy
Eduardo: E. A. Moynihan
Elvino: L. S. Dillon
Luigi: H. R. Wobles
Giovanni: J. A. Hubbell
Ricardo: E. A. Smyth
Beppo: P. A. Schmitt
Silvio: G. B. Sippel
Marco: T. D. Collins
Tom Brown: J. S. Mc Iver
Jem Norman: W. F. Cody
Simon Hall: G. A. Milius
Nick Travers: M. Gumbiner
Robin King: J. M. Fordyce
George Barnes: J. W. Schwalbe

Notes: The author of this play was a former professor of the University

Source(s) 1908 Dome - Dramatics Section

Play Title: Twelfth Night

Author: William Shakespeare
Dates Performed: Easter Monday
April 20, 1908
Director: Professor Farrell Scenery Design Bro. Cyprian
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Dramatic Society of the University

Cast List

Duke Orsino: Frank Zink
Sir Toby Belch: George Sprenger
Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Richard Wilson
Malvolio: John M. Fox
Sebastian: Raymond P. Hughes
Antonio: Grover C. McCarthy
Clown: Claude A Sorg
Fabian: William J. Moore
Sea Captain: Harry A. Burdich
Valentine: William J. Moore
Viola: Leo C. McElroy
Olivia: Frank A. Madden
Maria: Howard W. McAleenan


Source(s) 1908 Dome - Dramatic Section