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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1916/1917 Academic Year

Play: Under Cover

Author: Roi Cooper Megrue (1882-1927)
Date: December 15, 1916
Venue: Washington Hall
Director: Professor Emmet Lenihan
Stage Manager: Brother Cyprian
Producing Organization: The University Dramatic Club

Cast List

Inspector Daniel Taylor: Mr. Harry Burt
Mrs. Harrington: Thomas Beacom
Jeems: Thomas Kelly
Denby: John Riley
Others: Emmett Lenihan, Thomas Truder, Charles McCauley, John Cassidy, Walter O'Keefe, Leonard Evans, Robert McGuire, Daniel Hiltgartner, Richard Lightfoot

Notes: Under Cover ran on Broadway at the Cort Theatre from August 26, 1914, through June 1915.

Source: Dome 1917, 156; Scholastic 50:14, 228-229.

last edited by Mark C. Pilkinton, March 22, 2014