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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1932/1933 School Year

Play Title: Charley's Aunt

Author: Brandon Thomas
Dates Performed: January 21 and 22, 1933
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The University Theatre
Venue: Washington Hall

Artistic Staff

Director: Professor Frank W. Kelly
Musical Director: Joseph Casasanta

Cast List

Col. Francis Chesney: Tighe Woods
Stephen Spittigue: Roger Beirne
Jack Spittigue: Jack Finneran
Charles Wykeham: George Allingham
Lord Fancourt Babberly: David Powers
Brassett: Arthur Neumann
Donna Lucia D'Alluardarez: F. Theresa Chisholm
Kitty Verdun: Charlotte Maurer
Aimee Spittigue: Dorothy Gustafson
Ella Delahay: Mary Jane pate
University Theatre Orchestra: W. A. Steward, Leonard Kenkel, Robert Filson, Charles Morris
James Bordeaux, Robert Demer, George Bryan, Joe Argus, Ray Rossi
John Henry, Phil Ott, Paul Guarnieri, John Gill, George Huntzicker
Charles Fiore, Joseph Petritz:

Production Staff

Stage Manager: John O'Shaughnessy
Stage Supervisor: George Allingham
Assistants: Joseph Alten, John Prentice, William Hunter
Prompter: Howard Douville
Properties: Eugene Coyne


Source(s) 1933 Dome, pp. 274 and 275; Copy of Original program, Notre Dame Archives.
The Notre Dame Scholatic, Vol. 64, Jan. 13, 1932, pp. 7,10.

Play Title: Where There's Women, There's Trouble

Author: Charles Patrick O'Malley
Director: Prof. Frank Kelly
Dates Performed: March 17, 18, 1931
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The University Theatre

Cast List

Priapos: Tom Stritch
Ulysses: Joe McCabe
Achilles: Tighe Woods
Ajax: James Boyle
Briseis: Charlotte Maurer
Patroculus: John Finneran


Source(s) 1933 Dome, pp. 276, 277, The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 64, Mar. 10, 1933, p. 7.

Play Title: The Vagabonds

Author: Arthur Penn
Dates Performed: March 29 - 31, 1933
Director: Prof. Casasanta and Rev. Charles A. McAllister
Stage Manager: not found
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The Notre Dame Linnets

Cast List

King of Nonsensia: John Egan
Crown Prince: John Ryan
Noetall: George Menard
Furio: William Casazza
Ballikook: S. Jerome Roach
Bravado: John Henry
Gruffo: Justin Tompkins
Graball: Lindsay Phoebus
Vaggo: Dan Rolfs
Ruffo: Mark Finocchiaro
Roberto: Ned Quinn
Other Vagabonds: George Wenz, Maurice Quinn, Robert Butler, George Wolf, and
Richard Shiels


Source(s) 1933 Dome, p. 278, 279, The Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 64, Mar. 10, 1933, p. 6,11.