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Specialized Indexes > Theatre Chronology


1934/1935 School Year

Play Title: Five Nuts in Two Acts

Author: Reverend Arthur Hope, CSC, and Reverend Thomas Burke, CSC
Dates Performed: December 14, 1934
Director: Reverend Arthur Hope, CSC, and Reverend Thomas Burke, CSC
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: University Theatre Vaudeville, Student Theatre
Venue: Washington Hall

Cast List

Giovanni Ryan: Marco Finnochiaro:
Frederico Zaberosky

Notes: Performed as part of the University Theatre Student Vaudeville, the first Student production in Washington Hall of the school year.

Source(s) Notre Dame Scholastic, Vol. 68, No. 10, November 30, 1934, p. 1, January 11, 1935, p. 20.

Play Title: Turn to the Right

Author: Winchell Smith and John E. Hazzard
Dates Performed: March 17-18, 1935
Director: Professor Albert Doyle
Sponsoring/Producing Organization: The University Theatre
Venue: not found

Artistic Staff

Technical Director: Professors Frank Kelly:
Costumes: Frank McGahren
Set Design: Leo Hanlon and William Lieser

Cast List

Joe Bascom: Thomas Proctor
Muggs: Abe Zoss
Gilly: Joseph Mansfield
Deacon Tillinger: Richard Baker
Sam Martin: John Sweeney
Lester Morgan: Harold Miller
Callahan: Adrian Race
Isadore: Irwin Goldman
Moses: Mitchell Tackley
Mrs. Bascom: Catherine Basler
Elsie Tillinger: Irene Pyle
Betty Bascom: Charlotte Mourer
Jessie Strong: Helen Peterson
Katie: Lola Taylor:

Production Staff

Stage Manager: Leo Hanlon
Prompter: Daniel Youngerman
Assistants: Mathias Sagartz, Bernard English, Carmi Belmont, Van Baur, Herbert Nadeau, Vincent Jordon, Henry Dendler, Anthony Camperlengo, Thomas Roach
Set Construction: Anthony Mulvaney, John Banks, Hugo Melchione, William Burkhart
Michael Sheedy
Master of Properties: James McAveney:


Source(s) 1935 Dome, pp. 278 and 279; Copy of Original Program, University of Notre Dame Archives; Notre Dame Scholastic, January 18, 1935, p. 7.