University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Notre Dame: Foundations, 1842-1857 / by John Theodore Wack

Notes 3.2

1 "Chronicles," p. 95.

2 Ibid., p. 86. There is a copy of this mortgage in UNDA.

3 This compilation was made from attendence figures given in Ledger No. 2, 1849-1952, UNDA. 4 Ibid.; Scholastic, V (September 23, 1871), 4. 5 Silver Jubilee, p. 33; Boarders' Ledger No. 2, 1849-1852.

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9 C. of Prof., 1846-47, entry of October 2, 1846, UNDA.

10 Two brothers, Michael and Patrick 0'Byrne, enrolled at Notre Dame in November of 1846 and left suddenly just one month later in December. Ledger No. 2, 1849-1852, UNDA.

11. C. of Prof., 1846-47, entry of December 10, 1846, UNDA.

12 Ibid., listing of members, 1846-47.

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27 Delaune to Sorin, October 10, 1846, as quoted in ibid., I, 557-558.

28 Father Sorin implied in his "Chronicles," p. 109, that he did not write to Father Delaune; in fact, Sorin said that his silence angered Delaune. However, a letter written later to Father Moreau by Father Delaune indicates that Sorin had written to him. Cf. Delaune to Moreau, December 11, 1846, as quoted in Catta, op. cit., I, 558-559. Perhaps Sorin wrote to Delaune in answer to his repeated queries to explain the reasons for the silence which so vexed Delaune; Sorin nowhere says that he did not write such a letter, only that his silence, which resulted from the orders of the General Chapter, angered Delaune.

29 Delaune to Moreau, December 11, 1846, as quoted in Catta, op. cit., I, 558-559.

30 "Chronicles," p. 109.

31 Catta, op. cit., I, 559.

32 Cointet to Moreau, February 8, 1847, as quoted in ibid., I, 559. Father Cointet was not being exact in assigning responsibility in equal measure to Notre Dame de Ste. Croix along with Notre Dame du Lac. Moreau had promised Delaune nothing, nor, for that matter, would it seem that Sorin had given any promise except for his help.

33 Ibid., I, 552. The Cattas quote the text of the agreement: "Art. 7 -- His lordship binds himself to give two thousand five hundred francs in cash, along with three hundred and seventy-five acres of land, if the Congregation agrees with his plan and transfers the novitiate to Indianapolis."

34 Ibid., I, 536, 541-542; cf. the correspondence of Bishop de la Hailandiere with Sorin in 1846 and 1847, UNDA.

35 Louis Letourneau to his family, Notre Dame, (December 8), 1846, UNDA. Letourneau mentions that Sorin had gone to Vincennes.

36 "Chronicles," p. 100.

37 Brother Gatian's Journal, 1847-1849, entry of February 8, 1847, PAHC. This journal was kept by Bro. Gatian on the orders of the Council of Administrators (later the Minor Chapter) to aid in the composition of the "Chronicles of Notre Dame du Lac," but it served primarily as a record of Bro. Gatian's personal feelings, including his increasingly pointed attacks on Father Sorin. Significantly, the journal continues even after Gatian's dismissal from the Minor Chapter (November, 1847) and thus shows its personal and unofficial character. It contains much material not in the "Chronicles," and it is an excellent check on Sorin's document (the first part of the "Chronicles" was written about 1848). The Journal proves the essential honesty of the "Chronicles", for Gatian, as his writings amply show, was a hostile witness to the activities of Sorin.

38 "Chronicles," p. 100.

39 He was not ordained, because he did not have proper papers from France. Earlier he had been told by de la Hailandiere that ordination could not take place without authorization directly from Rome. This must have come, for the ordination took place in Vincennes late in the spring of 1847. Cf. Brother Gatian's Journal, entries of February 8, and June 24, 1847, PAHC, and Louis Letourneau to Moses Letourneau, Notre Dame, November 5, 1846, UNDA.

40 Brother Gatian's Journal, entry of February 8, 1847, PAHC.

41 "Chronicles," pp. 100-101. No funds were received from the Society for the Propagation of the Faith at all that year, either at Notre Dame de Ste. Croix or at Vincennes.

42 The Cattas say that this purchase without permission was "especially unjustifiable, because the Council at the Motherhouse had already refused to approve the project; . . ." (cf. Catta, op. cit., I, 551). They note a letter of Father Champeau to Father Sorin, written in the name of the Council on January 15, 1847, in proof of this. However, this letter must have been received by Sorin long after the purchase of the land and even after he had written to Moreau explaining the reasons for the purchase. An ocean passage took about one month (see Granger to Moreau, New York, October 3, 1844, where Granger speaks of his voyage as being quite short, . . . hardly more than thirty-one days." Cf. Circular Letters of . . . Moreau, I, 94.) plus the time needed for the passage of the letter by land in both France and America. Champeau's letter could not have been received at Notre Dame du Lac until the middle of February at the earliest, and Sorin had written to Moreau much earlier than this, probably before Champeau's letter had even been written, for the Cattas say that Moreau received the letter from Sorin on February 6 (cf. Catta, op. cit., I, 551). Sorin may have been once again responsible for an impulsive action (which can be somewhat justified on the grounds that it was often necessary for those in America to act before an exchange of information could be made with France), but he cannot be accused here of deliberate disobedience.

43 Catta, op. cit., I, 551.

45 Ibid., I, 560.

46 The Minor Chapter was created in early 1847 when a letter from France ordered that the old Council of Administrators, which had met infrequently and accomplished little, be dissolved and a Minor Chapter be created in which the members of the community would have greater voice. Cf. Brother Gatian's Journal, entry of March 22, 1847, PAHC.

47 Catta, op. cit., I, 560-561; "Chronicles," pp. 102-103.

48 Minor Chapter Book, 1847-1854, entry of June 21, 1847, PAHC.

49 Minor Chapter Book, PAHC.

50 Ledger A. UNDA. Since his return from France, Sorin had been keeping more careful accounts. A check of income from 1841-47 shows that some $39,500 was received in income, close enough to the figure sent to France to presume its accuracy.

51 Minor Chapter Book, entries of June 23 and 24. Bishop de la Hailandiere paid $3000 of the debt (which totaled $4500) in return for life interest of $330. Cf. Sorin to the Rev. Aug. Martin of East Baton Rouge, La., January 31, 1848, UNDA.

52 Sorin to Moreau, June 22, 1847, as noted in Catta, op. cit., I, 562.

53 Ibid., I, 563.

54 "Chronicles," p. 110.

55 Sorin was in Detroit to seek assistance in the settlement of a financial claim on the Diocese of Detroit which had been made by Father Vincent Badin, Father Stephen Badin's brother, who now lived in France. Father Vincent Badin had turned the claim over to Sorin when they met in France in 1846, donating all funds which he might have realized to the community at Notre Dame du Lac. For one reason or another, Sorin did not immediately press the claim, and he lost his case with the deaths of both Father Vincent Badin and Dr. Cavalli, who seems to have been the only witness in the affair, in the 1850's. Cf. memo of Sorin dated Notre Dame, May 8, 1855, UNDA; entry of February 8, 1847, Brother Gatian' s Journal, PAHC; the original of the Sorin - Theodore Badin contract is also in UNDA.

56 Brother Gatian's Journal, entry of April 13, 1847, PAHC.

57 Ibid., entry for April 9, 1847.

58 Minor Chapter Book, entry of June 28, 1847, PAHC.

59 An example of this can be seen in the Council meeting of April 22, 1847, which ended in chaos. C. of Prof., 1846-1847.

60 Ibid.

61 Ibid

62 Ibid.

63 Catta, op. cit., I, 549, 567.

64 Ibid., I, 567.

65 "Chronicles," pp. 24-25, 66.

66 C. of Prof., 1846-47, entry of October 1-2, 1846, UNDA.

67 Brother Gatian's Journal, entry of March 24, 1847, PAHC.

68 In regard to the changeover in discipline, it is worthwhile to quote the words of a person, probably Neal Gillespie, who had been a student at this time: "It was natural that the whole system of French college discipline should at first be introduced, or at least that an attempt should be made. Yet in those early days the Founder of Notre Dame quickly seized the peculiarities of Young America as distinguished from Young France. We well remember the transition from the stringent measures required by the lively and giddy French boys to the broader liberty given to comparatively more sober and sedate Americans. Like a judicious man, who, instead of transplanting a tree to a strange soil and thereby running the risk of losing it, takes its most thriving branches and engrafts them on a strong and thrifty tree of native growth thus bettering both grafts and tree, especially the tree, Father Sorin did not impose the European-system of discipline, but merely grafted on the system of the country those regulations which perfected it, and made it bring forth good fruit instead of the bitter Dead Sea fruit that the unmodified American system too frequently produces." Silver Jubilee, pp. 35-36.

69 See member list, Minor Chapter Book, entry of March 22, 1847, PAHC.

70 Minor Chapter Book, entry of June 10, 1847, PAHC.

71 The Cattas remark that both of Gatian's letters to Moreau "give evidence of the same clarity of vision." Catta, op. cit., I, 567. 72 Gatian to Moreau, September 2, 1847, and an official report to the Chapter of September 14, 1847, as indicated in ibid.

73 Brother Gatian's Journal, undated entry following the entry of July 18, 1847. PAHC.

74 Minor Chapter Book, entry of November 18, 1847, PAHC.

75 Brother Gatian's Journal, entry of July 14, 1847. Three of these seminarians did leave the college early in September. See the undated entry following the entry of July 18, ibid.

76 C. of Prof., 1846-47, entries of May 20, May 27, and June 3, 1847, UNDA.

77 Brother Gatian's Journal, undated entry following the entry of July 18. The disease is described as "the bilious fever," and might have been cholera. Others ill had a recurrent fever, possibly malaria. Gatian says that Granger had contracted this fever forty-eight times by 1847.

78 Ibid.

79 "Chronicles," p. 91; Granger, "Obituary of the Students and App[rentices] of Notre Dame, . . . 1847 - [1876]." Another young man, Anthony Bouquet, who was also at school that year, but as an apprentice tailor, was listed by Granger as having died of consumption in August of 1847, but he lived in South Bend and was on vacation from the college.

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