University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Notre Dame: Foundations, 1842-1857 / by John Theodore Wack

Notes 7.1

1 "Chronicles" p. 225.

2 Copy of address in UNDA. After his graduation, O'Callaghan went on to a diocesan seminary and later served as a parish priest in the city of Cleveland.

3 Annual Catalogue, 1855.

4 Ibid.

5 The marshes between the lakes had been cleared that spring and sown with grass. Minor Chapter Book, entry of May 23, 1855, PAHC.

6 Ibid., entries of July 24 and September 7, 1855.

7 "Chronicles," p. 226.

8 Annual Catalogue, 1856.

9 Records of the St. Aloysius Literary Society in UNDA.

10 Annual Catalogue, 1856. Seven or eight of these students came to Notre Dame from New England or New York.

11 Ibid.

12 Report of Father Granger on the "Grades and Conduct of Seminarians," UNDA.

13 Annual Catalogue, 1857.

14 Ibid., 1856.

15 Ibid. Gillespie, in 1849-1850, was listed as studying Chemistry, but, if he did so, it must have been virtually independent study. Supra, p. 191.

16 Faculty Council Book, entry of September 28, 1856. UNDA.

17 Most probably, Professor Ryan left some time during this period. He was not listed in the Annual Catalogue for 1857. A "Dr. Ryan" was listed as a member of the Faculty Council in the fall of 1857, so he may have returned for a brief time then. He was not listed at the meetings of the Council in 1856-57. Cf. Faculty Council Book, 1856-1858, UNDA.

18 Hugh J. B. Gorman to his sister, Miss Mary H. Gorman, Notre Dame, October 14, 1855, UNDA. There was little difference in the structure of this schedule and that of the University of Michigan at about the same time. Cf. Kent Sagendorph, Michigan, the Story of a University (N.Y.: 1948), pp. 62-67.

19 Neal H. Gillespie to his sister, Sister St. Angela, Rome, April 30, 1856, UNDA; Louis Letourneau to his parents, Rome, August 7, 1856, UNDA.

20 Perhaps this is why both Gillespie and Kilroy were recalled from Rome so prematurely.

21 "Chronicles," p. 229; Catta, op. cit., II, 56-57.

22 Catta, op. cit., II, 57.

23 Sorin to Archbishop Purcell, Erie, Pennsylvania, September 29, 1855, UNDA; "Chronicles," p. 230; and Minor Chapter Book, entries of July 24 and September 7, 1855, PAHC.

24 "Chronicles," pp. 230-231. Twelve Sisters were sent from France with this money.

25 Minor Chapter Book, entry of November 12, 1855, PAHC.

26 Sorin to Mr. F. Letourneau, Notre Dame, November 6, 1855, UNDA.

27 "Chronicles," p. 223. It is not clear whether this lot was sold at this time or mortgaged and kept for speculation. Father Hope (op. cit., p. 109) attributes this gift to Wm. Corby, but the reference that he cites is the statement of Sorin in his "Chronicle" in which he says simply that the gift was from one of the "ecclesiastics." The Letourneau letter clearly indicates the gift of a lot in Detroit.

28 Chapter Book, entry of March 28, 1856, PAHC.

29 Ibid., entry of May 5, 1856.

30 Supra, p. 187.

31 Minor Chapter Book, entries of November 12, 1855 and May 17, 1856, PAHC.

32 Ibid., entry of November 12, 1855.

33 A Guide to South Bend, Notre Dame du Lac, and St. Mary's, Indiana. (Baltimore: 1859). The village was also called "Irishtown or "Sorin's town. Cf. entry of November 15, 1858, Minor Chapter Book, PAHC.

34 "Chronicles," p. 234.

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