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Compiled by Charlotte Ames, Subject Librarian for Catholic Americana, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana


Ellis, John Tracy. A Guide to American Catholic History. 2d ed., revised and enlarged, by John Tracy Ellis and Robert Trisco. Santa Barbara, Ca.: ABC Clio, 1982. 265 p. (Ref. BX1406.2 E472)

An annotated guide which contains 1,258 entries on Catholic Americana, including general works; studies in diocesan, sectional, and parish histories; biographies; correspondence and memoirs; religious communities; education; special studies; missions; nativism; social studies; periodicals; and historical societies.

Freudenberger, Elsie. Reference Works in the Field of Religion,1977-1985: A Selective Bibliography. Haverford, Pa.: Catholic Library Association, 1986. 65 p. (BR118.F748 1986)

A very useful guide to reference sources in religion, including atlases, bibliographies, concordances, dictionaries and encyclopedias, directories, and handbooks. Includes a directory of publishers

Hennesey, James. American Catholic Bibliography: 1970-1982. Working paper series. Charles and Margaret Hall Cushwa Series for the Study of American Catholicism, Series 12, no. 1. Notre Dame, Ind.: University of Notre Dame, 1982. 41 leaves. Supplement issued as Series 14, no. 1, Fall, 1983. (BX1406.2 N6 1982 Ser. 12, no. 1)

A comprehensive bibliographic essay on American Catholic historiography, citing works in Catholic immigration history, the Catholic charismatics, Chicago Catholicism, Alaskan and Hawaiian history, and related fields.

McCabe, James Patrick. Critical Guide to Catholic Reference Books. 3d ed. Littleton, Co.: Libraries Unlimited, 1989. 323p. (BX1751.2 M252 1989).

Contains works in two classes: 1) those dealing with topics peculiar to the Church, such as liturgy and theological disciplines; and 2) those dealing with the social sciences, literature, the arts, and similar subjects to which Catholics have traditionally contributed a unique perspective. Includes over 1,500 entries, with some evaluative annotations and reviews.

Vollmar, Edward R. The Catholic Church in America: An Historical Bibliography. 2d ed. New York: Scarecrow Press, 1963. 399 p. (Z7837.V924 1963).

Lists alphabetically by author books and periodical articles covering the period 1850-1961. Includes doctoral dissertations and masters' theses dealing with the history of the American Catholic Church. Includes subject index. No annotations.

Willging, Eugene Paul and Hatzfeld, Herta. Catholic Serials of the Nineteenth Century in the United States: A Descriptive Bibliography and Union List. First series. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 1968. 2 v. (Z6951.W7139).

Revised and updated information originally published as 15 articles in the Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia, from 1954-1963. Covers 29 states, giving historical information, description of publications, library locations, and bibliographies.

________. Second series. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 1959-68. 15 v. (Z6951.W714).

Includes states with more extensive Catholic publications. Each section contains an historical introduction, a descriptive annotated list of serials arranged by city, a bibliography of sources, and various charts and tables. Includes foreign language publications printed in the United States. An excellent source for 19th century Catholic serials.


American Catholic Who's Who. 1911; 1934/35-1981. Detroit: Walter Roemig,1935-1971. Washington, D.C.: National Catholic News Service, 1972- . Biennial. (Ref. E184.C286 Am35).

Includes profession, parentage, education, past positions held and bibliographical information for published works. Entries based on information supplied by biographees. An excellent source for biographical information for Catholics flourishing from the 1930s to the early 1980s.

None published between 1911 and 1934/35, and none for 1974/75. Ceased publication with 1980-1981 edition.

Code, Joseph Bernard. Dictionary of the American Hierarchy, 1789- 1964. New York: J. F. Wagner, 1964. 452 p. (BX4670.C6 1964).

A very useful source which contains entries for more than 850 prelates, providing brief, factual biographical information, including education and ordination. Thirty- three appendices provide information regarding chronology, succession, members of religious orders, congregations, or societies in the American hierarchy, necrology, and other subjects.

Delaney, John J. Dictionary of American Catholic Biography. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1984. 621 p. (Ref. BX4670.D45 1984).

Contains about 1,500 entries providing brief biographies of deceased American Catholics from the time of the explorers to 1984. Includes listing of major works for authors, but no other bibliographies.

Twentieth Century Shapers of American Popular Religion edited by Charles H. Lippy. New York: Greenwood Press. 1989. (Ref. BL2525.T84 1989).

Provides a wealth of biographical and bibliographical information on the careers of more than sixty individuals who have, through the media, shaped religious sentiment in twentieth-century North America.

Among the "princes of the pulpit" are individuals from both Protestant and Catholic traditions, including Robert Schuller, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Jim and Tammy Bakker, Fulton J. Sheen, Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dictionaries and Directories

Catholic Almanac. Edited by Felician A. Foy, O.F.M. and Rose M. Avato. Huntington, Ind.: Our Sunday Visitor, 1969- (Ref. BX845.Sa22n).

Published annually since 1904 under various titles. Contains a wealth of information in capsule form on all areas of American Catholicism. Special reports, news events, excerpts from pastoral letters, lists of patron saints, thumbnail sketches of saints, cardinals, and bishops, listings of Catholic societies, religious orders of men and women; social service facilities, and a wide range of national and international statistics. Includes percentages of Catholics in total populations in the U.S.; Catholic schools and students in the United States, etc. Statistics are commonly taken from the Official Catholic Directory. Includes extensive but incomplete listing of titles and addresses of Catholic newspapers, serials, and newsletters. "The most complete one- volume encyclopedia of facts and information on the Catholic Church."

Continues: National Catholic Almanac.

Catholic Press Directory. New York: Catholic Press Association, 1923- . Annual. (Ref. Z6951.C286 [Year]).

Accurate and current information on U.S. national and diocesan Catholic newspapers, serials, Eastern Rite publications, newsletters, foreign language publications, general publishers, Catholic book clubs, and statistical summaries of Catholic publications. Provides names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, personnel, advertising rates and circulation information. Includes U.S., Canadian, English and foreign language publications. Arranged geographically, with title index.

Official Catholic Directory. 1913- . New York: P. J. Kenedy. Annual. (Ref. BX845.Of24)

Chief source for current information on the Catholic Church in the United States. Includes listing of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and officials of Vatican City, the patriarchs, the Roman Curia, and a comprehensive listing of archdioceses and dioceses in the United States, arranged by diocese. Contains information on the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and the United States Catholic Conference. Includes the name and address of priests in the United States, all Catholic churches and institutions, religious orders, and comprehensive statistical information. One of the most valuable and reliable reference sources available.

Previous annuals of this kind, under various titles and imprints, have been published since 1817, except for the years 1818-1821, 1823-1832, and 1863. Previous titles include Hoffmann's Catholic Directory, Almanac, and Clergy List (Milwaukee: Hoffmann Bros., 1886-1899); and Official Catholic Directory and Clergy List (Milwaukee: Wiltzius, 1906-1912).


HarperCollins Encyclopedia of Catholicism. Richard P. McBrien, editor. San Francisco: Harper SanFrancisco, 1995. (Ref.BX841.H37 1995)

In one volume, this extremely comprehensive work aims to provide reliable information on every aspect of Catholicism, past and present, for the widest possible audience. Among a wide variety of subjects, it includes entries on liturgy, saints, the sacraments, history, art, architecture, music, literature, theology, spirituality, doctrine, devotions, canon law, religious orders, organizations, and associations. List of popes includes nationalities, terms of office, and a short biographical sketch. With 17 associate editors and 280 contributors, most of them faculty members at the University of Notre Dame, this encyclopedia is one of the best and most complete of its kind.

Modern Catholic Encyclopedia. Michael Glazier, Monika K. Hellwig, editors. Collegeville, Minn.: Liturgical Press, 1994. (Ref. BX841.M63 1994)

Emphasis given to contemporary concerns and contemporary issues. With more than 1000 entries and cross references, it includes black and white maps, drawings, photographs, and illustrations. Includes biographical articles, as well as articles on Black Catholics, Feminist Theology, and Women in the Church.

New Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the Teachings, History, Organization and Activities of the Catholic Church and on All Institutions, Religions, Philosophies and Scientific and Cultural Developments Affecting the Catholic Church from Its Beginnings to the Present. Prepared by an editorial staff at the Catholic University of America. New York: McGraw Hill, 1967. 15 v. (Ref. BX841.C286 1967)

Both the Catholic Encyclopedia (16 v., 1905-22; Suppl. vol.: Canon Law, 1917; Suppl. I, 1922; Suppl. II, 1950-58), and the New Catholic Encyclopedia are the two "reference works of record" in the English language on matters regarding the Roman Catholic Church.

The New Catholic Encyclopedia is a basic encyclopedia which includes nearly 17,000 signed articles, each with a bibliography. It includes both Catholic topics and general subjects from a Catholic point of view. A strong source for biographical articles on deceased persons. Includes articles on broad subjects, such as education, music, catechetics, history, religion, theology, sacred scripture, and philosophy. Consult the index first to locate all relevant entries.

Index: v. 15.

Three supplements have been issued:

________. Vol. 16. Supplement: 1967-1974.

In 440 alphabetically arranged articles, reports on the teachings, history, organization, and activities of the Catholic Church since the close of Vatican II.

________. Vol. 17. Supplement: Change in the Church. (1979) Focuses on the Vatican Council II Church.

________. Vol. 18. Supplement: 1978-1988.


Catholic Periodical and Literature Index. Winona, Minn.: Catholic Library Association. Bi-monthly. (Ref. AI 3.C2863 (Index Table).

Published since 1930. Quarterly. As of 1994, indexes 134 periodicals, including African Ecclesial Review, America, Catholic Historical Review, Cistercian Studies, Commonweal, Health Progress, Horizons, Mediaeval Studies, Mid-America, Modern Liturgy, Pastoral Music, Review for Religious, Sisters Today, Spiritual Life, Spirituality Today, Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia, Teilhard Review, U.S. Catholic Historian, and Origins. Includes Subject Index, Author Index, Book Title Index, Book Review Index, and List of Periodicals Indexed. Uses ATLA subject headings, except when specifically Catholic headings are required. LC headings are used for non-religious subject areas. Subject entries are arranged in one alphabet.

"Papal documents (texts, translations, and commentaries) appear under the author heading, using the full form of the Pope's name [e.g.: John Paul II, Pope, 1920- (Karol Wojtyla) (elected 1978)],and are listed in chronological order. A full description of the document is given under its subject entry, with a reference to author entry."--CPLI, 1994, User's Guide, vi.

Indexes selected Catholic newspapers, including Catholic Worker, National Catholic Register, National Catholic Reporter. L'Osservatore Romano (English edition), and Our Sunday Visitor. International in scope.

The Index to Catholic Pamphlets in the English Language. Compiled by Eugene Paul Willging. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 1937-1953. 6 v. (Z7837.In2)

An annotated, classified listing of pamphlets, with alphabetical indexes. Useful for locating pamphlets on marriage, the sacraments, chastity, birth control, the Blessed Virgin Mary, etc. Continues The Index to American Catholic Pamphlets.

Pamphlets in American History, Group I: A Bibliographic Guide to the Microform Collection, edited by Henry Barnard. Ann Arbor: University Microfilms International, 1994. (Microtext Reading Room 4 x 6. E178.P23 Group 1)

Provides access to 5,288 pamphlets contained in Group I. Includes five series: Revolutionary War (404 titles); Revolutionary War Biography (140 titles); Biography--General (2579 titles); Women (646 titles); and Indians (1519 titles). Numerical, author, title, subject, and chronological indexes are provided.

Pamphlets in American History: Group IV: A Bibliographic Guide to the Microfilm Collection. Edited by Michael J. Matochik. Sanford, N.C.: Microfilm Corporation of America, 1983. (Microtext Reading Room 4 X 6. E178.P23 Group 4)

Index to the microfilm collection of two subject collections in Group IV: Catholicism and Anti-Catholicism, and The Spanish American War. Catholicism and Anti-Catholicism consists of 1340 titles on 1504 microfiche, presenting an overview of the theological, intellectual, social, economic, and political history of the Catholic Church from colonial times to the present. The Spanish American War, 1898, consists of 394 titles on 515 microfiche.

Religious Orders

Dehey, Elinor Tong. Religious Orders of Women in the United States: Catholic. Accounts of Their Origin, Works, and Most Important Institutions, Interwoven with Histories of Many Famous Foundresses. Rev. ed. [Hammond, Ind: W. B. Conkey, 1930]. 908 p. (BX4220.Un3 D366r 1930)

First published in 1913. Includes alphabetical list of 200 religious orders, with portraits of many foundresses, e.g., St. Angela Merici (1474-1540), foundress of the Ursulines. Arranged in chronological order by inauguration of the order's activities in the United States. Includes brief histories of orders, illustrations of sisters and institutions. Supplement includes colleges, hospitals, infirmaries, and hospices conducted by religious orders of women.

McCarthy, Thomas P. Guide to the Catholic Sisterhoods in the United States. 5th ed., rev. and enl. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 1964. 404 p. (BX4220.Un3 M127 1964)

Manual designed to provide information for young women interested in entering religious life. Describes history, purpose, spiritual life, training program, general qualifications for admission, and description, with photographs of religious habits. Includes 352 congregations of women in the United States, arranged according to types of apostolic work: contemplative; domestic; foreign and home missions; nursing; teaching, etc. A valuable source for illustrations and descriptions of religious orders of women active in the pre-Vatican II Church. Includes Secular Institutes, and glossary.

Women Religious History Sources: A Guide to Repositories in the United States. Ed. by Evangeline Thomas, CSJ. New York: Bowker, 1983. 329 p. (Ref. BX4220.U6 W6)

Guide to archives of 569 orders of women religious in the United States, including Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. Includes brief history of the order, description of archives, and general bibliographies. Also includes Glossary, Table of U.S. Founding Dates, Biographical Register of Foundresses and Major Superiors, and comprehensive index.


American Catholic Historical Researches. Philadelphia: M. I .J. Griffin, 1887-1912. (E184.C286 Am36)

American Catholic Quarterly Review. Philadelphia: Hardy and Mahoney, 1876-1924. (AP2 Am32)

American Catholic Studies Newsletter. Notre Dame, Ind.: Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, 1975- . (LD4111.8 A4)

Ave Maria. (Notre Dame, Ind: Congregation of the Holy Cross, 1865-1970. (AP2 Av31)

Brownson's Quarterly Review. New York: E. Dunigan, 1844-1875. (AP2.B825)

Catholic Historical Review. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 1915- . (BX940.C286)

Catholic World. Paramus, N.J.: Paulist Fathers, 1865-1971. (AP2.C286)

Church History. Chicago: American Society for Church History, 1932- . (BR140.Am 35)

Globe. Philadelphia: W. H. Thorne, 1889-1905. (AP2.G51)

Historical Records and Studies. New York: United States Catholic Historical Society, 1899-1964. (E184.C286 Un3h) [Continues: United States Catholic Historical Magazine.]

History of Women Religious News and Notes. St. Paul, Minn.: Conference on the History of Women Religious, 1988- . (BX4200.H578)

Horizons. (Villanova, Pa.: College Theology Society, 1974- . (BR1 H83)

Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion. (Chico, Calif.: Scholars Press, 1985- . (BV639.W7 J68)

Journal of Texas Catholic History and Culture. (Azle, Tex.: The Society, 1990- . (BX1415.T4 J677)

Liturgy Digest: A Publication of the Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy. (Notre Dame, Ind.: The Center, 1993- . (BX1970.A1 L67)

New York Review. (Yonkers, N.Y.: St. Joseph Seminary, 1905-1908. (HESB Microtext: Microfilm 1317)

Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia, 1887- . (E184.C286 Am361r)

Religion and American Culture. (Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Press, 1991- . (BL2525.R445)

Sacred Heart Review. Boston: Review Pub. Co., 1888-1918. (BX801.Sa 14)

Social Justice Review. St. Louis, Mo.: Central Bureau, Catholic Central Union of America, 1908- . (HV3.C333)

Theological Studies. Baltimore: Theological Studies, 1940- . (BX801.T342)

U.S. Catholic Historian. Yonkers, N.Y.: U.S. Catholic Historical Society, 1980- . (BX1404.U23) United States Catholic Historical Magazine. New York: United States Catholic Historical Society, 1887-1892. (E184.C286 Un2)

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