University of Notre Dame

Corby Hall

Corby Hall Dorm Room, ca. 1915

What is now known as Corby Hall was built during the spring of 1895. It was intended primarily as a dwelling for the priests engaged in teaching at the University. It was called the "Professed House." Its first inhabitants, however, were some of the numerous guests that flowed into Notre Dame for the Jubilee. After the tumult and the shouting had died down, the members of the community moved in. By 1899 the student body had grown to such an extent that the community members had to vacate Corby Hall to make room for the students. Like Sorin Hall, Corby Hall provided private rooms for older students, in accordance with the more liberal view that had come to be held at Notre Dame.

-- Notre Dame -- One Hundred Years / by Arthur J. Hope, C.S.C.