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G.K. Chesterton

In his book Notre Dame -- 100 Years, Fr. Arthur Hope, CSC, tells the story of Chesterton's lectures at Notre Dame -- his arrival, the impression he made, and the honorary doctorate he received before he left. In his works if not in his person we can regard him not as a mere visitor but as a permanent resident of Notre Dame.

  • Chesterton's biographer, Maisie Ward, was also his friend. The Sheed and Ward Family Papers in the Notre Dame Archives contain correspondence and cartoons by Chesterton and a copy of a book he wrote and illustrated, Greybeards At Play.

  • On its website, the Jacques Maritain Center at Notre Dame has the full text of a collection of Chesterton's sayings, Chesterton Day by Day.

  • The Notre Dame Archives has a typewritten manuscript of Chesterton's Autobiography.

  • Among the Special Collections of Notre Dame's libraries, John Bennet Shaw's G.K. Chesterton Collection contains over 2,000 books and periodicals by or about Chesterton.