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Inventory of Collections in the Archives of the University of Notre Dame

Click on the links of the three-letter collection codes to access the finding aid. If no link exists, either the collection is closed to researchers (see the Access Policy) or a finding aid has not yet been created for that collection.

University Records

Manuscript Collections:

AAR : Aaron Ignatius Abell Papers

FXA : Francis Xavier Ackermann Family Papers

ZAA : Charles Januarius Acton Letters sent

EGA : Edmond G. Addeo Papers

BAE : Brother Aidan's Extracts 

ALN : Brother Alban Ledgers 

ALB : George Albertson Papers 

AHC : All Hallows College (Dublin, Ireland) Records

ALL : Barbara Allen Oral histories 

AFC : American Federation of Catholic Societies Collection

AMR : Americanism Collection 

APC : Amerika Publishing Company Records 

AOH : Ancient Order of Hibernians Collection

ANT : Anti-Catholic Printed Material Collection

ARM : James W. Armsey Papers 

JAG : James E. Armstrong Papers 

VAT : Archivio Vaticano Fondo Bolognetti 

AFR : Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church

ACP : Association of Chicago Priests Records

ACS : Association of Contemplative Sisters Records

AVX : Material Separated from Audio-Visual Collections

AUD : Ernest Audran Papers 

BAA : Peter A. Baart 

BCH : Ferdinand Dominic Bach Correspondence

BAC : Cletus S. Bachofer Papers 

ZCF : Stephen T. Badin Papers 

ZAB : Baestlé - Bonté - DeSeille Family Papers

BHN : Leonard "Pete" Bahan Papers 

BLD : Ideal Baldoni Papers 

BAR : Frederic Baraga Papers 

KYB : Bardstown (Ky.) Board of Trustees Records

SHB : George Barnard Collection 

BRN : Geno C. Baroni Papers 

BRW : Paul Charles Bartholomew Papers 

ZAR : Burnett C. Bauer Papers 

BAU : Edwin C. Bauer Photograph Collection

BAY : James Roosevelt Bayley Papers 

BED : John J. Bednar Photographs 

BEI : Paul E. Beichner Papers 

BEL : Hilaire Belloc Diary and Sketchbooks

WCB : Wesley C. Bender Papers 

BEN : Mary Benet Papers 

BNO : Peter L. Benoit Diary 

BRG : Thomas P. Bergin Papers 

BRK : John J. Berkery Papers 

WBB : William B. Berry Papers 

ZAO : Bertrand Family Genealogical material

BBR : Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Biblioteca Barberiniana Manuscripts

BIN : Edmund L. Binsfeld Papers 

ZEN : Otto Bird Papers 

BIT : William C. Bitting Papers 

BLN : Francis Norbert Blanchet Papers

BLQ : Louis Auguste Blanqui Papers

BLC : Dorothy Ann Blatnica Papers

ZAC : Lindsey Blayney Papers 

BOL : John P. Boland Papers 

BLG : Henry J. Bolger Papers 

BKC : Book Collection 

BNM : George Bornemann Papers 

BOS : Raymond T. Bosler Papers 

BOW : David Bowman Papers 

ZBA : N. R. Bowman Notebook 

PBY : Paul M. Boyle Papers 

BRI : Joseph A. Breig Papers 

JJB : John J. Brennan Collection

BRE : Thomas J. Brennan Papers 

BNT : Daniel Brent Letter book 

BET : John Carroll Brent 

BGS : Brothers of the Good Shepherd Records

PSF : Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis Records

FFB : Francis F. Brown Papers 

FMB : Frank N. M. Brown Papers 

BRH : Henry F. Brownson Papers 

BRO : Orestes Augustus Brownson Papers

SGB : Simon Bruté Papers 

BUE : Don Carlos Buell Papers 

ZBR : Burke Family Papers 

BUR : James A. Burns Papers 

BRL : David Burrell Papers 

BUS : Paul C. Bussard Papers 

BUT : Paul M. Butler Papers 

JEB : James E. Byrne Papers 

ZDO : John N. Cackley Jr. Papers

CAD : Cadotte Family Papers

CHN : Charles Martin Callahan Papers

CLN : Patrick Henry Callahan Papers

LSA : Canon Law Society of America Records

CAP : John C. Cappon Papers

CBR : James J. Carberry Papers

GCD : Gilbert Cardenas Papers 

CRD : Edward V. Cardinal Papers 

CAR : Charles Carey, CSC, Photographs

CRY : Graham Carey Clippings 

ZAD : Lewis J. Carey Transcripts of historic letters

CRE : Joseph Leonard Carrico Papers

CRI : J.C. Carrier Papers 

CLL : John J. Carroll Papers 

CRL : Patrick J. Carroll Papers 

ZBS : Joseph J. Casasanta Papers 

CAA : Catholic Art Association Records

CCV : Catholic Central Verein of America Records

CUM : Catholic Committee on Urban Ministry

DIR : Catholic Directories Collection

HRC : Catholic Human Relations Council Records

INS : Catholic Institutions Printed Material

CLB : Catholic Library Association Correspondence

CLC : Catholic Literature for Children Collection

ZAF : Catholic News Records 

NSI : Catholic Newspaper Special Issues Collection

OOF : Catholic Order of Foresters. Our Lady of Rosary Court

CPF : Catholic Peace Fellowship Records

CPR : Catholic Press Collection

CPA : Catholic Press Association Records

SOC : Catholic Social Issues Collection

FCV : Francis P. Cavanaugh Papers 

JJC : John J. Cavanaugh Papers 

JWC : John W. Cavanaugh Papers

RLS : Center for the Study of Religious Life Records

COC : Center of Concern (Washington, D.C.) Records

CCW : Center on Conscience and War Records

CHC : Eusebio Chacon Photographs

ZBU : Orville T. Chamberlain Family papers

FSC : Francis Silas Chatard Letters received

CHE : Daniel Cherico Papers 

GKC : G.K. Chesterton Autobiography [1936].

CCL : Chicago Conference of Laymen Records

CFM : Christian Family Movement Records

MLW : Christian Family Movement. Milwaukee Chapter Records

CHR : Anton-Herman Chroust Papers 

CIR : Marie Cirillo Papers 

CIV : Civil War Collection 

CRK : Dennis Clark Papers 

FCP : Francis P. Clark Papers 

FCL : Francis P. Clark Collection 

FCS : Francis P. Clark Sports Collection

RCL : Richard H. Clarke Papers 

CLR : Clergy and Religious Printed Material

CLW : Clergy Writings Collection

CLE : L. Spalding Clements Photographs

ZBB : Clinton County (Ill.) Dept. of the County Clerk Records

COG : John Cogley Papers

ZEM : Clifford M. Collins

CWL : Commonweal Records

CGN : Paul R. Conaghan

MSM : Conference of Major Superiors of Men Records

SCG : Congregation of Holy Cross Records

CSC : Congregation of Holy Cross Collection

CSQ : Congregation of Holy Cross Canadian Province Records 

CIJ : Congregation of Holy Cross Indiana Province Records

PED : Congregation of Holy Cross Indiana Province - Commission on Province Education Records

SCM : Congregation of Holy Cross Indiana Province - Propagation of the Faith Records 

CIS : Congregation of Holy Cross - Edward Sorin Records

IOW : Congregation of Holy Cross - Holy Cross Mission (Keystone, Iowa) Records

SCP : Congregation of Holy Cross Priests Collection

SCB : Congregation of Holy Cross Brothers Midwest Province (Notre Dame, Ind.) Collection

JTC : James T. Connelly Papers

ZAG : James W. Connerton Papers

CPC : Consortium Perfectae Caritatis Records

CCT : Consultation on Common Texts Records

CON : David Power Conyngham Papers

JCO : John M. Cooney Papers

COO : Peter Paul Cooney Papers

CPE : Helene R. Cope Papers

ZEB : Alexis Coquillard Family Papers

CRB : James A. Corbett Papers

COR : William Corby Papers

ZAH : Joseph N. Corcoran Letters sent

CRP : Corpus Records

CGH : Charles Coughlin Collection

ILA : Council for the International Lay Apostolate Collection

COY : James Coyle Papers

CRO : John F. Cronin Papers

CRV : Theodore J. Crovello Papers

RWL : Patrick and Patricia Crowley Papers

BFC : Brother Franklin Cullen Collection

CUL : John Paul Cullen Papers

CLY : Bernard D. Cullity Papers

CUN : W.F. Cunningham Papers

ZDN : Charles Curran Boycott Papers

CUR : John Joseph Curran Papers

CRR : James M. Curry Photographs

DAG : Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes Photographs

DAL : G. F. D'Alelio Papers

DNH : James P. Danehy Papers

DAR : Thomas J. Darby Scrapbooks

DAV : Joseph M. Davis Papers

DAW : Christopher Dawson Papers

DRD : John F. Dearden Papers

ZBT : Cornelius A. Delahunty Papers

DNS : Elie Denissoff Papers

ZAP : S.L. Derrick Diary

ZAI : Humphrey Joseph Desmond Letters received

ZEJ : Aubrey DeVere Papers

ZBZ : J.T. Dickman Papers

DIE : Michael A. Diebold Oral Histories

DTZ : Peter Ernest Dietz Correspondence

DIL : Paul Martin Dillon Papers

DIO : Diocesan and Archdiocesan Printed Material

DAB : Diocese of Albany Collection

DAT : Diocese of Alton Collection

ABA : Archdiocese of Baltimore (Md.) Collection

DBL : Archdiocese of Louisville Records

ABO : Archdiocese of Boston (Mass.) Collection

DBR : Diocese of Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.) Collection

DBF : Diocese of Buffalo (N.Y.) Collection

DCH : Diocese of Charleston, (S.C.) Collected material

ACH : Archdiocese of Chicago (Ill.) Collection

ACI : Archdiocese of Cincinnati Collection

DCL : Diocese of Cleveland (Ohio) Collection

DDO : Diocese of Columbus (Ohio) Collection

DCC : Diocese of Corpus Christi (Tex.) Collection

DCV : Diocese of Covington Collection

DDA : Diocese of Davenport (Iowa) Collection

DET : Archdiocese of Detroit (Mich.) Collection

ADU : Archdiocese of Dubuque (Iowa) Collection

DER : Diocese of Erie (Pa.) Collected material 

DFW : Diocese of Fort Wayne Collection

DGA : Diocese of Galveston-Houston (Tex.) Collection

DHP : Diocese of Harrisburg (Pa.) Collection

DHT : Diocese of Hartford

DKC : Diocese of Kansas City (Mo.) Collected material

DLC : Diocese of La Crosse (Wis.) Collection

DMA : Diocese of Marquette Collection

AMI : Archdiocese of Milwaukee Collection

DNA : Diocese of Nashville (Tenn.) Collection

DNT : Diocese of Natchez Catholic Church Collection

DNC : Diocese of Natchitoches (La.) Collection

ANO : Archdiocese of New Orleans (La.) Collection

ANY : Archdiocese of New York Collection

WIG : Diocese of Newark (N.J.). Bishop (1881-1901 : Wigger) Pastoral letter 

DPE : Diocese of Peoria (Illinois). Collection

APH : Archdiocese of Philadelphia (Pa.) Collection

DPA : Diocese of Pittsburgh (Pa.) Collection

DPR : Diocese of Portland (Me.) Collection

DPV : Diocese of Providence (R.I.) Collection

DQU : Diocese of Quebec (Quebec) Correspondence

DRI : Diocese of Richmond (Va.) Records

ASL : Archdiocese of Saint Louis (Mo.) Collection

ASM : Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis (Mn.). Collection 

ASA : Archdiocese of San Antonio (Tex.) Collection

ASF : Diocese of Santa Fe (N.M.) Collection

DTO : Diocese of Toledo Collection

AVI : Diocese of Vincennes (Ind.) Records

DWE : Archdiocese of Westminster (London, England) Collected material 

DWH : Diocese of Wheeling (W.V.) Collection

DOD : Edward O. Dodson Manuscripts

DOH : William J. Doheny Papers

DOL : Jay P. Dolan Papers

TDO : Thomas F. Dolan Papers

ZAE : Michael Donahoe Manuscript

DOO : Thomas A. Dooley Collection

DRP : Drop File Collection

DUF : Frank Duffy Speeches and articles

DFY : Joseph Duffy Papers

DUN : William J. Dunn Papers

DUR : Joseph T. Durkin Papers

DUT : Joseph Dutton Papers

WFE : William F. Egan Papers

ZDC : Charles A. Eccleston Papers

EDS : Ella B. Edes Papers

EDW : James Farnham Edwards Papers

EEG : Eileen Egan Papers

JEG : John J. Egan Papers

MEG : Maurice Francis Egan Papers

ELI : Ernest Eliel Papers

ENG : Norbert Engels Papers

ELC : English Language Liturgical Consultation Records

EPI : Episcopal Church Divinity School, Philadelphia Library shelf list 

EQU : Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem Collection 

JPE : Joseph P. Evans Papers

JWE : Joseph William Evans Papers

LJE : Msgr. Luke J. Evers Photographs

EWI : Thomas Ewing Family Papers

FAC : Notre Dame Faculty Drafts and Manuscripts

FAG : Vincent F. Fagan Papers

FAH : Charles Fahy Papers

JFN : Jerome A. Fallon Papers

FAL : John Joseph Fallon Papers

FMR : William (Bill) Farmer Papers 

FEN : Patricia Fenelon Papers

FLN : Paul Fenlon Papers

JKF : John and Kathleen Ferrone Collection

FIC : Joseph Henry Fichter Papers

FID : Fides Collection

FIN : Joseph Maria Finotti Papers

FMC : First Methodist Church (South Bend, Ind.) Records 

EAF : Edward A. Fischer Papers

FIS : Maurice Fischer Papers

FIT : Stanislas Fitte Papers

FZG : John J. Fitzgerald Notebooks

FTZ : Mark J. Fitzgerald Papers

PTR : John Fitzpatrick Papers

MAF : M.A. Fitzsimons Papers

FLO : Florentine Films Collection

ZDR : J. Paul Fogarty Papers

FOI : Paul J. Foik Papers

ZCY : Philip Foley Papers

FOL : Frank M. Folsom Papers

FRD : Austin E. Ford Papers

ZDH : Thomas Fox Papers

FRP : Franciscans Province of St. John the Baptist Circular letters 

FRN : Peter Franciscus Papers

FRS : Fransen Brothers Papers

JRF : Jerome R. Fraser Papers

ZCJ : James J. French Letters received

FRE : John J. Freschi Scrapbook

FUL : George Fulcher Papers

MMF : Mary Margaret Funk Papers

FUN : Raymond M. Funk Jr. Papers

ALG : Canon Astrik L. Gabriel Papers

GAL : Hugh S. Gallagher Papers

BAG : Bernard A. Garber Papers

GRT : Gartland Family Papers

GRV : Joseph N. Garvin Papers

GAS : Frederick Gassensmith Papers

GEN : General Collection

GAP : German-American Publishing Company Records

GID : Joshua Giddings Correspondence

VJG : Vincent J. Giese Papers

ZDF : Paul Gillen Papers

ZBY : Quincy Adams Gillmore Manuscript

GPN : Glass Plate Negatives Collection

GPP : Glass Plate Negative Contact Sheet Collection

GLE : Philip Gleason Papers

ZAJ : James Gleeson Letters received

GLI : Howard A. Glickstein Papers

ZCC : Howes Goldsborough

GOL : Heather Gollatz Dukeman Photographs

WMG : William and Mary Good Papers

GOR : Robert Hayes Gore Papers

GRA : Alexis Granger Papers

UND : Notre Dame Audio-Visual and Oversize Graphics Collection 

ZDD : Jerome J. Green Clipping

GRE : Edward Lee Greene Papers

GRN : Michael J. Greene Clippings

GRG : Luigi Gregori Papers

ZDE : Brother Gregory Diary

GRM : Joseph Gremillion Papers

GJW : Groundwork for a Just World Records

ZAK : Lewis Gruber Diary 1861-1862.

ZCA : Therese Guilka Papers

ZAL : Louise Imogene Guiney Letters sent

GUM : Thomas J. Gumbleton

ZAN : Waldemar Gurian Letters received from Jacques Maritain 

GUR : Gushurst Family Papers

CHA : Cornelius Hagerty Papers

JHA : James E. Hagerty Papers

HAM : William Thomas Hamilton Papers

HRK : Matthew Harkins Diary

HNT : Joseph Harnett Papers

HRV : Arthur Harvey Papers

HSL : Joseph Haseltine Papers

HAS : Louis L. Hasley Papers

HLY : Lucile Hasley Papers

HSS : Robert Hassenger Manuscripts

HAV : William C. Havey Papers

HAY : Gerald W. Hayes Papers

HAZ : Samuel John Hazo Papers

HEB : Peter E. Hebert Papers

ZEL : Brother Agatho Heiser Papers

ZED : Paul Hellmuth Collection

ZAS : Robert T. Hellrung Notre Dame Ring file

ZDM : Abby Maria Hemenway Collection

HER : Mrs. Frank E. Hering Papers

ZEA : E. W. Herman Papers

GLA : Herold des Glaubens Account Books

PHS : Theodore M. Hesburgh Papers

MRH : Reynold Hillenbrand Papers

ZBI : Henry E. Hinsenkamp Papers

HIS : Historic Editions Collection

HTC : History Teachers' Club Records

HOC : Frederick G. Hochwalt Papers

PEH : Peter E. Hogan Collected material

ZEH : Lou Holtz Papers

HOL : Holy Family Mission (Montana) Records

HOM : Helen Walker Homan Papers

ZEF : Home Mission Sisters of America Records

HOP : Arthur J. Hope Papers

ZAM : Hubert Horan Papers

HOR : Rev. Ignatius Horstmann Photographs

DVD : House of David Scrapbooks

HLD : Caryll Houselander Papers

HOY : William Hoynes Papers

HUD : Daniel E. Hudson Papers

MPH : Philip Hughes Papers

EFH : Edward F. Hums Papers

RGH : Raymond G. Hunthausen Collection

HUR : Edward Nash Hurley Papers

ZCZ : Helen Angela Hurley Papers

HRT : P.J. Hurth Papers

ISM : Indiana Sesquicentennial Manuscript Collection

CRM : Indianapolis Carmelites Records

POT : Indians of North America Printed Material

IJP : Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center Records

ICF : International Confederation of Christian Family Movements Records 

ICE : International Commission on English in the Liturgy Records

IRE : John Ireland Papers

IRS : Irish College, (Rome, Italy) Correspondence

IRI : Irish Republic Collection

CJJ : Carol J. Jablonski Papers

ZAY : Emil Jacques Papers

JEN : Thomas J. Jenkins Papers

JES : Jesuits Records

ZAZ : William T. Johnson Family papers

JHN : Herbert Johnston Papers

JOL : Ellen Ryan Jolly Papers

JON : Arthur Jones Papers

JOS : Josephite Fathers Records

RBK : Robert Blair Kaiser Papers

KEH : Lawrence Kehoe Papers

KEL : Edward A. Keller Papers

FWK : Frank W. Kelly Papers

KLY : Thomas A. Kelly Collection

KNA : Frederick Kenkel Papers

KEN : Howard J. Kenna Papers

KNL : William Kenneally Papers

PKN : Philip J. Kenney Papers

KRG : Anthony Kerrigan Papers

KRZ : Stephen Denis Kertesz Papers

KER : Francis W. Kervick Papers

KIL : Edmund B. Kilroy Papers

KIR : Alexander Marion Kirsch Papers

FKL : Felix Klein Papers

KLI : Jake Kline Papers

KOM : Donald Kommers Student papers

KON : Erma Konya (Kess) Papers

KOR : Eugene and Elizabeth Kormendi Papers

KUN : Norlene Kunkel Papers

CRF : La Croix Family Records

ZCQ : Joseph A. LaFortune Genealogy

LAM : Andrew Arnold Lambing Manuscripts

BHB : Bernard B. Lange, CSC, Papers

LAN : Walter M. Langford Manuscripts

LAU : Anthony J. Lauck Papers

LAV : Maurice Lavanoux Papers

LVI : Walter H. Lavin Papers

LCW : Leadership Conference of Women Religious Records 

LEA : Frank Leahy Papers

LMR : Victor F. Lemmer Printed material

PLE : Auguste Lemonnier Papers

LEN : Mathias C. Lenihan Papers

LEF : Brother Leo Papers

LEO : Leopoldinen-Stiftung im Kaisertume Österreich Records 

LES : Shane Leslie Papers

LEY : Murray Hickey Ley Papers

LHN : Mary Linehan Collection

LIT : Liturgical Arts Society Records

TLC : The Liturgical Conference Records

LCL : Local History Collection

RJL : Robert J. Lochmer Papers

ZEP : John M. LoSecco Papers

LUC : Robert Emmet Lucey Papers

LCY : Rose Marciano Lucey Papers

LUD : Ludwigs-Verein Records

MKL : Marilyn K. Lukas Papers

MBL : Mary B. Lynch Papers

LYO : John Lyon Papers

LYF : Marcus Ward Lyon Family papers

LYS : Joseph Aloysius Lyons Papers

GME : Gary MacEoin Papers

MCR : Joseph Maguire Correspondence

MAH : Thomas F. Mahony Papers

MAK : Ann Harrigan Makletzoff Papers

MAN : Edward Manier Collection

MNN : Clarence Manion Papers

MAR : Patrick Marantette Papers

MRC : Abraham Maricle Papers

ZBC : Jacques Maritain Manuscript and letter

BCC : John Marshall Papers

MRX : Paul Marx Papers

MDF : Maryland Factory Financial Accounts

MAS : Rose Eileen Masterman Papers

MAT : Carl Mathes Papers

MTH : Michael A. Mathis Papers

JEM : John Matthias Papers

MAZ : Samuel Mazzuchelli Positio

MCS : Gerald E. McAdams Photographs

MCA : Thomas Timothy McAvoy Papers

MCB : Brother Charles P. McBride Papers

MCC : F. J. Patrick McCartney Papers

NMC : Neil Gerard McCluskey Papers

MCD : Philip Richard McDevitt Papers

ZAT : Ann Catherine McDonald Scrapbook

MDO : James Harold McDonald Papers

MCG : Marcos McGrath Papers

MCI : Donald W. McIlvane Papers

MCN : Ralph M. McInerny Papers

MSH : Robert P. McIntosh Collection

MCK : Frederick T. McKeon Papers

MCJ : James (Jim) McLaughlin Photographs

ZBV : Patrick McLaughlin Papers

ZBE : Francis E. McMahon Correspondence

MCM : Joseph H. McMahon Papers

MMA : James Alphonsus McMaster Papers

EMM : Ernan McMullin Papers

ZDB : Donald P. McNeill Papers

MGR : James Luke Meagher Papers

ZAU : Thomas Francis Meagher Memorabilia

MER : Thomas Merton Collection

MST : Ivan Mestrovic Papers

ZCW : United States Bureau of Indian Affairs Michigan Superintendency Records

MCL : Midwest Council of La Raza Records

ZBF : Sister M. Mildred Letters received

MLR : L.J. Miller Manuscript

MIN : Ministry Resource Center Records

CMM : Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection

MIS : Miscellaneous Records

ISH : Mishawaka (Ind.) City Council Records

MOL : Marie Louise Elizabeth de Lamoignon Molé de Champlatreux Biography 

MLS : William A. Moloney Papers

MID : Monastic Interreligious Dialogue Records

ZBG : Sister Monica Papers

ZBH : Charles Forbes Montalembert Letters received

FRM : Frank Montana Collection

MON : William Lynwood Montell Oral histories

POL : Nina Polcyn Moore Papers

ZDK : William S. Moore Papers

SRM : Stephen R. Moriarty Photographs

MOR : Joan Morris Papers

AMM : Andrew Morrissey Papers

ZCV : Raymond Morrissey Correspondence

MNT : Mount St. Mary's College and Seminary Records

ZEC : Francis P. Mulcahy Papers

JAM : James A. Mulligan Papers

CJM : Charles J. Mullin Papers

PMM : Patricia Marie Mulpeters Papers

PJM : Philip J. Murnion Papers

LJM : Lewis J. Murphy Papers

ARW : National Assembly of Religious Women (U.S.) Records 

NLM : National Association for Lay Ministry Records

DEO : National Association of Diocesan Ecumenical Officers Records 

NRB : National Assembly of Religious Brothers Papers

NCR : National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company Records 

NCW : National Catholic War Council (U.S.) Records

NUE : National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs Records

NCV : National Conference of Vicars for Religious Records 

FCC : National Federation of Catholic College Students Records

FPC : National Federation of Priests' Councils Records

IRH : National Library of Ireland Irish historical records 

MEM : National Marriage Encounter (Organization : U.S.) Records 

OBC : National Office of Black Catholics Records

NOC : National Organization for Continuing Education of Roman Catholic Clergy Records

NPL : National Pastoral Life Center Records

NEA : Marie Augusta Neal Papers

ZCT : Nealis Family Papers

NET : Network Records

NEV : Albert J. Nevins Papers

ZCD : James E. Newman Papers

ZCS : John Henry Newman Letters

NEW : Newspapers Collection

ZCL : Louis J. Neyron Collection

GNM : Gerhart Niemeyer Papers

NIE : Julius A. Nieuwland Papers

NOL : John Francis Noll Papers

NOR : James J. Norris Papers

NAC : North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics Records 

NIH : Northern Indiana Historical Society Local History Manuscripts

NVK : Michael Novak Collection

WDN : Willis D. Nutting Papers

DOB : David J. O'Brien Papers

ZEQ : Frank O'Brien Papers

OBR : John A. O'Brien Papers

JAB : John A. O'Brien Scrapbook

MOB : Michael O'Brien Interviews

ROB : Robert F. O'Brien Collection

ZDL : Eugene O'Callaghan Papers

OCO : Edmund J. O'Connell Papers

CNL : John A. O'Connell Papers

MOC : Marvin Richard O'Connell Papers

EOC : Edward O'Connor Papers

ZAV : Henry O'Connor Manuscript

OCN : Lillian O'Connor Papers

CLO : Charles L. O'Donnell Papers

OGA : James O'Gara Papers

OHA : John Francis O'Hara Papers

AOM : Austin O'Malley Papers

FOM : Francis J. O' Malley Papers

OME : Joseph O'Meara Papers

MEA : Kenneth O'Meara Photographs

OMR : Thomas F. O'Meara Papers

TOM : Timothy O'Meara Papers

DJO : Daniel J. O'Neill Papers

OSH : Michael James O'Shaughnessy Papers

OSU : Timothy D. O'Sullivan Papers

OBL : Oblates of Providence Rule book

ODN : John Mary Odin Papers

OES : John and Jean Oesterle Papers

OCC : Northern Ohio Catholic Churches and Institutions

ONA : William James Onahan Papers

OSE : Osborn Engineering Company Records

OLS : Our Lady of Sorrows Liturgical Music Collection

OSV : Our Sunday Visitor Records

OWE : Lilliana Owens Papers

PAD : Anthony Padovano Papers

PDR : PADRES Records

ALP : Alphabetical Pamphlet Collection

PAP : Louis J. Papas Scrapbook

PHC : Parish History Collection

PIC : Parish and Institutional Records Collection

FMP : Florence M. Parsons Papers

PCG : Partners for the Common Good Records

PMC : Paulist Fathers Chronicles

PAX : Pax Christi USA Records

PRC : Napoleon Joseph Perché Papers

ZCO : Benjamin Marie Petit Collection

PHI : Charles Phillips Papers

WTP : Wendell T. Phillips Papers

PIE : Josef Pieper Papers

PRZ : Francis X. Pierz Papers

PIK : Frederick B. Pike Papers

PIS : Charles Constantine Pise Manuscript

PNC : Polish National Catholic Church Collection

PIU : Pope Pius XII Collection

POI : John A. Poirier Papers

HJC : Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Records

POR : Portraits Collection

ZCN : Potawatomi Nation Collection

POW : Clarence Powell Scrapbook

PRE : Arthur Preuss Papers

EUL : Priests' Eucharistic League Records

PRB : Rudolph Otto Probst Papers

PRF : Congregatio de Propaganda Fide Records

AJQ : Arthur J. Quigley Papers

RNK : Hugh Rank Papers

RMD : Joseph Raymond Collection

REA : William H. Reaney Papers

ZCU : Peter C. Reilly Scrapbook

ZYC : Peter C. Reilly Jr. Papers

REL : Religious Orders Printed Material

ROM : Religious Orders of Men Collection

ROW : Religious Orders of Women Collection

RIN : Retreats International Records

RIL : Arthur J. Riley Papers

HTF : Mario Antonio Rivera Papers

ZDA : Knute Rockne Papers

RAM : Knute Rockne All American Movie Photographs

ZCP : Charles F. Roedig Papers

RMR : Tim Roemer Papers

ROG : Louis Rogge Collection

ZAX : Joseph P. Roles Letters Received

OAR : Oscar A. Romero Papers

ZBW : William S. Rosecrans Papers

RSL : Ethel E. Larkin Roselle Photographs

RSN : Peter Rosen Papers

ROS : Frederick D. Rossini Papers

RTH : John E. Rothensteiner Papers

RQT : Adrien Emmanuel Rouquette Papers

RUN : Donald Runkle Collection

ZBK : Abram Joseph Ryan Letters sent

RYA : Joseph C. Ryan Papers

SAD : Sadlier Publishing Company Records

ZCE : William H. Safford Letters received

ZDG : Saint John's Cathedral School for Boys (Milwaukee, Wis.) Records 

SBS : Saint Joseph County (Ind.) Printed material

SJO : Saint Joseph County (Ind.) Records

IHS : Saint Joseph County (Ind.) Civil War Records

SCF : Saint Joseph's Farm Collection

SAL : Emilio Salazar

SMM : San Miguelito Mission Records

SAT : Francesco Satolli Papers

SAU : George M. Sauvage Papers

PJS : Philip J. Scharper Papers

SHL : David E. Schlaver Papers

SCT : Edmond J. Schmitt Papers

RAS : Roger Schmitz Offprints

ZBL : Saint Augustin V. Schoeffler Collection

SCH : Emily M. Schossberger Papers

SML : Raymond Schubmehl Papers

HSC : Heinrich Schumacher Papers

MSC : Matthew Schumacher Papers

SHW : Caspar A. Schwab Collection

ASC : Scientific and Photographic Instruments Collection

SBK : Scrapbooks

SEL : Joseph Selinger Papers

SER : Serials Collection

SET : Robert Seton Family Papers

SHA : Thomas L. Shaffer Papers

ZZA : Rodney J. Shaughnessy Collection

JBS : John Bennett Shaw Papers

JSH : John Dawson Gilmary Shea Papers

SAW : Sheed & Ward Records

SWD : Sheed and Ward Family Papers

SHE : Charles Edmund Sheedy Papers

SHH : John H. Sheehan Papers

MUS : Sheet Music Collection

ZBM : William Sheridan Addresses

SHR : William T. Sherman Family papers

SHM : William Tecumseh Sherman Papers in Other Repositories 

SHD : William Tecumseh Sherman Papers in the Library of Congress

SMPShoemaker Motion Picture Company Films

SHO : Richard Shortis Papers

SHU : George Nauman Shuster Papers

RMS : Rabbi Michael Signer Papers

SIM : Yves Rene Marie Simon Papers

NAZ : Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky Records

LOR : Sisters of Loretto Records

SCS : Sisters of the Holy Cross Collection

SKE : Norb Skelly Photographs

SKZ : Eduard Adam Skendzel Collection

NOV : Kathi Novack Skytta Papers

SLB : Robert McKeon Slabey Papers

SME : Marshall Smelser Papers

BAS : Bernard Smith Letters received

TVS : C.R. Smith Papers

ZDJ : Social Justice Papers

SLT : Societas Liturgica Collection

PFP : Society for the Propagation of the Faith Records

RCA : Society for the Renewal of Christian Art Records

SOD : Eduardo Soderini Papers

SOM : Leonard F. Sommer Papers

ZCG : Sorin Birthplace Commemoration Collection

SRJ : Sorin Jubilee and Monument Correspondence

SOR : Edward Sorin Papers

SBR : South Bend (Ind.) Records

SBT : South Bend Tribune (Firm) Printed material

SVY : Charles Leon Souvay Collection

BJS : Benedict Joseph Spalding Papers

ZEI : Edyth Spalding Papers

MJS : Martin John Spalding Papers

SPW : Spanish-American War Photographs

KAS : Kara Ann Speltz Papers

SPR : Murray Sperber Papers

SPI : Jeremiah A. Spillard Papers

ZAQ : Arthur J. Stace Papers

STA : Eliza Allen Starr Papers

LFS : Lawrence F. Stauder Papers

STE : Thomas A. Steiner Papers

ZBP : Edmund A. Stephan Papers

PIO : Ursula Stepsis Papers

STO : Charles Warren Stoddard Papers

SFL : Nicholas Stoffel Papers

STR : Germano Straniero Papers

RST : Richard Stevens Photographs

SRI : John H. Striebel Papers

STT : Samuel A. Stritch Scrapbook

TST : Thomas Stritch Papers 

ZCB : Mary Sullivan Papers

PSL : Patrick J. Sullivan Papers

SUL : Richard Sullivan Papers

SYN : Catholic Church Synods

ZCK : Brother James Talarovic Papers

TAM : Damien Tambola Papers

DWT : Dolores W. Tantoco Papers

TRM : A.W. Terminiello Papers

TKC : Texas Knights of Columbus Historical Commission Records 

TEX : Texas Collection

ZES : Theatre Historical Society of America Collection

THE : Theses and Dissertations Collection

DJT : Donald J. Thorman Papers

THO : Louis J. Thornton Papers

TTS : Tintypes Photographs

TOO : J.M. Toohey Papers

PSC : Brother Pascal Tomaszewski, CSC, Photographs

TRA : James J. Trahey Papers

TRU : True House (Charismatic Community) Records

TWT : Twenty-third Publications Collection

TYD : Judith Church Tydings Papers

UFC : Unidentified Faculty Photographs

EMU : Unidentified Manuscripts

ZAW : United States Army Ohio Infantry Regiment, 10th

UNS : Tim Unsworth Papers

KEU : Kenneth E. Untener Papers

USC : U.S. Catholic Records

VDR : Gerard A. Vanderhaar Papers

VST : Edward Vasta Papers

ZER : Herbert Alfred Vaughan Papers

ENC : Venerable English College (Rome, Italy) Correspondence 

VEN : Venezuela. Consulate General (Washington, D.C.) Records 

VER : Vernacular Society Records

ZCI : Augustine Verot Manuscript

DVL : Jean Baptiste de Ville Papers

VIN : Vincentians Correspondence

VOR : Bernardus Vornholt Papers

WLB : Linda Walbridge Papers

ZBO : Pierre Marie Rene Ernest Waldeck-Rousseau Letters sent to Henry A. Riviere

WLS : Michael C. Wales Papers

WLK : Frank C. Walker Papers

JHW : Joan Hazelden Walker Papers

WLC : Frank Wallace Papers

MWA : Matthew J. Walsh Papers

APW : Peter Walshe Collection

HAW : Henry A. Walter Papers

LLW : Leo L. Ward Papers

LRW : Leo R. Ward Papers

WCH : Washington County Historical Society (Ind.) Collection 

KYW : Washington County (Kentucky) Court minute book

WEG : J. Robert Wegs Papers

WEN : Francis Wenninger Papers

RJW : Richard J. Westley Papers

WHI : John A. Whitman Papers

CKW : Charles K. Wilber Papers

ZCR : Frederic William Wile Papers

WIL : John Wilson, CSC, Photographs

DHW : Daniel H. Winicur Papers

WNK : Erhard M. Winkler Papers

WOD : Paul Wood Papers

WDF : Douglas Woodruff Papers

WOO : Robert Woodward Photograph Collection

ZCX : Dudley G. Wooten Correspondence

CEX : World's Columbian Exposition Catholic Educational Exhibit Photographs (1893 : Chicago)

CEE : World's Columbian Exposition Catholic Educational Exhibit Records (1893 : Chicago)

ZEK : F. Henry Wurzer Papers

ZEE : Henry C. Wurzer Papers

CFX : Xaverian Brothers Records

FXE : Xaverian Brothers. English Province Records

FXN : Xaverian Brothers. Northeastern Province Records

YCS : Young Christian Students Records

YCW : Young Christian Workers Records

YOU : Frank A. Youngerman Photograph Collection

AZA : Albert Francis Zahm Papers

JZA : John Augustine Zahm Papers

ZHN : Gordon Zahn Papers

ZTK : James J. Zatko Papers

ZOT : Mary Irene Zotti Papers


University Records:


BTR : Board of Trustees (pre-1967)

BFE : Fellows of the Univ of Notre Dame du Lac (1967- )

BLT : Board of Lay Trustees (1921-1967)

BTS : Board of Trustees (post-1967) / Office of the Board Secretariat

LCC : Local Council Minutes & Records

LCR : Local Council University for Religious Matters

UCN : University Council Minutes 

WAC : Women's Advisory Council (Continued by the Spouses Program for Trustee & Advisory Members in UTAC)

TAC : Trustees & Advisory Council Affairs (Assistant to Vice President for Public Relations)


PEL : President 1856-1906

PWC : President 1905-1919: J.W. Cavanaugh

PBU : President 1919-1922: James A. Burns

PWL : President 1922-1928: Matthew Walsh

PCO : President 1928-1934: Charles L. O'Donnell (For records of Acting President O'Hara, 1933-34, see UVOH)

POH : President 1934-1940: John O'Hara 

PHO : President 1940-1946: J. Hugh O'Donnell

PCC : President 1946-1952: John J. Cavanaugh

PHS : President 1952-1987: Theodore M. Hesburgh (See also Hesburgh Personal Papers, especially for Photographs)

PML : President 1987-2005: Edward Malloy

PJK : President 2005- : John Jenkins

PGE : President: General Education Board [Rockefeller Foundation]

PLM : President: Laetare Medalists

PHX : President Emeritus: Hesburgh

PAA : Academic Assistant to the President 1958-66: Moore

PAW : Assistant to the President 1958-59: Wilson

PAS : Assistant to the President 1961-71: Shuster

PES : Executive Assistant to the President 1988-96: Roland Smith

PEC : Executive Assistant to the President: Poorman, M. Cullinan, etc.

PEM : Senior Executive Assistant and Counselor to the President: McDonald

PCS : Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to the President 2005-  : Frances Shavers

PCW : Counselor to the President 1989-2003: R. Warner CSC

PCJ : Counselor to the President 2003-2005: Jarret

PAC : Assistant to the President 1992-98: Matthew Cullinan & Chandra Johnson 1998-

GCO : General Counsel (Outside) Chapleau, Roper, McInerny, Farabaugh, & Perry

UGC : University General Counsel

RCF : Review Committees Files

OSP : Office of Strategic Planning



VMU : Executive Vice-President 1928-33: Mulcaire

VOH : Executive Vice-President 1933-34: O'Hara

VOC : Executive Vice-President 1934-46: O'Donnell/ Cavanaugh

VMR : Executive Vice-President 1946-49: Murphy

VHS : Executive Vice-President 1949-52: Hesburgh

VJO : Executive Vice-President 1952-87: Joyce

PAB : Executive Assistant to President & Exec Vice President: Beauchamp

VEB : Executive Vice-President 1987-2000: Beauchamp

VAG : Executive Vice-President 2004- : John Affleck Graves

VAH : Administrative Assistant to Executive Vice President 1969- : Harvey

CMP : Comptroller / Controller 

TRE : Treasurer

ADT : University Audits

Y2K : Office for Year 2000 [Y2K] Compliance



ADR : Director of Athletics 1909-1929 (Harper, Rockne)

ADK : Director of Athletics March 1949 - December 1980: Krause

ADC : Director of Athletics January 1981 - August 1987: Corrigan 

ADO : Director of Athletics August 1987 - August 1995: Rosenthal

ADD : Directors of Athletics 1995 - : Wadsworth, White, etc.

AAD : Athletic Department

ABD : Athletic Department: Budgets & Printouts

AAA : Athletic Advisor [for Student Athletes]

ABM : Business Manager Athletics

ACM : Compliance Office

ACF : Compliance Office Files

ATM : Athletic Ticket Manager 

ASI : Sports Information

BKB : Basketball (Men's) Office

BKW : Basketball (Women's) Office

BKP : Basketball (Men's) Coach: Phelps

AFP : Football Coach: Parseghian (Non-Administrative Records only)

AFH : Football Coach: Holtz

AFO : Football Office

AML : Lacrosse (Men's) Office

WSO : Soccer (Women's)

ASW : Swimming (Men's and Women's to 1985)

AWS : Swimming (Women's)

TCC : Track / Cross Country

WRE : Wrestling

ACC : Joyce Center [ACC] Manager

SPC : Summer Sports Camps 

BBY : Bagby Negatives

MNG : Monogram Club

REC : RecSports

NDA : Athletic Department Miscellaneous Records

ATH : Notre Dame Athletics

AMK : Sports Marketing

ASP : Sports Properties

ABS : Baseball



DSS : Director of Studies

VAA : Director of Studies / Vice President for Academic Affairs

PVT : Provost

PVE : Executive Assistant to the Provost

PVA : Provost, Associates & Assistants

VAB : Administrative Assistant to the Director of Studies 1941-1944: Fr. James D. Trahey, C.S.C.

PAR : Provost: Annual Reports

PFF : Provost: Former Faculty Files

PFS : Provost: Search Committee Files

ADN : Dean of Administration: Corbaci & Winicur

ADA : Assistant to Dean of Administer: Osberger

APA : Assistant to President for Planning & Analysis (Stewart)

CAS : Coordinator of Analytic Studies (Predecessor to Institutional Research)

RES : Institutional Research (Successor to Coordinator of Analytical Studies)

OMA : Officer of Military Affairs

QAR : Admissions & Scholarships Director: Joseph Hoffman CSC

OAD : Admissions, Undergraduate

ISP : International Study Programs

SCR : Registrar / Secretary/ Alumni Secretary

PRO : Registrar Office Files

PRR : Registrar Records

STF : Student Files



QAM : Council of the Prefect of Discipline Record Book 1844-1847

VSA : Vice President for Student Affairs

ISA : International Student Affairs Office

SMS : Minority / Multicultural Student Affairs Office

SIS : Immigration Services Offices (ISO)

SRL : Office of Residential Life

SDC : Residence Life Disciplinary Case Files 

CHP : University Chaplain (& Prefect of Religion, to 1970) 

OCM : Campus Ministry (see too David Schlaver, CSC)

VET : Vetville Chaplain's Records

QAH : Badin Hall Rector

BPH : Breen Phillips Hall Rector

QAG : Brownson Hall Rector Disciplinary Record book (1926-28) *CLOSED*

GRH : Grace Hall Records

SGR : Grace Tower Hall Council and Rector's Records

HOW : Howard Hall Rector 

SLW : Lewis Hall

SLY : Lyon Hall

SKM : Marion Knott / McGlinn Hall Photographs

SPB : Pangborn Hall Rector

SWF : Siegfried / Welsh Family Hall Rector

SRN : Sorin Hall / College

STC : Stanford Hall Council and President

SWL : Walsh Hall Rector

SZM : Zahm Hall

SDS : Dean of Students

QAB : Notre Dame Laymen's Retreats (1920-1938)

SPL : Career & Placement Services/ Bureau

SEC : Security Department 

SSA : Student Activities

SVS : Volunteer Services



AVP : Vice President for Advanced Studies / Graduate Studies and Research

ARP : Research & Sponsored Programs / Research Division



BVP : Vice President for Business Affairs 

BVA : Assistant Vice President Business Affairs

FVP : Vice President for Finance

BAP : Office of Budget & Planning

QAL : Auditor

BFA : Financial Aid & Scholarship/ Student Employment

BBM : Malley, Brother Borromeo

BVG : Gillen Papers

GPR : Gillen Property Records 

GLN : Gillen, Martin

PAY : Payroll

BPL : Personnel / Human Resources

IEQ : Office of Institutional Equity

AFS : Academic Facilities Services 

BPP : Physical Plant / Facilities Engineering

PWR : Power Plant

BPU : Purchasing Agent & Department / Procurement Services

BRM : Risk Management

BKS : Bookstore/ Student's Store



FDA : Notre Dame Foundation 1953-59: Cavanaugh 

FDB : Notre Dame Foundation 1959-61: Wilson

FDC : Notre Dame Foundation 1961-64 / Vice President PR&D: Walsh 

RVP : Vice President for PR&D / University Relations

RAC : Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications

RVA : Associate Vice President for PR&D/ University Relations

RCR : Community Relations 

DEV : Development

DIS : Public Relations & Information (formerly Information Services)

ALM : Alumni Association

ADS : Dr. Tom Dooley Society

ACE : Alumni Continuing Education

ARE : Alumni Reunions

AMS : Alumnus Magazine Editor

C23 : Class of 1923 Alumni Secretary's Records

C26 : Class of 1926 and pre-1924 Alumni Secretary's Records

C27 : Class of 1927 Alumni Secretary's Records

C28 : Class of 1928 Alumni Secretary's Records

C29 : Class of 1929 Alumni Secretary's Records (L. Stauder)

C34 : Class of 1934 Robert Cahill's Reunion Files

C56 : Class of 1956 Alumni Secretary (John F. Manion's) Files

C99 : Class of 1999 Time Capsule

KYC : Notre Dame Club of Kentucky 

PRH : Public Relations Department: Haley & Gibbons / Director of Special Events / Special Events & Protocol

INM : Insight Magazine

NDM : Notre Dame Magazine (formerly Alumnus)

PUB : Printing & Publications

EBF : Endowment & Building Fund

RMA : Rockne Memorial Association Fund-Raising Records

LYA : Notre Dame Library Association 

PHR : University Photographer

MDG : Notre Dame Media Group (AgencyND)



ACO : Academic Council

AAC : Affirmative Action Committee

CCS : Centennial of Science at Notre Dame Committee Records

CVC : CCE Center Continuing Education Visitation Committee

CHU : Committee on the History of the University

QAD : Executive Centennial Committee

FBA : Faculty Board in Control of Athletics

FMM : Faculty Meeting Records / Council of Professors

FSN : Faculty Senate

FGB : Gettysburg Celebration Committee

IAC : Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

MIC : Malloy Inaugural Committee Records 

JIC : Jenkins Inaugural Committee Records

NIF : Notre Dame - Saint Mary's College [Unification] Coordinator: Rev. Charles Sheedy CSC

OFF : Officers' Meetings Records

STN : President's Advisory Committee on Stevenson Endorsement

SLC : Student Life Council / Campus Life Council

TFA : Task Force on Whole Health & Alcohol

CPY : University Committee on Physically Handicapped

CPH : University Committee Protection Human Subjects

YOW : Year of Women Committee



CAL : College of Arts & Letters

QAE : College of Arts & Letters Faculty Mtg Records

CBA : College of Business Administration

CEN : College of Engineering

CSI : College of Science

SCA : Architecture School 

FYS : First / Freshman Year of Studies

GCN : Graduate Council / Committee Grad Studies

GSC : Graduate School (aka Assistant Vice President for Advanced Studies)

GPD : Graduate School Former Post-Doctorate & Visiting Professors

GAD : Graduate School Admissions

ASS : Summer Sessions

LAW : Law School

LWL : Law School Library

LNL : London Law Program

LWC : White Center on Law & Government

FMT : Faculty Meetings Minutes - Miscellaneous Colleges



DAE : Department of Aerospace Engineering

DAM : Department of American Studies

DOA : Department of Art

DBS : Department of Biological Sciences (formerly Microbiology) - see too Crovello box #9

DBK : Department of Black Studies / African & African-American Studies 

DBM : Department of Business Organization & Management 

DCG : Department of Chemical Engineering

DCY : Department of Chemistry

DCE : Department of Civil Engineering

DCO : Department of Classics / Classical & Oriental Languages

DCT : Department of Communications & Theatre / Film, Theatre, & Television

DES : Department of Earth Sciences / Geology

DEA : Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures

DEC : Department of Economics

DED : Department of Education

DEE : Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

DEN : Department of English

DGV : Department of Government / Political Science

DHS : Department of History

DMK : Department of Marketing 

DMH : Department of Mathematics

DME : Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science

DML : Department of Modern & Classical Languages

DMU : Department of Music

DPL : Department of Philosophy

DPH : Department of Physical Education

DPY : Department of Physics

QAI : Department of Psychology

DRL : Department of Romance Languages & Literatures

DSC : Department of Sociology

DSA : Department of Sociology & Anthropology

DTH : Department of Theology

MDV : Master of Divinity Program

ALC : Arts & Letters Core Course / College Seminar

HON : Arts & Letters and Science Honors Program / College Fellows Program

CSP : Collegiate Scholars Program

PCA : Computer Applications

ESM : Engineering, Science, & Management War Training

EMB : Executive MBA Program

FMT : Faculty Meetings Minutes - Miscellaneous Departments

FWP : Freshman Writing Program 

GSP : Gender Studies Program

HPS : Hesburgh Program in Public Service

LON : London Program

MDI : Medieval Institute

MSA : MSA / MS In Administration 

MAC : Master of Science in Accountancy

PNV : Program in Non-Violence

PLS : Program of Liberal Studies [formerly General Program]

STV : Reilly Center / Program in Science, Technology, Values

ROA : Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

SSF : Social Science & Foreign Affairs Project



CED : Alliance for Catholic Education

CVL : Center for Civil Human Rights 

CCE : Center for Continuing Education / McKenna Hall

CEL : Center for Experiential Learning 

CEC : Center for Ethics and Culture

CPL : Center for Pastoral Liturgy

CFS : Center for Social Concerns

CSM : Center Study Man/ Contemporary Society (1971-76 records are in UPAS.)

CRC : Civil Rights Center

INT : Committee on International Relations

CIA : Council International Lay Apostolate / CILA / Center Social Concerns

CSW : Cushwa Center Study American Catholicism

DCR : Distributed Computing Research Lab (Engineering)

ERI : Erasmus Institute

LRC : Higgins Labor Research Center

IAP : Industrial Associates Program

ARS : Institute for Advanced Religious Studies

PSM : Institute / Center for Pastoral & Social Ministry/ for Church Life/ CPSM

NVI : Notre Dame Vocation Initiative / NDVI  (Operates from within the Institute for Church Life)

PLF : Notre Dame Study of Catholic Parish Life

STP : Satellite Theological Education Program (STEP)

ISL : Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts

IUS : Institute for Urban Studies

KLG : Kellogg Institute for International Studies

KIP : Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

LBD : Lobund Laboratory

JMC : Maritain Center

MSP : McNair Scholars Program

GEM : National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering & Science (GEM)

NWF : Nieuwland Foundation

OER : Office of Educational Research

IAI : Philosophic Institute Artificial Intelligence

BRT : Radiation Laboratory/ Milton Burton

RLP : Religious Leaders Program

RCC : Robinson Community Learning Center 

IPA : Office of Special Instructional Projects & Activities / Trio Programs [re Upward Bound & Educational Talent Search]

ERC : UNDERC - UND Environmental Research Center

PBD : Upward Bound / Center for Educational Opportunity / Educational Talent Search

VBL : Vector Biology Laboratory



SGT : Student Government

SUB : Student Union Board [part of Student Government]

GSU : Graduate Student Union

HPC : Hall President's Council

QAF : Amateur Radio Club 

CCH : Chapel Choir

CJF : Collegiate Jazz Festival

CJC : Joseph Carey Collegiate Jazz Festival Collection

DOM : Dome Yearbook

EQC : Notre Dame / Saint Mary's Equestrian Club

SFT : Flanner Tower Resident Assistant Materials (K. Virostek)

GAR : GAR Post box #569 Notre Dame (1897-1915)

GYL : Gay & Lesbians of Notre Dame / Saint Mary's College (GLNDSMC)

GCL : Glee Club

GRH : Grace Hall Files

SGR : Grace Tower Hall Council & Rector's Records

KOC : Knights of Columbus Notre Dame Chapter box #1477

NDC : Notre Dame Chorale

DFT : Notre Dame Draft Counseling Center

NUT : Nutting for President / Free City Day Materials (1970) 

OBS : Observer

PST : Philomathean Standard

PLW : Pre-Law Society

APS : Saint Aloysius Philodermic Society

CPS : Saint Cecilia Philomathean Society

SSP : Saint Stanislaus Philopatrian Society 

SCO : Scholastic Magazine

SHN : Shenanigans Records

STC : Stanford Hall Council & President

UGH : Union of Graduate Historians 

BND : University Bands

VFW : VFW Post box #286, Notre Dame (1921-23)

SND : WSND Radio



ARC : Archives

ORL : Oral History Collection

EHF : Saint Edwards Hall Fire Exhibit (Archives)

COE : Curator of Exhibits (Nancy Hanson) 

ART : Art Gallery (Wightman, Snite)

BMH : Bishops Memorial Hall

COM : Computing Center

OIT : Office of Information Techology (OIT)

EDM : Educational Media

FCB : Faculty Club Records

ISD : Information Systems Director (MIS, NDIS)

AIS : Administrative / Computing Information Services

STL : Social Science Train Lab Project Files

FRV : Social Science Train Lab 1990 Freshman Religious Surveys

ODL : Libraries: Directors' & General Files

OAL : Libraries: Staff Members' Files

AVL : Libraries: Audio-Visual Resource Center

LSG : Libraries: Sports and Games (Juliano and Kyles) (Perhaps also see CGNT)

THD : Notre Dame Theses & Dissertations Collection



AUP : AAUP/ Notre Dame Chapter American Association of University Professors

CND : Chestertonians of Notre Dame

JFL : Journal of Formal Logic

EJO : Notre Dame English Journal

JED : Notre Dame Journal of Education 

TNS : New Scholasticism

PBK : Phi Beta Kappa Chapter, Notre Dame

RPO : Review of Politics

SXI : Sigma Xi, Notre Dame Chapter


NDP : Notre Dame Printed & Reference Material Drop files


AND : Artifacts: Notre Dame

CMN : Christman Construction Co

COL : Columbus Murals in Main Building

IBM : Computer Disks (CDs) of Old University Data Files from IBM 370 Mainframe

LDG : Early Notre Dame Student, Class, & Financial Books / "Ledgers" 

FLG : ULDG's Financial Ledgers & Journals

SRC : Faculty Searches Files

QAC : Gibbons, James CSC, Notes re Notre Dame Buildings & Grounds

KKK : Ku Klux Klan (KKK) & Notre Dame Material

LAE : Laetare Medalist Collection

LOL : Land O'Lakes (Wisconsin) Meetings

QAJ : Military at Notre Dame (Woodward's) Materials

QAA : National Congress of Religious Meeting at Notre Dame

LEG : Notre Dame / CSC Legal, Tax, and Real Estate Documents

NDD : Notre Dame Architectural Drawings 

UND : Notre Dame Audio-Visual AV Collection

RPT : Notre Dame Financial, Budget, & Outside Audit Reports

SBH : Notre Dame Football Scrapbook, 1913 

WW1 : Notre Dame In World War I Collected Material

WW2 : Notre Dame In World War II Collected Material

NDL : Notre Dame Life

NDR : Notre Dame Miscellaneous University Records

NDG : Notre Dame Photographs, Clippings, and Engravings

SBA : Notre Dame Scrapbook ca.1860-1870s

SBI : Notre Dame Scrapbook of Scholastic Illustrations ca.1896

SBC : Notre Dame Scrapbook ca.1910-1913

SBE : Notre Dame Scrapbook ca.1920

SBD : Notre Dame Scrapbook ca.1935

SBG : Notre Dame Scrapbook 1867-1869

SBF : Notre Dame Scrapbook 1898 (CSC Schools)

SBB : Notre Dame Scrapbook 1900-1904

MIL : Grover Miller Scrapbook

NDS : Notre Dame Student Manuscripts Collection

FLD : Notre Dame Fieldhouse Student Projects 

ZDI : Notre Dame Women's Caucus

SOL : Sollitt Drawings

SRN : Sorin Hall



AVE : Ave Maria Magazine 

AVM : Ave Maria Press

VBC : Cedar Grove Survey Records & Card Records

CEM : Cedar Grove & Other Cemeteries At & Around Notre Dame

NFS : Food Services

GDM : Golden Dome Productions

MVC : Minority Venture Company Inc.

INN : Morris Inn

NCU : Notre Dame Credit Union

NPO : Notre Dame Post Office Record Books 

QBC : Quarterback Club

RKF : Rink Foundation

SHC : Sacred Heart Church / Basilica Records

SMY : Saint Mary's of the Lake (Chicago)

WND : WNDU Stations


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