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Bibliography on Women and Religion

Susan C. Lau, North Huntingdon, PA


This version of the bibliography is arranged alphabetically by author's last name. After each bibliographical description there is an id number associated with the entry and a list of key words. You can search an index that includes all of the words in all of the alphabetical files by typing key words, dates, id numbers, authors' names, or words from titles here.

If you have a DOS or Windows computer, you can download the latest version of this bibliography, and DOS software to read and search it. Download women-rl.exe (roughly one megabyte). Create a directory for the bibliography, move women-rl.exe into that directory, and at the DOS prompt change to that directory and type women-rl. Once the files have been unpacked, you can delete women-rl.exe and type papr to run the program that can search and display the bibliography. If you prefer, you can download (roughly one megabyte) and use your own unzip program to unpack the compressed data from the zip file.

Biography: Susan Walter Lau, the compiler of this bibliography, has her Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. She teaches in the Religious Studies Department at the University and has also taught at the Greensburg Regional Campus of Pitt, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and West Virginia University. Her areas of expertise include biblical studies and historical studies in the world's religions.

Compiler's Comments: Since 1984 I have been teaching a class entitled "Women and Religion," in conjunction with the Religious Studies Department and the Women's Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh. It is within this context that the "Bibliography on Women and Religion" has been developed. Books and articles on women in religion began to proliferate in the 1970s and this proliferation has continued through the 1990s, and will hopefully continue well into the new millennium. Because of the abundance of material that was beginning to appear in the 1970s, it was decided to limit the bibliography so as to include only books (not journal articles), the books have been confined to those published in English, and the beginning publication date was set at 1970. Allowing for a quarter century, or an ending date of 1995 seemed somehow appropriate at the time. Good book titles continued to appear, however, so the bibliography has been continued as well. What had began as an attempt to assemble a few meaningful titles that might prove helpful to the students in that first class has gradually blossomed into the 2500-plus titles found in this bibliography.

An attempt has been made to as comprehensive as possible (within the parameters already defined), but I know full well that there are titles that have slipped through my fingers. If the user is aware of titles that should be included here, please send me ( the information listed below. The suggested titles will be considered for inclusion in the next version of the bibliography. (It will probably be updated at the Notre Dame site on an annual or semi-annual basis.)

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