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Online Exhibits > Civil War Photographs by George Barnard



This online exhibit is based on an exhibit produced by the Snite Museum of Art and displayed in their galleries on the campus of the University of Notre Dame from November 14, 1996 to February 9, 1997. Steve Moriarty curated the exhibit and wrote the text and captions that have been reproduced in this online version. All of the photographs in the online exhibit are held by the University Archives. Several items borrowed from other institutions for the Snite exhibit are not included in this internet display.

 The limitations presented by internet access have made it impossible to attempt true representations of Barnard's original photographs. There are obvious differences in size, tone (i.e. color), and clarity between the original works and their digital representatives. Our intention is to provide internet viewers with images that can be viewed with ease while still offering a reasonable account of Barnard's work. In the future we hope to add higher resolution scans that offer a more faithful representation.

The text, caption, and images in this exhibit may not be copied without the permission of the Notre Dame Archives and the Snite Museum of Art. This exhibit is part of a series of online displays and guides to the William T. Sherman Collection held by the Notre Dame Archives.