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Online Exhibits > Notre Dame Campus in the 19th Century


Engraving of Campus, c1893


Point at buildings (or lakes) in this image and click to see corresponding articles and excerpts taken from a variety of sources

Ave Maria Press
Boiler House and Electrical Plant
Corby Hall
The Island
Institute of Technology (now Crowley Hall)
Main Building
Manual Labor School
Missionary's Home
Old College
Porter's Lodge
Post Office
Priests' Novitiate
Professed Brothers' House
Sacred Heart Basilica
St. Edward's Hall
St. Joseph's Lake
St. Mary's Lake
Science Hall (now LaFortune Hall)
Sorin Hall
Washington Hall




This page was last updated May 13, 2009




Corby HallSorin Hall The Island Library Porter's Lodge Post Office Institute of Technology Observatory Science Hall Manual Labor School Shops Old College St. Mary's Lake St. Mary's Lake Priests' Novitiate Missionary's Home St. Joseph's Lake St. Edward's Hall Infirmary Boiler House and Electrical Plant Sacred Heart Basilica Sacred Heart Basilica Main Building Main Building Ave Maria Press Gymnasium Washington Hall