rabidus : raging, crazy.

rabies : madness, fury, frenzy.

rabiose : savagely, furiously.

radicitus : by the roots, utterly.

rapio rapui ratum : to seize, snatch, carry away.

rare : thinly, rarely, uncommonly.

rarus : rare, uncommon / far apart / thin, scanty.

ratio : reckoning, account / reason, judgment, consideration.

ratio : system, manner, method, procedure, manner.

re vera : in truth.

recedentia : retreat, ebbing, disappearance / distant, far.

recedo : to go back, retreat, retire, disappear.

recedo : retire, withdraw

recessus : a going back, retreat / place of retreat, quiet place.

recipio recepi receptum : to go back, retire, recede, retreat.

recito : to read aloud, recite.

recognosco : to recognize, recollect, recall.

recolligo : gather, regather, flock together

recolo : reflect upon, consider, recall.

recolo : to cultivate, work again, resume, rehabilitate

recolo : to recall, reflect upon, rework, resume, rehabilitate.

reconcilio : to restore, repair / (of persons) unite, reconcile.

recondo : lay up, store, hoard.

recordatio : recollection, memory, recall.

recordor : to remember, think of, recollect, ponder over.

recro : to recreate, restore, revive.

rector : guider, leader, director, ruler, master

rectum : virtue, right

rectus : right, correct, proper, upright, natural, plain.

recuperatio : recovery, recuperation.

recupero : to regain, recoup, recover.

recuso : to refuse.

recuso : to refuse, decline, reject, be unwilling

redarguo : disprove, refute. with gen. prove guilty, convict.

reddo : to repeat, recite, represent, imitate, pay up, deliver.

reddo : to give back, restore, return / answer, translate, render.

redemptio : ransoming, redemption, buying back, farming taxes.

redemptor : redeemer (Christ).

redeo : to fall back upon, be reduced to, be brought to.

redeo : to go back, come back, return /(revenue) to come in.

redeo : to be reduced to, fall back upon.

redigo :(redactum) to bring or reduce to a condition, lessen.

redimio : to crown, bind around.

redimo : to redeem, ransom, buy back / hire, buy, procure

redintegro : to repair, fix, restore.

reditus : return / income, revenue / reward.

redivivus : rennovated, reconstructed, rebuilt / recycled.

redono : to give back, give up.

reduco : to lead back, bring back, return.

redundantia : overflowing, redundancy.

redundo : to overflow, stream over, overflow, excess, flood.

refectorium : refectory, monastic mess hall.

refercio : to stuff, cram.

refero : to carry back, bring back, return.

refero : to bring again, restore, repeat, echo, reproduce, recall.

refero : to say back, reply, answer.

refero : to put down, enter (in a register) / assign to a cause.

refero : to bring as expected, pay up, deliver.

refero retuli relatum : to bring back a message, refer.

refert retuli : (impersonal) it concerns, it makes a difference.

refertus : stuffed, crammed.

reformo : to form again, mould anew.

refugium : refuge

regalis : of a king, royal, regal.

regina : queen.

regius : royal, regal.

regnum : rule, authority, kingdom, realm.

rego rexi rectum : to guide, direct, to rule.

regula : rule / monastic rule.

relaxo : to loosen, enlarge, relax, ease, lighten.

relego relegi relectum : to read again, re-read.

relevo : to lift again, lighten, alleviate, relieve.

relictus : (fr. relinquo) having inherited, been bequeathed.

relinquo : to leave behind, bequeath/ abandon, forsake.

reliquum : remainder, what is left, leavings.

relucesco : to become bright again.

reluctor : to struggle against, resist.

remando : to send back word.

remaneo : to remain behind, stay, continue.

remaneo : to remain, stay, continue

rememdium : cure, remedy, nostrum, medicine.

removeo : to draw back, set aside, take away.

remuneror : to repay, reward.

renovo : to revive, renew, restore, repair, repeat.

renovatio : renewal, renovation, restoration.

renuntio : to declare, announce, report, give notice.

renuo : to deny, refuse, reject.

reor : to think, suppose, decide

reparo : to restore, renew, make good / buy, purchase, obtain in trade

repecto : to comb back

repello : to drive back, repel

rependo : to ransom, pay back, requite.

repens : sudden, unexpected, fresh, recent.

repente : suddenly, unexpectedly.

repere : to crawl.

reperio : to get again, find, ascertain, dicover, invent.

reperio : get again, find again / discover, invent.

repetitio : repetition.

repeto : to return to, begin again, deduce, recall, recollect.

repeto : to seek again, ask back.

repleo : to replenish, fill up, fill up again, fill, satisfy.

repletus : filled, full.

repo repsi reptum : to creep, crawl.

repono : to deposit, lay up, store / requite.

reprehendo : to blame, reprove, refute, hold back, check, catch.

repugno : to oppose, resist, withstand.

reproba : -ae, false

reprobo : atum : reject, disaprove, condemn

reputo : -are, to consider, judge

requietum : to rest.

requiro : to ask for, look for, demand, desire, miss.

res publica : commonwealth, state, republic, public business.

res rei : thing, matter, busines, affair.

resarcio : to repair, mend, patch.

reseco : to cut back, cut short, diminish

reservo : keep back, hold back, reserve / keep, preserve.

resisto : to resist, make a stand, oppose.

respergo : [resperi, respersum] to sprinkle, splash.

respicio : to look back, provide for, respect, have regard for.

respiratio : respiration, exhalation.

respiro : to breathe / breathe again / recover / decline, diminish, ebb.

respondeo respondi responsum : to answer, reply, respond.

responsal : deputy, representative.

responsiva : a written reply, answering letter.

repuo : to reject

restio : rope-maker.

restituo : restore, put back, replace, reinstate, repair.

resumo (resumpsi, resumptum) : to renew, repeat, resume.

resurrectio : f, resurection, awakening, renewal

retardo : to impede, slow down, obstruct

retendo : to slacken, unbend, become flexible.

retineo : to hold back, restrain, detain, keep, maintain.

retraho : retraxi : retractum : to draw back, pull back.

retribuo : to give again, give as due.

reus : defendant, accused, answerable, bound.

revenio : to come back, return.

reverto : to go back, return, revert.

revertor reverti reversus : to return, come back.

revoco : to call back, recover, refer, revoke.

revolvo : to unroll a book, go over again, repeat.

rex regis : king.

rhetor : rhetorician, teacher of rhetoric.

rhetoricus : rhetorical.

rideo risi risum : to laugh at, laugh.

ridiculum : n, ridiculous

riginta : (indecl.) thirty.

rigor : stiffness, hardness, sterness.

ritus : usage, ceremony, rite.

rogo : to ask, ask for.

rogo eum ut +subjunctive : to ask someone to do something.

rostrum : bill of a bird, beak.

rota : wheel.

Rotomagense : Rouen.

rotundus : wheel-shaped, round.

rubor : redeness, blush, modesty, shame, disgrace.

rudimentum : trial, attempt, essay.

rudis : rude, raw, rough, uncultivated.

rudo : to bellow, roar.

rufus : red, ruddy.

ruga : a wrinkle.

ruinosus : falling down, going to ruin.

rumex : sorrel

rumino : to chew the cud, ruminate.

rumor : rumor, gossip.

rumpo : rumpi : rumpus : to break, shatter, interrupt, annull, violate.

runa : a dart.

runco : to thin out, weed, cull.

ruo : rui : rutum : to rush, fall, be ruined.

rursus : on the other hand, in return, back, again.

rus : ruris : the country, countryside, rural area.

rustice : (adv) boorishly, in a peasant manner.

rusticus : rustic, rural / peasant.

ruta : bitterness, unpleasantness, the herb rue.

rutila : a spade, shovel.

rutilus : red, golden, auburn.