vaco : to be free from work, of a master, of property.

vacuus : empty, devoid of, free from.

vado : go, hasten, rush.

vae : (interj.), woe, alas, woe to.

valde : adj, great, exceedingly

valde : intensely, very much, extremely, greatly

valde : strongly, powerfully / very, exceedingly

valens : stong, powerful, healthy / able, worthwhile.

valeo : valui : valiturus : to be strong, have power, be well.

valetudo : health. good health, bad health.

validus : strong, mighty, powerful, exceeding.

validus : strong, robust, able

vallum : palisade, earthen wall, entrenchment, rampart.

vapulus : flogged, beaten, knocked about.

varietas : variety, differences, diversity.

varius : various, varied.

vastatio : devastation, ravaging

vegetus : lively, fresh, vigorous.

vegrandis : diminutive, small, tiny.

vehemens : violent, furious, impetuous.

vehementer : violently, forcefully, strongly, exceedingly.

vehiculum : conveyance, vehicle.

veho : (in the passive) to sail, ride, drive, etc.

veho vexi vectum : to carry, convey.

vel : or, (adv.) even, actually, for example.

vel : vel ... vel either ... or.

velamen : covering, garment.

veles : light-armed troops.

velico : to pluck, twitch / criticize, taunt.

velitatio : skirmish, bickering, dispute, wrangling

velius : velieris : hide, fleece, skin.

vello : velli : vulsum : to pull, pluck out.

velociter: quickly, rapidly, swiftly.

velox : quick, rapid, swift, fast.

velum : sail, covering, awning, curtain.

velut : adv. just as, like, even as.

vena : vein / stream / vein of ore / streak

venalia : venial sins / supplies

venalicium : market

venalis : to be sold, up for sale / a slave

venaliter : by bribery, corruption

venatio : hunting, game, the chase

venator : hunter, huntsman

venditio : sale / closing of a bargain

vendo : to sell, offer for sale, advertise / betray

Vendolius : Vendeuil.

veneficus : poisonous, magical / witch, wizard, caster of spells

venenum : drug, poison, potion.

venenifer : poisonous

veneratio : respect, reverence, honor, veneration.

venia : grace, indulgence, favor, pardon, forgiveness.

venio : veni : ventum : to come / happen, come about, come to pass / arise.

venio : to get into a certain state, to fall into.

veno : [dative] for sale.

venor : to hunt,

ventagium : winnowing.

venter : ventris : the stomach, belly, abdomen.

ventilo : to fan / to wave something.

ventio : a coming.

ventito : to come often, to visit frequently.

ventorium : winnowing fan.

ventosus : full of wind, windy, breezy.

ventulus : breeze, soft wind.

venum : [acc] for sale.

ventus : wind, rumor, favor.

venustas : loveliness, charm, attractiveness, beauty.

vepres : thorn-bush, briar.

ver : veris : spring, the production of spring.

verbera : (in pl.) blows, a beating, thrashing

verberantia : a flogging

verbum : word.

vere : in fact, real, true.

vere : truly, really, actually, rightly.

verecundia : feeling of shame, shame, bashfulness.

vercundus : bashful, modest

vereor : to respect, fear, be in dread of, to be afraid.

vergo : to bend, incline, verge, to draw to an end.

veritas : truth..

Vernandense : Vermandois.

vero : in truth, indeed, to be sure / however.

versus : line, verse.

verto : to flee/ interpret, understand/ upset, overthrow.

verto : to turn, turn around, turn up / to put to flight, rout.

verum-i : truth, truly, in fact

verumtamen verumptamen : notwithstanding, nevertheless.

verus : true, real, proper, right.

vesco, vescor : to feed, to eat.

vesica : bladder, bladder-like tumor.

vesper : evening star, evening.

vespera : eening prayer, vespers.

vespillo : undertaker.

vester vestra vestrum : (plu.) your, yours.

vestigium : footstep, trace, mark.

vestio vestivi vestitum : to clothe.

vestis : clothing, garment, covering, blanket, carpet, tapestry.

vestrum vestri : your yours/ you may sing about YOUR pretty gals.

vetus : old.

vexamen : shake-up, upheaval.

vexillum : flag, banner, standard / troop, company, small unit.

vexo : to vex, annoy, irritate / shake, toss.

via : road, way, street.

viaticus : pertaining to a journey , a journey / money, prize-money.

viator : traveller / messenger.

vicinus : neighbor/ (med.) resident.

vicissitudo: change, alteration.

victor : victor, winner

victoria : victory

victualia : supplies, foodstuffs, provisions

victus : living, manner of life / nourishment, food.

videlicet : (adv.) (ironically) of course, to be sure.

videlicet : it is clear/ (adv.) clearly, plainly, namely.

video vidi visum : to see, observe, understand, comprehend.

videor : to be seen, seem, appear.

viduata : deprived, widowed, bereft.

viduatus : widowhood.

viduo : to deprive.

vieo : to weave together, stitch, plait.

vietus : shriveled, withered, shrunken.

vigilo : to be awake, watch, be vigilant / to keep vigil.

vigor : vigor, liveliness.

vilicus, villicus : pertaining to an estate, overseer, steward.

vilis : cheap, worth little.

vilitas : cheapness, low-price, worthlessness.

villa : country house, country estate /(med.) manor, village.

vinco vici victum : conquer, overcome, master, win, surpass, excel.

vinculum : bond, fetter, tie.

vindico : to avenge, punish, liberate, deliver, protect.

vindico : to liberate, deliver/ punish, avenge/ claim, assume.

vindico (vindicatum) : claim, arrogate, assume, appropriate.

vinea : f, vineyard

vinitor : vine-dresser (a man who prunes grape vines).

vinum : wine.

vir : man, hero, man of courage.

virga : a green twig, rod, stick, wand, broom, streak, stripe.

virgo : maiden, virgin, young girl.

viridis : green.

viriliter : manfully.

virtus : manliness, excellence, character, worth, courage.

vis : (sing.) violence / a large number, quantity, a force / nature

vis vires (pl.) : force, power, strength, might, influence.

viscus : flesh, internal organs, bowels, entrails, heart

visio : likeness, face, visage

vita : life, way of life.

vitiosus : vicious, full of vice, corrupt.

vitium : fault, vice, crime.

vito : to avoid, shun.

vitualis-e : manliness, virtures

vituperium : insult

viva vox : an oral statement

vivificus : live-giving, life-restoring

vivo vixi victum : to live, be alive.

vix : scarcely, hardly, with difficulty, barely.

vobis : (abl.) you / who knows more than YOU? i do!

vobis : (dat.) you / i'm talkin' to YOU, yeah, talkin' 'bout Cindy.

vociferor : to cry aloud, shout.

voco : to call, summon, name invite.

voco in dubium: to call into question.

volaticus : winged, flying / inconstant, unreliable/ flighty.

volatilis: wuged, flying / swift, rapid / fleeting, transitory.

volens : willing, favorable.

volito : to rush back and forth, flutter, flit about / hurry, hasten.

volo : to wish, want, will, ordain, suppose, maintain that, be willing.

volo : to fly, speed, move rapidly.

volo (sibi velle) : to mean, signify, denote.

volubilis : (of speech) rapid, fluent, voluble.

volubilis : rolling, revolving, turning around / changeable, inconstant.

volubiliter : fluently.

voluntarius : voluntary.

voluntas : last will, testament / meaning, sense.

voluntas : wish, will, inclination / good will.

volup : agreeably, pleasantly.

voluptarius : pleasant, one devoted to pleasure.

voluptas : pleasure.

voluptuosus : delightful, pleasurable.

volutabrum : pigsty, slough.

volva : vulva : womb (particularly that of a sow).

vomer : plowshare.

vomica : ulcer, sore, boil / plague, curse.

vomito : to vomit, vomit forth, throw up.

vorago : chasm, pit, abyss.

vorax : gluttonous, voracious.

voro : to eat greedily, swallow up, consume, gorge oneself.

vos : (acc.) you (pl) / I'll fight YOU all, then .. bring me giants!

vos : you (pl) / YOU can't catch me, i'm the gingerbread man.

votum : prayer, wish, desire / vow, promise to God.

voveo vovi votum : to promise to God, vow, pray for.

vox vocis : voice, word /(med.) power, right, authority.

vulgaris : common, ordinary, usual.

vulgariter : in the common way, ordinary manner.

vulgivagus : wandering, vagrant, intinerant.

vulgo : to spread, publish, impart, make accessible.

vulgus : the common people, mob, rabble.

vulnero : to wound, injure, hurt, harm.

vulnus : wound.

vulpes volpes : fox.

vulticulus : look, aspect, appearance.

vultuosus : grimacing, affected.

vultur : voltur vulturius volturius : vulture.

vultus : expression of the face, countenance, look, aspect.

vultus : the face.