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Brother Aidan's Extracts


We learn from the Cincinnati papers that Brother Albert, C.S.C. has finished and placed on exhibition a companion painting to his "Birth of Christ," which at the time of its exhibition last November created much favorable comment. Brother Albert is Director of the Arts Department of Saint Joseph's College in Cincinnati and a succesful Professor of Painting and Drawing." SCHOLASTIC, February 19, 1887

"Brother Albert has a fine oil painting that will be sent to Saint John's Church, Stonehall, County Limerick, Ireland. The picture is one of our Lady as she appeared in a vision to a nun in France. The nun made a painting of the vision, and from this Brother Albert took the original of his work. It is not a reproduction, however, as he introduced several new ideas of his own. The picture resembles an Ecce Homo very much, yet it is not intended as one of that class. A missionary recently pronounced it one of the finestg pictures our Lady he had seen." SCHOLASTIC, 32:67

"He taught painting and drawing at N.D.U. for some years and afterwards at St. Joseph's College, Cincinnati where his work was favorably noticed on several occasions by the city papers. We hope that he will aid in the good work of making Austin a center for fine arts, which, in addition to its celebrity as a health resort, cannot fail to prove a great advantage to our beautiful city." TEXAS STATESMAN, Austin, 1888

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