University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Brother Aidan's Extracts


"At the time we speak of (1849) the Brothers of Holy Cross had established the University of Notre Dame du Lac in St. Joseph's County, with five priests residing in the institution."

"At Indianapolis, the Brothers of St. Joseph had their novitiate. They conducted a Manual Labor School near South Bend, and taught schools at Vincennes, Madison, Fory Wayne, Indianapolis, and Washington." Bishop Alerding's HISTORY OF DIOCESE OF VINCENNES, 1849

"Bishop de la Hailandiere was a man of majestic appearance; his smile, when he was pleased, full of grace and dignity, exercised a bewitching attraction which none could resist; his frown, when displeased, made everybody quail . . . Had he followed a civil career, as he at first designed, if events, which seemed very propitious then, had only favored, he would in a short time have advanced himself to the very front rank in his own country." THE DIOCESE OF VINCENNES, p. 180

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