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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Alexander died Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock, the third member of the community to die within a week. A heart attack cause his death. Brother Alexander came to Notre Dame in 1873 from Watertown, Wisconsin where he had been born 23 years before. He was professed in the Congregation of Holy Cross in August 1875."

"He was an instructor in Mathematics in the Notre Dame preparatory school until about a decade ago; failure of his eyes prevented him from teaching any longer . . . " Scholastic 59:555, 1925

"Death traditionally visits the Community at Notre Dame in threes, and two days after Brother Philip's death, the grim tradition was emphasized by the death of Brother Alexander. The deceased was a member of Holy Cross for 51 years and had been prominent at Notre Dame in several capacities during that period. His chief position here was as rector of Carroll Hall when that Hall was devoted to the preparatory school. He was also steward of the University." ALUMNUS 4:169, 1926 Reference: A BROTHER'S BIOGRAPHY -- ASSOCIATE, 10:1

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