University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Brother Aidan's Extracts


"The work on the new church is progressing vigorously under Brother Alfred's superintendence. Excellent workmen have been procured to put up the brickwork; the stone-cutters, whose work may already be seen around the church, are men of superior ability in their trade. Everyone seems to take a lively interest in the work going on, and more than all the others, the workmen themselves, who will soon pride themselves on having near their home a beautiful temple erected to the glory of God." SCHOLASTIC, May 6, 1871

"Brother Alfred is now busy building a recreation hall for the Minims." SCHOLASTIC, September 20, 1879

"Brother Charles and Brother Alfred, who have been directing the work on the new building each in his respective line, may now breathe more freely. The mental strain consequent on having to erect such a massive structure in so short a time must certainly have been very great, but they were equal to the task, and kept ahead of the architect and the contractors who furnished the materials." SCHOLASTIC, September 20, 1879

"Brother Alfred and his men have been busily engaged during the week in the improvement of the basement of Science Hall, introducing new shops, laboratories, etc." SCHOLASTIC 21:560, 1887

"Brother Alfred has been fixing up the college buildings, plastering . . . " SCHOLASTIC, January 9, 1875

"The big pile of stones in front of old Science Hall is fast disappearing. They are being carted away to form a foundation of the building. Brother Alfred has his men well at work, and is evidently determined to see that this part of the undertaking is done with thoroughness and dispatch." SCHOLASTIC, September 29

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