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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"He was a farmer, a truly pious and excellent religious. During the annual retreat (which he could not attend) he went bathing in Saint Joseph's Lake, and was accidentally drowned, in front of the present novitiate. This sudden and unexpected death made a deep impression on those attending the retreat. He was about 30 years old." Fr. Granger, C.S.C. * All notations in parenthesis indicate discrepancies with 1942 obituary register. (Died August 9, 1854)

"Born 1818. Farmer, entered, September 1848. Took habit August 21, 1849; Professed August 29, 1851; Assistant Refectorian as novice. Employed on farm 1851-4; drowned in front of Novitiate August 9, 1854 during the Annual Retreat."

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