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"Great was the pain of every one on learning of the death of the pious prelate a few weeks later. All admired the more his providential action for the welcome of the house, whose best interests had been secured by this worthy Bishop immediately before he took his departure from this world of misery and of warfare." FR. SORIN'S CHRONICLE, 1848

"New Treaty with Bishop Bazin: "Character of the events of this year seems of more marked importance than any other up to now. One of first in time and gravity was the new treaty with Bazin, 3rd Bishop of Vincennes. The minor Chapter was eager, as was Sorin that he should have interview with Bishop, who was consecrated in November, 1848. His first care was to have annulled the treaty which bound the Brothers to the diocese in a way which left them no liberty to establish themselves elsewhere no matter how advantageous the opening. This point conceded by the Bishop, Sorin drafted an agreement, which Bishop signed. It consisted of five points, all of which were important: 1) Absolute title to Notre Dame with obligation to repay $3000 to the Ordinary in case of sale or withdrawal. 2) Permission to close novitiate in Indianapolis on the condition that Sorin repaid $3000 to the Bishop. Sale of the property allowed. Sorin retained $500 and 375 acres at Bertrand. Application of $600 advanced by the Bishop for churches in South Bend and Mishawaka, to the construction of one at Notre Dame. 3) At least 2 brothers to be assigned a place at a time. 4) Assured protection of Bishop within the limits of diocese.

"First article was executed immediately with a mortgage for $3000. All the Community blessed Heaven for the new arrangement." The Minor Chapter was later and better known as the Local Council, 1848)

Treaty of '48: Bazin -- Sorin. "Bishop Hailandiere succeeded by Bishop Bazin, a man of great talent and greater piety. Died, April, 1848. In the new Treaty nothing said on the subject of establishments outside diocese. Practice was interpreted liberally. Article 1 gave Sorin full title to Notre Dame property. Bishop reserved mortgage of 3,000 piastres if property should be sold. Article 3 said Brothers always to go 2 by 2 to schools -- are to teach boys only. Will take charge at own expense when pastors who asked for them can't pay a sufficient sum, not less than $50 piastres. Article 5 Bishop promises to ask his priests to encourage vocations for the Brothers in virtue of this treaty. Agree to close Novitiate in Indianapolis, and Brothers were to return to original Novitiate on St. Mary's Island, Notre Dame."

Treaty of 1845 annulled. "Hailandiere resigned, replaced by Bazin, a man of great talent, and greater piety, but died April, 1848. Sorin had annulled the treaty of 1845, had another made which was silent on the subject of outside establishments. In practice was interpreted with great liberty. Article 1, gives Sorin absolute title to property at Notre Dame. Bishop reserved mortgage of 3000 piastres in case property was sold. Article 2 permitted sale of property at Indianapolis for a novitiate on condition that 3000 piastres paid by Bishop in return for expenses of changing places for which he would cancel all life rent and leave $500 and 375 acres at Bertrand given by Hailandiere, permit applying to building of a church at Notre Dame the sum of 2140 francs ($600) given by Hailandiere for churches at South Bend and Mishawaka; and the sum of $500 given for the same purpose by Mrs. Coquillard. Article 4: Brothers always to go 2 by 2 to schools, to teach only boys, and will take charge when pastors who asked for them can't pay a sufficient sum which must not be less than 50 piastres. Article 5: Bishop promises to ask his priests to encourage vocations for the Brothers, in virtue of the treaty; novitiate of Indianapolis is closed April 26, and Brothers returned to original novitiate on St. Mary's island." 1848

"The treaty concluded at the Mother House February 3, 1845, between Bishop Hailandiere and Moreau is buried and forgotten, thank God." 1848

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