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"Brother Bede, for many years a prefect in Brownson and St. Edward's Halls, died in Bengal, India, January 14. Since 1926 he had been stationed at Ranikhong, in the diocese of Dacca, which the Holy See has entrusted to the care of the Congregation of Holy Cross. He had charge of the numerous Catechumens, converts from the Garo tribe, at Ranikhong and Mymonsingh.

"Brother Bede, in 1930, saved his fellow missionary, Father Christopher Brooks, from a painful death when the latter was attacked by a tiger. Brother Bede killed the animal with one shot. The incident received considerable publicity in the Catholic press.

"Born in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland, on August 24, 1864, Brother Bede was educated at the Irish Christian Brothers Academy in his native town, and Notre Dame. In 1905 he was clothed in the habit of the Brothers of Holy Cross, and made his final vows December 8, 1909.

"Besides serving as prefect, he was for several years assistant superior of the preparatory school for the Brothers at Watertown, Wisconsin. He was also assistant to the Master of Novices at St. Joseph's Novitiate, Notre Dame, Indiana." SCHOLASTIC, Feb. 2, 1933

"Brother Bede, 'Shoots tiger, saves Father Brooks' life.'" BENGALESE, March 1930

"See write-up in the 'Associate of St. Joseph'" Vol. 3, No. 2, 1933

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