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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Benedict, 42, learned and deeply pious, but very original; teacher at St. Mary's." Kentucky, SORIN'S MEMO, Died in Burma, 1846

"Resolved that Brother Benedict should be sent to Bengal." Local Council, August 30, 1852

"Brother Benedict (Patrick Fitzpatrick), born in Leix County, Ireland. Died at Chittagong, Burma, July 18, 1855."

Taught in Fort Wayne, Catholic School.

Taught in Lafayette, St. Mary's School.

Taught in Burma; died in Chittagong.

"After prayers and deliberations arrangements were made to send a colony to Bengal. Father Moreau sent to Canada for Father Louis Verite, who was to be the superior of the mission band, Brother Theogene, and Sister Mary of Jesus Suffering, to Indiana, for Father Louis Baroux, Brother Benedict, and Sister Mary of St. Victor, and the Mother House in Le Mans supplied Mr. Lefevre, a cleric in minor orders, Brother Paulin, and Sister Mary of St. Vincent de Paul. After the departure ceremony for missionaries, the band left Le Mans on November 5, 1852." Sister Eleanor, ON THE KING'S HIGHWAY, p. 40 (Brother Benedict, a teacher in our Fort Wayne mission, died in Chittagong, Burma), 1852

"Baroux ordered by Mother House in early September to leave at once with a Brother and Sister (English speaking) to join a colony of 15 religious who would soon embark in France for Calcutta where Propaganda had given a mission to the Association. Brother Benedict was designated to go." 1852

(Grand Army of the Republic) "Brother Benedict, who was known to the members of the First Penna. Artillery as James Mantele, was a brave and gallant fighter throughout the War."

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