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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Bonaventure will exhibit a pretty garden in spite of the photo amateurs and other semi-barbarous individuals who walk on his flowery grounds." SCHOLASTIC, 1872

"Brother Bonaventure, our energetic and aesthetic gardener, is endeavoring to obtain certain varieties of trees and shrubs to further beautify the lawn in front of the Main Building" March 31, 1888, SCHOLASTIC

"Just a word to join the great band of Notre Dame men who knew and loved the saintly Brother Bonaventure. We were fast friends from the time he put the broguish roll of the r's in Moriarty. I rejoice in the blessed privilege permitting me to remember him at the altar of the Most High God." Reverend Michael L. Moriarty, SCHOLASTIC, 49:435, 1916

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