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Visitation of Cincinnati Schools: "My dear Brothers: -- I hasten to make known to you some remarks which I wish to make as visitor. I also give you an order of the daily exercises as they are most convenient for you . . . "Rise at five o'clock and perform your meditation and morning prayer that you may be ready to hear Mass at six o'clock. Immediately after Mass say the Little Hours. Office, meditation, Particular Examen, Spiritual Reading, and night prayer are public exercises and may be performed in your common room. Take breakfast at 7 o'clock afterwards prepare for class. Commence school at 8 o'clock, but try always to be in the school room at least 15 or 20 minutes before time. Do not allow the children to play in the school yard before school in the morning; it will distract them too much. But collect them into the room as soon as they arrive, and let them prepare their lessons in silence.

"Close the school at eleven o'clock. If boys are kept in detention, the ordinary time ought not to be more than half an hour. Never deprive the boys of their dinner.

"Particular Examen at 11:45 followed by Dinner and Recreation. Try to be in the school or in the yard to superintend the boys' conduct 15 minutes before 1 o'clock. Open school at 1 o'clock and dismiss again at four. Always dismiss them, going in ranks. Try also your best to make the children go very orderly when they go to Mass, so that they may edify the Blessed Sacrament and say the Beads.

"Supper at 6, followed by Recreation. From 5-6 and from 7-8 must be a time for study.

"Make your Spiritual reading at 8, night prayer at 8:30, with subject for meditation next morning. Be in bed at 9:00.

"Say Matins and Lauds only on vacation days.

"An hour's Adoration at 2:00 on Saturdays, followed by Confession. Afterwards take a walk.

"Take great care that the school rooms are always clean; it pleases the people, procures esteem for the teacher, and makes the children regard the school.

"Never dismiss a boy from school for bad conduct or for any other cause whatever, not before you have taken the matter into consideration with the parents of the child. And not even then without the consent of the Pastor. Rev. Father Jarboi is truly your friend. He is a Religious himself, and therefore, not only regard him as Pastor, but ask him freely whenever you are in doubt. Regard him in some measure as your superior; never forget, however, that you have superiors at Notre Dame, who will never refuse to solve your doubts.

"In punishing a child, never be hasty. Alwasy consider first if intended punishment quits the boy's character.

"Read often the treatise on THE TWELVE VIRTUES OF A CHRISTIAN MASTER, (Christian Brothers Department) For the rest, you have rules to be guided by; read a chapter of them every day. -- Brother Boniface 1860, See also under Galveston

"Brother Boniface, one of the oldest and best known members of the Congregation of Holy Cross, died at the Community House, Notre Dame, Thursday evening.

"The deceased was born at Neiheim, Germany, January 4, 1828. His name in the world was Francis Kuhler. He spent sixty-one years of his long life as a Brother of Holy Cross. Notre Dame was but ten years old when Bro. Boniface first set foot here. Naturally he was thoroughly familiar with the men who laid its foundations. The very venerable Father Sorin numbers Bro. Boniface among his oldest and most intimate friends.

"Choosing teaching as his life- work he prepared for it in the schools of his native land. In early manhood he came to America. For sometime he was employed as a lay teacher in St. Paul's School, Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1853 he joined the Brotherhood of Holy Cross; two years later he made his final vows. In the course of his long life in the community he filled many important positions. On several occasions his brothers in religion honored him by electing him to the General Chapter of Conference of the Congregation. So long ago as 1873 he was head of St. Joseph's College, Cincinnati. He was principal of Holy Trinity School in the same city for twenty years. He also directed schools in Galveston, Texas; Covington, Kentucky, and Chicago.

"In August 1907, Brother Boniface with Brothers Basil and Benjamin had the happiness -- a happiness granted to few -- of celebrating the golden jubilee of his religious profession. On that occasion a large number of priests and Brothers assembled at Notre Dame to honor him and his fellow jubilarians.

"Brother Boniface had the further happiness of seeing his nephew, Rt. Rev. F. F. Linneborn, C.S.C. become a bishop.

"The last position Brother Boniface held was the directorship of St. Joseph's Manual Training School at Notre Dame. many years ago he retired from active life. He enjoyed a green old age; of late, however, owing to the weight of years, his health was indifferent.

"Brother Boniface possessed in a special degree the esteem and respect of his brethren in religion. He counted his old pupils by the hundred. To these the news of his death will naturally call up feelings of regret not unmingled with sentiments of loving gratitude for one who had moulded them to better and higher things." SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE

"Father Otto, O.F.M., wants two Brothers to stay here (name a school not given) during vacation to superintend the children on Sundays. Such a thing is necessary, but if it cannot be done this year, I wish you would settle it with him, without offending him." Cincinnati, probable St. Francis' School, Provincial, 1861

"It was decided to remove Brother Boniface from Galveston to the select school at Cincinnati, and if a German teacher is needed at Galveston, to send there Bro. Arsene." Provincial Council; Father Corby, Provincial, February 26, 1872

Boniface -- Sorin. Galveston, November 27, 1870. " . . . thank God with me for having called us to this field of usefulness. This seems really our country where we can do much good. We have now in our college 84 boys including 10 boarders. The number will soon reach 100. We have 6 students for Latin, 8 for French, 18 for German . . .

"I ought to have another Brother for our minims, 26 in number.

"We have Mass twice a week in our college chapel, Thursdays and Sundays.

"The Right Reverend Bishop had a long talk with me today, and by his special request I have in his name to make the following statement; He offers to you St. Mary's College, in Brownsville, situtated 50 miles from the mouth of the Rio Grande, a very substantial building, built formerly at a cost of upward of $20,000, located in the heart of that flourishing city opposite Natamorous. The Bishop wishes us to take full possession of it without a moment's delay. Besides, he has spoken to me of other places . . . " 1870

"Brother Boniface -- Delegate from TEXAS in the General Chapter." AVE MARIA, 8:655, 1872

"The pleasure of the Reverend Fathers at the language examinations was a source of pleasure to all -- teachers and pupils. Reverend Fathers Fitte And Letourneau honored the French bureau, Reverend FAther Scherer and Latin Classes" Sister Mary Eleanore, ON THE KING'S HIGHWAY, p. 316, 1894

"1893: Elected Director of Manual Lobor School."

"Old students of St. Joseph Hall missed the kind old face of Brother Boniface on their return this year. Brother Boniface was director of St. Joseph Hall for six years." 1899

"Brother Boniface, too, is one year past the golden bar, and still retains the same pleasing and affable manners, which won for him so many friends during the time he spent as teacher at Cincinnati and in the South before his return to Notre Dame." SCHOLASTIC, 41:14, 1907

"The University of St. Mary's, Galveston, Texas, has recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its management by the Jesuits. The President of the University is the Reverend Alphonsus E. Otis (B.S. '84). It is interesting to note that this school was presided over by Brother Boniface, c.s.c., from 1870- 73, and by Brother John Chrysoston, c.s.c., from 1873-77. A handsome souvenir brochure has been published in connection with the Jubilee Exercises." SCHOLASTIC, 43:15, 1909

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