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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"The department of the la Sarthe is fortunate to possess the Mother House of the Brothers of St. Joseph, whose aim is to make good Christians, faithful citizens, and industrious men." ECHO OF LA SARTHE

"During the retreat of 1836, Fr. Moreau interviewed all the Brothers personally and then divided the Community into teaching Brothers and working Brothers. The members, then 60 in number bound themselves by perpetual Vows. Their poverty was indeed dire. Fr. Moreau wrote his annals of those early and difficult days: 'Our poverty was such that the Good Shepherd Nuns, at my request were obliged to provide us with food for a month, and with wholeheartedness did they accomplish this act of charity, despite their own indigences'." ON THE KINGS HIGHWAY, page 20, 1836

Pioneer Brothers of 1841

Brother Vincent Pieau Brother Lawrence Mongage
Brother Anselm Caillot Brother Joachim Andre
Brother Gatian Monsimer Brother Marie Patois (later Francis Xavier)

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