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Division of Time: 1876. "There are four kinds of recreation days in the school year: The class day, Sundays or holydays of obligation, the regular recreation days, the petty recreation days.

"During the year on class days the following order is observed:


 5:30  Rising and Toilet           5:25  Change of Classes  6:00  Prayer and Angelus          6:00  Change of Classes  7:00  Breakfast and Recreation    6:30  Angelus and Supper  7:30  Classes                     8:30  Change of Classes 12:00  Angelus, dinner             9:30  Recreation 12:30  Recreation                 10:00  Classes  1:20  Classes                    11:00  Change for Classes  2:30  Change of Classes           7:00  Study (In summer recreation till 7:30)  3:30  Recreation                  8:00  Night Prayer and retiring 'ad lib'  

* Each class is begun and ended with a Hail Mary. 

(1876 Schedule) The last three days of the school year are occupied with the Commencement Exercises.

On Monday at 2:00 are held the exercises of 'Society Day'. The Program is preparing annually by the Prefects of Study and Discipline and the head of the various literary and dramatic societies. The rest of the day is free.

Tuesday is recreation day. Rising is at 5:30. After Toilet and Prayers the students assists at Solemn High Mass, celebrated for the alumni as an act of Thanksgiving for the blessings of the year. Immediately afte rbreakfast, all free till 7:00. The monotony of the afternoon is broken by a boat race. An alumni dinner and banquet are held which give to the day the title of Alumni Day.

(Book of Customs -- March, 1876)


5:30  Rising and toilet          Sunday, 12:00, Dinner 6:00  Prayer and study           Recreation                4:30 7:00  Breakfast and rec.         Preparation for Vespers   4:45 8:00  Study and reading          Vespers                   5:30 9:00  Recreation                 Christian Doctrine        6:30 9:40  Preparation for Mass       Angelus and supper        7:00       (procure prayer books,     Night prayer and retiring 8:00        etc. 9:40)                           'ad lib' 10:00 Mass, followed by rec.     Lights out                8:45     till noon) 

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