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Brother Aidan's Extracts


(Bishop Toebbe Corby; 1972) (Provincial) "I am extremely sorry that you had to decline letting us have yours Brothers for our schools. Yet something must be done and we must endeavor to devise means to do it. My BEU IDEAL is this: to get Brothers for all our boys' schools in the larger cities and have a central high school in places where needed."

August 21, 1875; to Sorin: "Accept my sincerest and most fervent thanks for the glad tidings brought me yesterday by Father Toohey and Brother Boniface. I shall ever remember you as a great benefactor of my Diocese. And I promise once more that I will do all in my power to foster your Congregation in the great and glorious work of Christian education."

"Cathedral School-house and academy for boys and girls, on 7th street, Covington. Fine buildings, just completed. Boys under the direction of the Brothers of Holy Cross." CATHOLIC DIRECTORY, 1876

1885- Lay teachers.

"I thank you for the three Brothers who will commence the work and express the hope that their field of labor may so much increase that they will call for re-inforcements. I am also particularly thankful that you have destined for this mission my good old trusty friend, Brother Boniface." Bishop Toebbe to Sorin

(July 29, 1876) "I am anxious to see a College established in this city and I look to your Congregation, so favorably known, for a realization of so pious and noble a work . . . . . . ."

1876 -- Brother Placidus is principal of the school.

1876 -- December 1: "Brother Boniface to replace Brother Placidus in Covington." Local Council

"We have direction of the Catholic School since 1875. 375 boys frequent it, and six Brothers are engaged in teaching; Brother Remigius, superior. There was also some disturbance, owing to the haughty disposition of a Director and the lack of discipline in some members. Presently perfect order reigns in the house, every one does his duty, and perfect satisfaction is given to the pastor and the parents." 1876

Covington . . . .Cathedral School . . . .1881 "Brother Justin, Director; Brother Rudolph, Brother Christian."

(December 31, 1882) "I wrote you in November of the promises made by the Reverend Fathers here to pay our salary as soon as they received the net proceeds of the fair. They realized $2240. It is all gone, they say, in paying debts such as interest and insurance. July 1st they owed us $614. Since then to January 1, 1883 they increased it by $225, or $838 due. They say you gave them a reduction of $100.

"They promised to build a house for the Brothers a year after our arrival. Now they do not intend to do so. We take as much care of their sacristy as if we were paid $200 a year. they do not return thanks, but sometimes reward us with snubs. We have pulled with them in every possible way to make things agreeable for both, and it is all right until we ask them for our salaries. Last week I spoke to Father Brandts about them. He said 'We are doing the best we can.' Tell this to Father Sorin and if he does not like that, he can take you home . . . . " It seems they are determined to squeeze us out and have us lose patience.

"Faculty: Brother Justin, John, Oswald."

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