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April 25, 1847: Drouelle tells Sorin he is going too fast; the enormous engagements of Louisville, and Indianapolis can put the Congregation in an embarassing position; begged him to get out of difficulties as best he can. Holy Cross too poor this year to help, has no money; advises Sorin not to take too much to heart acts of Mother House. The men are for him, but he must be more prudent."

"Drouelle named to visit United States and Canada in Spring of 1848. Arrived at Notre Dame in September, 1848."

"Drouelle's visit lasted from September 1 - November 21, 1848. Included trip to New York with Sorin to see Brooklyn establishment. Drouelle allowed various ameliorations in the Rules." (See also "Development" -- Francis) 1847

Drouelle Visit: "Father Moreau had wanted for several years to visit Notre Dame, but troubled state in France had interfered with his plans. Chose Father Drouelle as Visitor. Arrived at Notre Dame in early September and stayed till November 22, when he left for Guadaloupe to visit the Prefect Apostolic there, Father Dugougeon. His visit fruitful. Helped to cement good relations with the Mother House. Drouelle did his job with tact and uprightness; brought about peace and union everywhere. Material state of house most reassuring. Was rejoicing to see religious conditions so consoling. His visit established a perfect understanding with the Mother House. He received the vows of 9 Brothers when at Notre Dame."

"The minute book of the Minor Chapter (Local Council) shows that Father Drouelle was present from at least September 16, to Nov. 6, 1848." 1848

"At various intervals Father Visitor received the vows of 9 Brothers and gave the Habit to one postulant at Notre Dame." F. Drouelle, Visitor from Mother House, 1847

"Drouelle Visit: 1848. Among French Brothers there was jealousy and dis- union. Each one thought he was authorized to see to execution of the Rule, to do everything as at Ste. Croix, without considering the time or persons; to criticize authority and denounce it to the Mother House."

(Drouelle . . . .1859:) "Sorin has not the good will of the Bishop of Vincennes. He has constantly refused to give him Brothers although the Brothers were asked for the Vincennes diocese." 1859

"On June 6, 1848, Father Victor Drouelle, who was to make the Regular Visit of the American houses, came to Canada from Le Mans -- On September 10 he came to make the Visitation of the Indiana houses" ON THE KING'S HIGHWAY, pp 154-5, 1848

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