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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"It is a great weakness of ordinary education to put all the ennui in the studies, all the pleasure in recreation; let's try to change this order and make study agreeable in hiding it under its appearance of liberty and pleasure." FENELON

"A free curiosity excites the mind of the young more than rules and a necessity imposed by fear" St. Augustine

(This is the method we use at Ste. Croix)

"Since it is evident that very many of the young, the children of Catholic parents, especially the poor, have been exposed and are still exposed in many places of this province to great danger of the loss of faith or the corruption of morals on account of the lack of such teachers as could safely be instructed with so great an office, we judge it absolutely necessary that schools should be established in which the young many be taught the principles of faith and morality while being instructed in letters." DEGREE OF THE FIRST PROVINCIAL COUNCIL OF BALITMORE, 1829

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