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Brother Aidan's Extracts

EMMANUEL, BROTHER (Michael Hoctor)

"We regret to be obliged to record the death of Brother Emmanuel who passed away peacefully at the Community House, Notre Dame, May 13, 1941, after a short illness. His health has not been rugged for several years, but he was able to take up light duties and he moved about freely until a few days before the end.

"Brother Emmanuel is known to generations of old students whose lives be touched chiefly as Rector of what is now called Brownson Hall, then known as the Senior Department. It was a post requriing great tact as well as devotedness and courage, and these qualities were conspicuously evident in his adminstration of it. Proofs have not been wanting during recent years of the deep affection the old students bore him and the high honor in which the memory of the old days was held." SCHOLASTIC, 1914

"Brother Emanuel died of heart disease at the Community House, Notre Dame, May 13, 1941, after a brief illness. He was 71 years old and was widely known among past students of the University. For many years he was rector of Brownson Hall. He was a type of the men who helped to build an educational center in what p[ractically a wilderness.

"Brother Emmanuel was born in Durra, County Tipperary, Ireland. In 1862 he entered the Congregation of Holy Cross." CATHOLIC COLUMBIAN, 1914

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