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"Mt. St. Vincent, House of Studies for Brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Brother Engelbert, Superior. Curriculum of studies embraces commercial course, English, classical course, special course in general science, drawing, music, etc. Professors -- 3 Students -- 10." CATHOLIC DIRECTORY, 1896

"Holy Cross College, New Orleans . . . Director of Studies, Professor of Bookkeeping and Commercial Law. 14 Brothers. 98 Boarders, 65 Day Scholars" CATHOLIC DIRECTORY, 1908

"Sixty years ago last Christmas (1939) week, Brother Engelbert donned the religious habit of the Congregation of Holy Cross, dedicating thereby to God's service his natural aptitudes for administration, classroom, and office work. Forty-five years thereafter were spent in the classroom, a period interrupted and succeeded by a total of twelve years passed in various important offices in the Provincial Administration of the U.S. Province. In 1933 during his term of office as Provincial Councillor, he noted (with some surprise, perhaps) that the Feast of the Assumption that year marked the fiftieth anniversary of his taking final vows.

"For fifteen years after his teaching career began he taught in our grade schools in Covington, Kentucky, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, becoming superior of the latter in 1889. From 1896 to 1901 he was in charge of the Brothers House of Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Then began his long career at Holy Cross College, New Orleans. Thirty active years he passed in this Institution, ten as Superior.

"In 1922 he became Provincial Steward and Treasurer, and later Provincial Councillor as well.

"Entering the community about the time that Notre Dame was being rebuilt after the great fire, and in the year that the Mother House was transferred to the United States from France because of the persecution there, Brother Engelbert has shared in the remarkable modern development of the Congregation in this country.

"As a teacher he is remembered by his pupils for his impartial kindliness and firmness, derived from a manly professional sincerity, for in his grade and prep classes he had nothing more at heart than his work as a religious teacher.

"As administrator, Brother Engelbert has been notable for regularity, discipline, and zeal, giving to others the example he wished them also to give. His ability to carry responsibility was early recognized and has continued to be called upon in a variety of important posts." "ASSOCIATE OF ST. JOSEPH", January, 1940

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