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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Rev. Fr. Sorin, in company with seven Brothers, hastened from Vincennes to take possession and to clear the forests. Soon after his arrival, 14 of the Indians came to see Father Sorin and to receive from him the Sacrament of Baptism. They stayed overnight with him in his log cabin, which also served the purpose of a church. A curtain divided the house of God from that of man. It contained but one bed, which the owner, with true French politeness offered to his guests. Supposing he was asleep the Indians spent the remaining of the night, seated around the blazing log fire, talking and singing. Next morning they awoke him by singing at his bedside. After Mass, an Indian princess, as a token of gratitude, gave him the seven rings she had worn on her fingers. Father Sorin afterwards presented them to the famous shrine at Chartres of our Lady, where they are still preserved."

"Signor Gregori, in his mural painting, has given us this scene. The picture is one of the finest efforts. It is wintry, November morning . . . .

"All seems peace and quiet. One could almost imagine that he heard the footsteps of the six Brothers who had just left the little log church at the right, and are coming up the path toward Father Sorin. Brother Francis Xavier, the only one remaining of the little group, (1883) is a short distance in front of his companions . . . ." SCHOLASTIC, Feb. 10, 1883

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