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GREGORY, BROTHER (John Noonan -- Died July 26, 1885)

(Gregory -- Sorin; Provincial; 1882) "I felt bad on account of the death of Brother Andrew. He was a good man. I expected to see something of his death in the "Scholastic" or "Ave Maria". It is quite true it matters little what is said or written about a person after death, yet it is the custom both in religion and in the world. There is no good member of Holy Cross but would like to see honors paid the dead in every way." 1882

"It is our sad duty to record the death of Brother Gregory, known in the world as Daniel Noonan, who departed this life, after a few days illness on July 26, in the 57th year of his age and the 24th of his Faculty of the University, especially during its early days from 1857-64. After that time, he was engaged on the various missions of the Congregation, lately serving as professor in Sacred Heart College, Watertown, Wisconsin. In the different duties to which his superiors assigned him, he always proved himself a zealous and efficient member, and by reason of the good beloved alike by the youth whose guidance was entrusted to him as well as by his fellow-religious with whom he was associated. His was an active and devoted life, and we may confidently trust that eternal reward is his happy lot." SCHOLASTIC, 19:17, 1885

"Brother Gregory died at Notre Dame. He was a native of Tipperary, Ireland and had been a member of the Congregation of Holy Cross for nearly 30 years" AVE MARIA, 1885, p. 644

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