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Brother Aidan's Extracts


Student Diary: (1867)

"Sept. 5 -- Classes commenced, have a lot of 'em.

Sept. 8 -- Reported by professor of grammar, No duty. Thunder.

Sept. 9 -- Got permission to go to infirmary, because I was to be reported from Arithmetic. Said I had a toothache. Had my mouth burnt with creosote -- bah!

Sept. 10 -- Was put on detention for yesterday's report; going to infirmary don't pay yet.

Sept. 11 -- Got permission to go around the lake. Went to a farm house instead for cider and apples. Bully for me!

Sept. 12 -- Reported for detention -- went to infirmary. Stomach out of order, had to take castor oil.

Sept. 13 -- Had to go on detention for yesterday, 250 lines -- didn't finish. Sausage for breakfast, turkey for dinner. That mean fellow Ike took the piece I had my eye on. Professor should serve one each. Pudding" STUDENT'S JOURNAL

"The habitues of this institution are becoming pretty well known. We have no reference to those who occasionally have to go thither to cure the toothache or other ills which are common to our flesh; but to those who seek that BLESSED ABODE in order to sleep some time longer in the morning, and to shirk class during the day." SCHOLASTIC, October 12, 1867

"After being 8 times in the Infirmary in 24 days, he makes this entry: 'September 27: Sworn off the Infirmary -- don't pay except in the morning: castor oil for breakfast and salts for dinner -- and both for supper -- stuff!'" 1867

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