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(Moreau Letter #90) For greater uniformity in correspondence, the members will henceforth indicate by their signature the Society to which they belong, by signing as follows: S.S.C. (Salvatorists of Holy Cross); J.S.C. (Josephites of Holy Cross); and M.S.C. (Marianites of Holy Cross)." 1857

The illustrious Catholic Family Almanac, 1876:-- October 12 -- Brother Augustine, C.H.C., Notre Dame, aet, 83.

1865: Canadian priests in Provincial Chapter at Notre Dame used S.S.C., U.S., C.S.C. Brothers used, if at all, J.S.C. MINUTE BOOK

S.S.C., used in late 50's and 60's.

C.S.S.C.-- 1872. Congregation of Holy Cross, on cover of book published in 1855.

"Motives of prudence have prompted me to substitute the word Association for that of Congregation in order to express the union of our three Societies" Moreau, January 4, 1845 (See: C.S.C.-- 1872)

C.S.C.-- first used in 1861(?).

See "Initials" October 3, 1857 -- M.S.C.

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