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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"A Limitless expanse of wilderness, a long hut, built by unskilled Indians, through the gaping crevices of which the wintry snows swept inward, rising n unwelcome heaps on the humble cots of the occupants, a young priest with a few Brothers, literally without staff, script, or money" GOLDEN JUBILEE SERMON AT NOTRE DAME, 1888

See under: "Vocations, 1846 -- Cardinal Cullent -- Sorin, 1852, Novitiate, 1860 -- Ireland"

"For further resources of men and money, he relied on a young and weak religious order in France, the charity of indigent pioneer settlers, and the blessing of a propitious Providence" 1842-43

"Before the close of the year, 1843, a modest edifice was under roof, and in it boys, white and red, sons of Caucasion and of American Indians, were conjugating Latin verbs" 1895

"The scene at St. Mary's Lake recalls the monks of Ireland, France, and Italy in the sixth and seventh centuries, distributing to sparse populations which hardly had emerged from barbarish, the intellectual love of ancient Rome and Athens, and training them in their first stages of material progress to prize above wealth of earth and confort of body and treasures and refinements of the higher life of the mind." SCHOLASTIC, 28, 602-603

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