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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Brother Isidore, c.s.c. (Joseph Hurley Alderton) died, fortified by the Holy Sacraments, at St. Joseph's Hospital, South Bend, Indiana, October 17, 1934. April last he became ill with a streptococcus infection which, despite every effort to stay its ravages, proved fatal.

"Brother Isidore was born at Lacke, Michigan, September 4, 1886. He was a convert to the Church. He was invested with the Holy Habit and entered St. Joseph's Novitiate, Notre Dame, Indiana, July 2, 1910. Aftera course of studies at the University of Notre Dame, he taught English and Mathematics at Holy Trinity High School, Chicago.

"Keenly interested in the welfare of young men, he actively engaged in organizing parish and school clubs. He met with a hearty response in his work at Holy Trinity, a parish then numbering 20,000 souls.

"After several years of fruitful labor in Holy Trinity he was appointed Superior of Sacred Heart College, Watertown, Wisconsin., then as now the preparatory school for candidates for our Brotherhood. In this responsible position he furthered the zeal and talent of his for organization so characteristic of him. The Superiorship of Dujarie Institute, the house of studies of the Brothers of Holy Cross, Notre Dame, was Brother Isidore's next appointment; during his term of office the house was thoroughly renovated and partially remodeled; the beautiful grounds were extended and improved; and a gymnasium was built.

"Afterward he taught at Columbia University, Portland, Oregon; Holy Cross College, New Orleans, and Cathedral High School, Indianapolis; at this school he was notably successful in promoting 'drives' that netted generous sums of money for our missions in India. Photography his hobby, he placed also at the service of the Missions, for Brother Isidore made handsome returns from the sale of his excellent pictures. The welfare of his beloved Congregation was at all times the ideal that inspired him. He had a great devotion to St. Joseph, the patron of our Brothers, and to Our Lady, under her title of Sorrows, the patronees of the Congregation of Holy Cross" ASSOCIATE OF ST. JOSEPH, January 1935

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