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JUSTIN, BROTHER (Gautier) (Louis) (Died Dec. 20, 1870)

"Born 1801, Vivoin, France. Entered, September 20, 1839; Habit 1839; professed, Aug. 22, 1840. 1844: Shoemaker at Ste. Croix and Notre Dame. 1845, 1846, Shoemaker at Notre Dame. 1847-8-9: Porter at Notre Dame. 1850: California Expedition. 1851: Shoemaker and porter at N.D. Died: December 20, 1870.

"Shoemaker all the time. Excellent religious, always cheerful and willing to do anything desired. At St. Mary's for last years as shoemaker."

Member of Council, Prefect of Discipline, 1846-7.

"Died at Notre Dame, on the 20th of December, Brother Justin, Louis Gauthier (Gautier) in the seventieth year of his age, and the thirtieth of his religious life.

"Brother Justin was remarkable for his great simplicity of character, a childlike obedience, an eager attentiveness to serve others, with entire disregard of his own comfort, and the many years that he spend at Notre Dame, leading a life adorned with such virtues, endeared him to all his fellow- brethern. He came from France direct to Notre Dame in 1844, and had constantly remained here in the zealous discharge of his lowly but important duties. No doubt he now enjoys the reward of his labors, and that he spent Christmas of 1870 in heaven; still we know not the inscrutable ways of God for the perfection of His elect before they enter into eternal bliss; wherefore we commend the repose of his soul to the prayers of all our readers. May herest in peace." AVE MARIA, 7:29, 1871

"(Died December 20, 1870) This good Brother came from France in 1845 and practiced here his trade of shoemaker all the time. He was an excellent religious, always cheerful and willing to do anything desired. He worked at his trade at St. Mary's for the last years of his life, and died an easy and pious death in our Infirmary, aged 69" GRANGER MEMO

See SORIN'S LETTER #13 -- also AVE MARIA, August 26, 1872.

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